Saturday, October 31, 2009


Bugs at his school dance. Yes he was sweating that hard. He never stopped dancing.

Bugs and his friend.
Today it poured down rain ALL day. I did some more baking. T2 had asked for more cinnamon rolls. This is Monkey with his frosting beater.
Heir Apparent with his. He was not impressed I was taking his picture. He knew where it would end up. :D

Monkey pointing out the D for his Auntie.

We had no trick or treaters because it was really icky weather. Then all of a sudden the rain and wind stopped and they were out like crazy! Ashley and Caleb came. He would have rather stayed and played with The Littles. They love it when he comes to play.

To Infinity and BEYOND!
Buzz Lightyear


RED Ninja.

Good night Halloween

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Squirrel revisited and One Year

Today I was at the brother/sister in law's of the Mrs. Client/squirrel. Following so far? So, I'm asking Mr. Twins if he had heard about the squirrel in Mrs. Clients(sister) garage. He said No. So I proceed to tell him the story with all the appropriate motions and he was laughing just as hard as I was after I told him I so wanted to scream and scare the daylights out of her. When all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye Mr. Client is standing beside me! I YELLED. I didn't know he was there and he caught me totally off guard. Then we were ALL laughing! I do not like to be scared like that. Mr. Twins used to scare me all the time walking in and then talking to me when I thought I was alone. Oh it was funny.
Tonight I got invited to the daughter of my friends one year of sobriety celebration. I have never been to a NA meeting before. It was very interesting and moving. It was also a man's 10 year anniversary. People had such nice things to say and encouraging words. It's a very hard path and it's harder yet when you have to deal and make right the decisions you made while you were on drugs. I understand why some choose to not. It takes a huge effort to want to live. Not just exist or be, but to feel and love, to have hopes and dreams. It's work. I was asked to speak, but just couldn't get it together. I can never get my heart and mouth on the same page. So the leader asked about a nick-name I had given her in the height of her abuse and dysfunction. It was Princess Poopy. :) Everyone laughed. I wish I could have spoken eloquently of how proud of her I am. She has caused so much pain and so many sleepless nights and is doing all she can to make it right and to be a good mom now. She's taking responsibility for all her actions. Even when she doesn't like how it makes her feel. She's scared but marching forward to make a good life for son. I hope someday soon this time in her life can really be her past and a memory but not define her future. So God Bless you Ashley on your One Year Clean! Here's to 60 more!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Squirrel and some babies.

Today was a typical normal Monday. I went to my clients and was doing my thing and went to take the trash out and as I opened the garage door a HUGE squirrel was sitting there staring at me! I shut the door! Took a deep breath and cracked it again and it was STILL sitting there! I told Mrs. Client Uuh you have a critter in your garage. She came and looked and THEN proceeded to take it some food and set it IN THE GARAGE. I then went out to get a trash bag and realized it had been trying to get into a trash bag I had sat out there earlier to take it all in one trip. Mrs. Client got her camera and went out to try and get it's picture while it was sitting on her stroller. As she is walking very slowly and creeping out there I had to FIGHT the HUGE urge to SCREAM and scare the living daylights out of her! When she came back I was laughing so hard at my own thoughts. She said if I had done that she would have CRAPPED! Still laughing! I moved the food out of the garage so I could walk back and forth without fear of RABIES! :) As I was leaving it was still sitting right by the garage eating. I think it must have been very hungry.

Yesterday I got this....... A new Baby Joel picture. Doesn't he look beautiful?

Princess in her Lilibug costume.

My favorite Princess.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


This has been a very quiet weekend.
I went scrap booking on Friday night. It lightening and thundered and poured. We wondered if we would be doing it in the dark. But alas the powered stayed on. I am working on my Tennessee trip still. I am through the Amish but not through the quilt store. The ladies there didn't get my joke about the Amish pig. It's OK, I'm guessing you had to be in the car with us. I am loving how my book is turning out. I ordered to many pictures but I'm never sure what I'm going to want to use so I would rather have extra pictures then not have what I need to complete a page.
Dh has had a little room he's working on so that's good. We just need 52 more weeks of a house or two.
Saturday I didn't even get dressed. It was very cold and dark and rainy and I was tired so I just did as little as possible. :D Don't judge, it worked for me. lol
Today Heir apparent had a football game and Dh is still working on the little job so T2 and Monkey went to Heir's house to play Wii and to hand out. Bugs was at his friend's and Skater and I just hung at at home. I made brownies for the week's lunches and did the rest of the laundry. Isn't my life just beyond exciting? I know your jealous.
The Littles are back in full time school this week. Conferences and half days are done. T2 is liking his job and it's his kind of hours. All is ok. It can and has been much much worse. Life is good. Have a good week.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday dump

Paula's birthday dinner. Happy Birthday Paula.

The rest of the gang

Video call with Princess. Such a pistol. I miss her so much it aches.

Heir Apparent and his new "do" The longer it gets the curlier it gets like his dad's. He is like me and gets cold sores when he's stressed.

Our Fall colors starting to really come out.

I had Bug's and Monkey's conferences this week. They are doing well in school. They both seemed to have settled in. They have their area's that need some attention but are doing well. WHEW!

I would love everyone to pray for a lovely lady Charlotte. She starts her journey with breast cancer tomorrow. First round of chemo.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Carmen

Today is my Dh's birthday. We have spent the day together not doing much but are here. Heir Apparent and Roommate came for dinner. Dh picked taco's. I made homemade pico d gallo and guacamole. Everyone ate themselves silly. T2 works nights but got up to eat with us. Skater boy even put down his phone for dinner. :) We had cake and ice cream. We are all full and sassy now. Last night I made cinnamon rolls for Dh's birthday breakfast. We still have lots of those left too. Heir took a large plate of them home with him too. LOL He loves coming home for dinner - LEFTOVERS!
Birthday breakfast thats going to last a looooong time.
Not quite enough candles but it was plenty to wish on.
He made it!
Dh and Jack.
I love you Carmen. Wishing you all good things for this coming year!
Have a blessed week.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lego's and some rain

It's been a very quiet Friday. And wet! So The Littles have had a Lego night. they were trying to get to the ceiling. They couldn't reach that high and they didn't want help.



It was raining so hard it was coming over the top of the gutter's. I also came to realize it's probably time to pull the table and chairs in and bring the umbrella to the garage. It's suppose to do this all weekend long. Isn't that precious.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

A wordless Wednesday On Thursday

This is what I was going to post yesterday for Wordless Wednesday. T2 and Bolt and Scout.

This is Curtis. His mama is my client. If you think about it please Pray for C. She is just beginning her journey with breast cancer and really could use some prayers.

Curtis was told Lets go baby and he went and got his purse and he's ready to go!
He used to carry his mama's purse but he kept spilling it so she gave him his own. He also will carry the mail for you.

Out the door they go. Bye C and Curtis. Have a good day. :-) They did.

When I walked up to the back door this is what greeted me. Oh I hate Halloween! LOL Their grand kids LOVE it when Ma (what they call her) decorates for Halloween. She hasn't felt well the last few weeks so I wasn't sure she was going to do it. So when I saw this this morning I was really pleased even though I hate it. LOL It means C felt well enough to decorate! That is good news. For that reason it's my Thankful Thursday.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


What a quiet weekend. Friday I went to the zoo and Saturday we just fiddled around the house and got groceries - which I hate doing I might add. Today we cleaned house. I normally gut it on Fridays but since I was gone I had it to do today. And since everyone was home, I had help! YEAH ME. I did some of the odd things like washed the lamp shades and Dh did under the fridge. The he cleaned the kitchen and I did the bathroom and dusted and vacuumed. All clean and ready for the week. Heir apparent and Mindy came for dinner. We grilled for one last time before it gets really cold.
I have been walking again with a friend and we went after dinner but before her Sunday shows were on and it was already quite chilly. We used to walk all the time but then life took a strange turn for her and it just didn't happen. I've missed it. We love to walk and blow off the day.
After The Littles took their shower Bugs was reading to Monkey and this is what happened... it made me smile. Then I looked over and Dh was asleep in his chair. It was a nice relaxing weekend. T2 is off to work in a bit and we are all headed to bed. I'm so thankful he has found a job. He is a happier person when he's working.

I hope you have a blessed week.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Point Defiance Zoo

Anita and I had planned on going to the zoo today. I had the forethought to ask what zoo last night or we would have been at 2 different zoo's. She at Pt. Defiance and me at Woodland. Thankfully that didn't happen. We went to Point Defiance Zoo. I have so many wonderful memories of PD. It was the only zoo I went to as a child. It was so much fun. Back then you could buy a little paper bag of chopped up fish and feed the seals and walrus's. Now of course you can't. But oh we had fun today. I was a bit sad that the beluga whales are gone. One has died and one is loaned for breeding in Texas. I think it's been probably 12/13 years since I've been there. Anita had her 2 nieces and 1 nephew and her 4 kids and I had my Littles. We were a crowd!

Everyone as we started out.

As we walked in.

I have turned into my husband! (He runs into people he knows even FAR from home). I was standing at the owls and all of a sudden I said I KNOW HER! I pointed at DeAnn until she noticed me then we hugged and laughed. This her and her granddaughter Leona. She is so pretty! I'm jealous she gets her granddaughter very often! It was good to run into her and hug her.

Bugs and the polar bear

Monkey and Lee


One of 3 walrus's
Dru and the Walrus right before he turned himself inside out and screamed. We laughed, it was funny. Poor Dru.

Bottom of the aquarium covered in starfish.

DubDub statue for my Mama and Auntie
The elephants. I know they are so beautiful, but it just seems wrong for them to be there.
Lane wrestling a snake.
Aren't they sweet!
Mr. Tiger ready for dinner and waiting to go in.
In the mirror
Mt. Reindeer (Rainer), according to Monkey, on the way home.
Have a wonderful weekend.