Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yesterday Walker had his surgery. He is a hurting unit. 2 of the lumps were just fatty tumors as they said and no big deal. One was on his side and under the muscle sheath. It was just a fatty one but it was deep. So he is very sore and stiff. He gets pain meds. One of the tumors looked a little sketchy. We will be watching him. His ears were bad but all clean now. Lots of drops and ointment and antibiotics for the next 2 weeks. I was hoping for stitches but they used staples. I have only caught him licking once.
When I went to pick him up we did all the paying and paperwork first. Then when snooty nurse brought him out I said oh you didn't wrap his head. She said No, it's already drying up and he'll be fine. As she said fine Walker shook his head and showered everything/everyone in the waiting room with blood. Up my back included. I just stared at the women! She said I will go wrap him up now. YA THINK????? Oh it was ugly. The nice nurse came around with a bleach water mop and started cleaned up. It was so funny in a not funny way. Really lets not wrap a bleeding ear on a dog who got the injury from shaking his head?? Anyway.......

This is how he looked when he got home. This is the deep muscle wound.

He was being driven insane and we thought it was the pain in his ear, but then I got on the floor to check him over and the stupid dolt had put tape over his eyes! Then I really thought she was dense.

He was trying so hard to be understanding.

I pulled the top tape off and rolled the bandage back and then wouldn't you know it we had no medical tape! I know where it went! My knee! Oh well. Having a Drywall Taper in the house means we have masking tape! So blue on our boy it is! He hasn't bothered it ONCE since we got it off his eyes. Tonight we take the bandage off and start the washcloth/salve routine! We were told to do it outside or in a bathroom. I'm guessing after witnessing the Bloodbath of 2010 I'm doing it outside!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had a whole funny post composing in my head. Then I took Walker to the vet. :( He has had chronic ear infections his whole life. He can and does stick his head into any body of water. He has bad ears. The groomer on Friday found a hematoma on one of his ears. It has gotten very large over the weekend. GROSS! He has a broken blood vessel in one of his ears from shaking his head. The vet checked him all out, he has yeast infections in both ears and the hematoma and 3 lumps on his side that they are sure are just fatty tumors but since he's going to be out to fix his ears they are going to take them off to make sure they aren't Cancer. Our poor boy. When they fix his ear they cut it open and on one side use like a hole punch and make several small holes then sew them shut. Weird huh? I was telling my aunt about him and she reminded me he was FREE! HAHAHA. He's such a sweet boy though. Everyone loves him. The vet needed to look at his side and was trying to roll him over with no luck so I asked, "Would you like me to have him stand?" He said sure. I said Walker UP and he stood up and the vet was impressed. :) Our boy weighs 115 pounds! That is a tad fluffy! So tomorrow the boy has is to be fixed up.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm not going to be able to do this story justice, but please just go with me. It is HILARIOUS!
When we got off the ferry in Seattle yesterday evening we wanted to go see if Pike Place was still open. A small back story, when my mom and I are together I drive. I don't get upset by the traffic and I usually know where we are going. I live here, it just makes sense. Soooo we got off the ferry and are working our way through downtown Seattle When leave the doc you have to go UP hill. I hit EVERY light for 4 blocks up a hill that would make San Francisco proud! At the first light my mom was so funny! She was squealing and had her hands over her eyes! Her car isn't even a clutch! So picture this, she's in the front with her hands over her eyes moaning in fear. Monkey says Grandma, are you afraid the car is going to roll backwards and crash into the water? HAHA So she had me so worried that when the light turned green I BURNED OUT! OH my word it was funny. I laid some rubber down! Mom laughed just a little until the very next light turned RED on us! I laughed, she covered her eyes! I spun out just a little but not like the first time. IT HAPPENED AGAIN at the very next light! Only this time it was almost nothing. I told mom when dad asks where her tires are she better not rat me out! THEN wouldn't you know it Pikes Place was all closed up. Sigh..... oh well. I wish we would have had more days to play but I just didn't have them this time.
Heir brought a friend from his Air Force days to dinner. She is in town for her job and he brought her to dinner. We had enchilada's and cookie salad. Roommate didn't come so I sent him pictures via text, he was bummed. He tried to say it was Heir's fault since he hadn't told him about it. I sent a text back, we have dinner every Sunday son! LOL T2's girlfriends grandpa died during dinner. They knew it was coming but it still took all our breath away. We all feel very sad for her. She is flying out tomorrow night. If you think of it please pray for her and her family this coming week.
I hope you have a blessed week.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shelton's Joy

My mom has been here all week. I had to work so we haven't had much time to do much fun stuff but it was nice to just hang out. She has met Monkey most of the week after school. He has loved that. It got her back out walking. Yesterday we went up and had lunch with Heir. He couldn't show her his office. I thought we should go talk to his boss, but he said he'd rather we didn't. (small note of sarcasm) Then we went and walked around the waterfront. We saw NOTHING. Well we always see Seagulls. Not one seal. We had made plans to go see Cousin Joy and Phil in Shelton today. The weather was drop dead gorgeous. Middle 70's and sunny! It was beautiful. We took the ferry from Seattle over to Bremerton. At one point we could see both Mt. Rainer and Mt. Baker. I live in one of the most beautiful places. There is something about salty sea air that just clears your soul out. Joy and Phil were having a big garage/yard/tag sale. Whatever term your neck of the woods uses. They had done really well and had lots of good things/deals. Mom and I both came home with some things. For the best price too - FREE. Yippee! Thank you so much Joy and Phil!

Walker the pretty boy! He got a hair cut. He looks so pretty. I like him best with all his showy feathers but he is still pretty.

Monkey on the ferry. He loved it. He's been before but he didn't remember.

Grandma and Monkey on the way to Bremerton.

Looking back at Seattle. AGAIN with the cruise ship leaving without me! DANG!

The Space Needle. Monkey and I want to go up to the top. SOON!

Looking out the window.

Seals on the buoy. Such lazy guys.

My Auntie's Mountain.

My Great Great Grandmother's original headstone. She has a new one now.

Cousin Joy and Mom

Joy's Bobbi, Joy and Mom

Phil working very hard!

Aircraft carrier. SO big but I still can't picture taking off in a plane while rolling along in the high sea. Thanks but I think not.

Waiting for the ferry.

Seattle sky line at dusk from the ferry.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bullets with Pictures

Monkey lost ANOTHER tooth!
My mom is here for a visit. She had Monkey when he lost his first tooth, coincidence? You decide.......

Bugs LOVES Lego's. He got some for his birthday. He is over the moon excited.

His caterpillar cake. He loved it!

Birthday club ladies...... We went to Cheesecake Factory. It was DELISH!

This is the birthday girl Toni. She is such a sweetie.
We all had such a good time.
I hope you have a good week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's 12!

Bugs is 12 today. I just am shocked that 12 years has gone by! Happy Birthday baby boy! May this year be all you can dream and imagine and then some!

1st day of school at the bus stop

Trying to not be nervous.

At the fair.


Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm not lost!

I have been MIA again. Sorry. That's certainly not the way to build a blog is it! Sigh so here is last week in a nutshell.
On Tuesday it was the first day of school. NONE of us were ready. Bugs is in Middle school/Jr. High. Whatever it is called where you are. I just don't think that 11 year old boys are ready for 6 teachers. The supplies we had to get this year were just NUTS! A stapler? Seriously! They are also not allowed to carry their backpacks, so how does this kid carry all the stuff he needs for 6 classes? It's crazy I say! Anyway. We meet his bus and he got to school just fine and managed his locker just fine! He is doing good. His notebook is a mess already. I hope we both make it through this year.

Bugs on his first day of 6Th grade. He's so handsome!

Monkey is in the first grade and was so excited he was vibrating! I on the other hand spent the morning sobbing! He loves his teacher and seems to have settled in OK. This is the child who a week ago was still taking a 2 hour nap. He is tired when he comes home but he has a snack and gets his second wind.

Monkey on the first day of 1st grade!

DIL's family was coming into town for a gathering so she and the kids came for a visit again! They have been able to come several times this year and we are loving it! Princess just gets better and better every time. She is just so painfully shy. But boy does she love her Uncle Bugs and Uncle Monkey.

My Princess!

Buster is sitting himself up and moving all around, backwards. He is so funny. I think he is the happiest baby on the planet! He loves everyone! He has the sweetest giggle.

Buster and Skater

Buster and Monkey

Buster and Papa and Monkey

Buster and Heir doing knuckles!
In the middle of all of this my Mom has a very bad morning where she couldn't catch her breath so my dad took her to the ER. The first thing they threw out was pneumonia. Her left lung was full of fluid. But it wasn't pneumonia. She was having issue's with her heart. They admitted her. She had a nuclear stress test and ended up having a heart cath. The last time they did that they did it through her wrist, this time they went through her groin. She did not have a fun filled 3 days. She is fine. They changed her meds and would like her to change her eating habits. It was not fun for me being this far away. Next time I'm going with my gut and just going. I was as worried about my dad as I was my mom and I didn't like that he was there alone.
I sent my mom some flowers to the hospital. She was out of her room for tests and someone signed for the flowers but she never got them. Who does that? So finally 3 days later they resend them to her house. That has left an ugly taste in my mouth.

Princess being a silly goof.

2 special boys! Look how big Buster is getting.
Skater had a friend visit this weekend. She is from Portland and her folks came up for the opening game on Sunday. They were rooting for the opposing team. We kicked their rears! HA!
Heir is a season ticket holder so he was SO VERY happy! Her parents, not so much. :)

Skater and girlfriend.
So here's to a better week! We need to be on a better schedule and have a whole lot less stress! Or I might need to be on blood pressure meds!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The one where we cram it all in!

We are in the final count down to school We were trying to do as much as we could since Dh was off and we were all home together.
When you are involved with 4H you don't always enjoy the fairs after a while. Well Skater has been out of 4H for a few years now so we are starting to like going again. We went on Saturday. It looked very threatening out. It stayed beautiful! Not one drop of rain on us. It rained in the night. It was a wonderful day. The Littles are big enough we didn't take a stroller, that was a wonderful change. The only scary thing was we were walking by a restroom and I got my eyes on a very panic stricken looking little boy standing all alone. I went over and leaned close and asked him if he was lost. He said he thought his GaGa was lost! He kept trying to leave and I asked him to stay with me. We stayed right there and I asked if he would stand on this bench and help me look for GaGa. She is wearing a red shirt Mateo said. Mateo is 4 and very scared but he stayed with me while Dh went for Security. They came and they looked at me and said You come with us ma'am! As they were talking to the big Security people via radio we were walking to the lost child booth we passed a lady who jumped up and screamed. It was GaGa! She hugged Mateo and then hugged me. Then she had to call Papa to tell him to come back that he had been found! WHEW!

Bug's friend, Bugs and Monkey

Monkey and Bigfoot. I am always amazed what an artist can do with a chainsaw!

Totem poles

A very tall cowboy!

This little piggy went to market..............

I don't know who they were but they were in the dairy barn and they were OUT! Very sweet.

I think pygmy's are so cute!

Old John Deere!

A Dino exhibit at the fair! Funny huh?

They actually were really cool.

This is Monkey a little scared telling his dad NOT TO MOVE!

RIDES! Monkey is fearless but to short for the big rides yet. He was so bummed. This one he stood on his toes and ran after Bug's. I don't think they guy quite knew what to do.

Twirly things.

Katie and I.

Monkey on the Carousel. When everyone was exhausted we headed home.
So on Sunday we slept IN! Since we had missed church we got up and headed down to Seattle to Pikes Place Market. I have wanted to go all summer and I could never get anyone to go with me. Today was my lucky day. Dh wanted to go to Bumper Shoot while we were there at Seattle Center. Come to find out it was not a free thing! So we didn't go. We didn't care. If I lived close enough I would have a bouquet every week all season long! LOVE them.
Love this part of the Market.

REAL bugs under glass in one of the underground store.
I didn't take many pictures of in the market. There was just to many people! It was crazy! One of the funniest things we saw was a fluffy lady pushing a stroller with a VERY large basset hound dog LAYING in the stroller! Just cracked us up. I did get to go into one of my favorite store's. Sur la Table. A kitchen gadget extraordinaire! Then we headed down to the piers. Bugs was with his friend so it was just Monkey and us. He was a super good sport. We went to dinner down on the pier. It was so beautiful we ate outside. I love the Seattle waterfront! I think we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

A cruise ship heading out! I wanted to go! I don't even care where it was headed. From here it's probably going to Alaska. I would go there.

Us and a penguin.

Dh at dinner. He's looking pensive.

A sailboat

A para sailor. We had been watching them while we ate. It was interesting how they got that guy back in the boat. Really cool.

A cruise around the sound.

Look at those rays.

The flowers I brought home! Simply beautiful.
Tomorrow is family dinner and then SCHOOL on Tuesday. I don't think we are ready. Sigh, summer went WAY to fast! We have had mostly icky weather and it seems like it was just June.
I hope you have a blessed week.