Saturday, September 15, 2012

14 Years

14 years ago on Sept. 10 my lovely Auntie said to me, "alright Missy you have 24 hours!"  She was wanting me to hurry up and have a baby on my Uncles birthday.  What was so funny about that is we had a secret and she didn't know it! Well our lovely Bugs didn't come on his Great Uncle's birthday but he did come on the 14th.  Close. When he was born I looked at Dh and said Ok honey, name your son.  He is Lane Emery.  He is named after my Uncle.  When my mom called my Aunt to let her know he was here she was surprised at his name.  I am hoping pleased. :)  My Uncle went and bought an outfit and picked a badge and some patches for my aunt to put on it.  It's in my cedar chest.  It's a treasured keepsake!

The 2 LE's

I love this boy and can't believe 14 years have gone by.