Monday, November 28, 2011

The Reveal

If you didn't read yesterday, do that first.
My plan was to just send my parents Christmas home with them or mail them if we didn't see each other. My aunt and my friends all said NO NO NO! You must see your mom when she opens the quilt. I conceded that they were right. So I did all the finish work on the quilt and folded it and put it in a box and wrapped it! A gift wrapped before Christmas Eve! Who knew! Then the plans were made that they were coming for Thanksgiving dinner/weekend.
After dinner and dessert on Thanksgiving before all the kids left I said I have something for you Mom.

My dad knew immediately something was up. This is me telling them that this gift was 8 years in the making.

My mom opening the box.

Not quite sure what she's looking at yet.

Now it's all clear.

She loves it!

Everyone loved it! I was so glad my kids were here to see her get it.

Have a blessed week.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

THE Quilt

This story starts over 8 years ago.
I worked for a lovely lady who had a family tree quilt that I truly admired. It was a wonderful idea. I thought I can do this but tweak it a little so it is more my style. Now just so you know I have never embroidered in all my life. So I was talking to my Auntie and telling her what I was thinking. I had a layout in my mind. I told Auntie we need two more babies in our family to make this work right. Be careful what you wish for!(joke!) We got those 2 and 2 more! The first time I started the quilt I used really cheap muslin. It didn't work well at all! So back to the drawing board with MUCH better muslin. Best is better! I got the list of names gathered with the help of my aunt. The last name on the list was Baby Edgerton. He is now 7. HA!
So I got out my embroidery hoop and set to work! It took me a long time to get going. There is blood, sweat and tears in those squares. Seriously! It was a lot harder (I KNOW I KNOW!) then what I thought. I would work furiously on it then get frustrated and not work for a long time. Like 6 years long time. Last year I decided to get serious and get the thing done. I knew my mom would LOVE it and I wanted her to have it. I also had a lady who I scrap book with that is an avid quilter and said she would help. So I plugged away and got all the squares done. Joan and I made a date to go get fabric to get it under way.

Here is the fabric and the squares that go to Auntie. The picture was to show her the names most important to her.

There are 45 pieces in all.

The top all together.

The top with the border.

My bed is a King for reference.

You can still see the pencil marks. It hadn't been washed yet. There was still blood in places!

I had really grand illusions that I was going to actually quilt this thing. THEN I had a reality check. So it is just tied. Some day I would like to actually quilt something. I think I will start much smaller then a quilt of this size.

Done! With Bugs in the corner reading names. My boys have been as excited for this to be done as I was.

The border and binding.

The back.

Tomorrow, The reveal.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. My parents came over on Wednesday afternoon. There was some snow in the pass but it wasn't bad. Which was great because the day before the pass had been closed off and on. It was so nice to have them here.
Here is the picture proof of the weekend.

7 of 8 pies. Missing is the Butterscotch. What you see is 2 pumpkin, Blue Berry, Black Berry, Raspberry, Apple and Mincemeat.

Cranapple sparkling cider


My dad.

Heir filling glasses as the food is starting to be put on the table.


ALL of us!

The Baby Edgerton's

My parents

Everyone has puppies! Bolt, Scout, Pistol, Skeeter and Bella

We have so much to be thankful for. It was a really good day. We sat around the table most of the weekend after every meal and just talked and laughed. I took my parents to see T2's house. They loved it.

I hope you all have had a great weekend.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not sure what to think

When it was bedtime last night Dh and I turned the lights off and locked up and headed to our room. We opened the door and this is what we saw. Now a few things... I'm pretty sure my 7 year old has NOT seen The Godfather. I also know this is NOT how I left our bed. I stopped and Dh almost walked into me. He went hmmmmm. I said I wonder what he's trying to tell us!

Then we got the giggles about the Godfather thought. That kid cracks us up! Why was he riding a stick horse IN our bed?

It is beyond me! But see even the horse thinks it's funny!
So that brings us to tonight.
I tell Monkey it's time to head to the tub. A few minutes later he calls his dad to ask his advice about something to do with SHAVING!?!? Dh came out of the bathroom laughing SO hard! This is what he saw in there!

A little bit of shaving cream son?

Smooth as a baby's butt!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Dinner and a recap

T2 offered to have dinner at his house this week. It was so sweet! As it turned out Dh isn't feeling well so it was probably better for everyone to not come here this weekend. So T2 and Kevin cooked Little Caesar's Pizza. :) They did have a salad too. It was just nice to not have to worry about any of it. Thank you Son!

Ts and Skater chatting after dinner. We were watching the kids play in the hall way. Drummer was asleep in a chair. LOL

Buster was trying to see Bella and Bolt under the door. It was so cute!

He really wanted Bella out of there!
Kevin's door was just cracked open a little. Buster was sitting and looking in that little crack and T2 asked what he was looking at and Buster pointed and saw a sled in Kevin's room. The Littles and Buster and Princess ran with that sled up and down the tiny hall from T2's room to the kitchen for the longest time! They had a blast!

They loved that sled!

If I could I would like to ask anyone who is a praying person to pray for our extended family in the coming weeks. Our family has been touched by Cancer. We are shaken and scared but we are standing together in comfort and prayer. If the Lord brings us to mind will you pray for us, please.

Have a Blessed week.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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