Sunday, January 27, 2013

It has been a tad hairy

We have made it through another week!  Everyone was here for dinner tonight.  Heir's hours have changed for work so he comes right from there.  It was just a relaxing pick up stuff kind of day. 
Now that we all have the wrapping off we did a group picture of our tattoo's.  Mine is red because I'm fair skinned.  There isn't any red ink in it.  It will be cool when they are healed.  Not to painful today.

Here is the 4 of us all together. It was a very good day.

  The girls were in need a new tutu's.  So this Nana got them some!  Princess wore hers for dinner.  I didn't get her picture in it!  Dang it.  She is so cute! 

I had my hair done this week.  When she was done I asked her to braid it instead of styling it.  I just wanted it out of my face.  She asked if I cared how.  I said NOPE have fun.  So she did.  I love the flower at the end.  She was really fast too. 

By the end of the day I was getting a headache from the braid though. It felt good to take it out. When it was all out it felt like I had had a spiral perm.  I thought, Oh the 80's called, they want their hair back.  Well that was my day in a nutshell.  
I hope you have a blessed week. 

A little bit of ink....

When my Uncle Brownie passed away in August one of the first thing the boys said when we got home was they wanted some kind of tattoo to honor him.  They loved him so much!  So we looked at all his badges and patches and I let them pick the one they liked best.  We saved and made plans.  Today was the day. 
Off we went to see Phil my favorite artist.   

T2, Skater, me and Drummer.  Ready to rumble!


Skater was so zen and relaxed.  He picked a very painful spot!

Blogger isn't cooperating on this!  Those  up there are wonky and out of order!  You get the drift!

 The boys all got the same tattoo but in different places.  Mine doesn't have the writing.  I love that we all used the same picture.  I loved how Phil shaded them.
I was glad to have shared this day with some of my boys.  Uncle Brownie was loved beyond measure and is missed every day.  He was a hero to so many!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend parties and a bloody paw

My sister had a birthday this week.  We went to her house for cake on her actual birthday.  She wanted us all to go out on the weekend.  So we did!  Chrissy wanted to sing Karaoke.  She sang 3 songs.  She has a beautiful voice.  It was nice to hear it again.  It's been a while.

T2 and Kevin playing pool.  I think Kevin won this one.

Chrissy taking aim.  She was playing against Dh.  He beat her soundly!

Drummer and Dh playing.  He soundly beat Dh.  Who is not a very good looser.


I was trying to write under each picture but Blogger hates me. It will not let me move things. It's so dang frustrating. We had a great night out. I always love the chance to hang out with my family. The bottom picture is Rescue Rita. We hadn't seen each other much and we went and got our toes done today and had some lunch. It was cold and foggy but we made it just fine. I talked Dh and The Littles into going for a walk tonight. We took our 2 fat dogs with us. Walker was barely moving when we got home. He also had a bloody pad. Dh put something on it and wrapped it up to stop him from licking it for a bit. Poor old man. I had Walker at the vet last week and he weighs 119 pounds. The vet would like him to be at 90. Well we are trying. Scout is a bit fluffy too. LOL actually she is just fat. We are bad pet owners. No treats no table food. We can do this. We all have our goals for this year eh?!?!
The second picture from the bottom is Heir in his grandpa's WW2 bomber jacket.  We were talking about cool coats and I said something about the bomber jacket that Bugs wore for Halloween and heir said WHAT??? So Dh got it out and he put it on and just kept saying Man this is so slick!  It needs some leather conditioner on it.  It was really cool to see him wearing it.  Dh's dad was taller but not very big.  I love it when we have something our kids think is cool,  See kids, we weren't always dorks!
I hope you have a blessed week

Monday, January 14, 2013

A crime has been committed?

The other morning it had frosted and froze. It was down into the teens.   I let Walker out for his morning constitutional and breakfast and then he flopped down and slept on the deck.  When I looked out at him  he had moved to his warm house and bed but had left his outline.  It looked like a crime scene drawing to me.  I just had to laugh.   He is the same dog who will lay in the rain.  Or come home from the groomers and dig in the dirt and flop in it. 


We were surprised by a snow "storm" today.  This was the exent of it.  LOL  I wear shorts when I work so I was THAT dork today in shorts and with wet hair.  Oh well it didn't last long.  It might be the same tomorrow but nothing is sticking and staying.  We would like a good snow dump though.  Then it can be Spring and we can get on with it.


I had Buster and Princess the other day.  Princess brought her barbie with her.  She had tape all over her.  I asked my DIL whats the deal? She said Princess didn't like that her clothes kept moving or falling off and her boobs would show, so she fixed it!  I just laughed!  I love that girl!
Have a great night.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Super Secret Christmas!

I did good 2 years in a row!
I had an idea in the summer.  I pondered and wondered and tried to plan.  I finally conceded that I just couldn't do it alone.  I had to have help.  So I asked my cousin Tim if he could help me.  He had the shop and the tools and the know how to make it happen.  What is "it" you ask?  Well, it's a Barn Quilt!  If you have ever been in Iowa you know what they are. If not, you are about to find out!
I talked to Tim and he said  sure, what is it?  I had him pull them up on the web and we had a chat on how to make it happen.  I said I would have to remind myself to ask my dad to be sure to drive his truck when they come for Christmas.  Tim said.. Ooooooooor when your parents are coming here, we could be beating feet to their house and mount it on their barn and then you could just give them a picture of it.  I IMMEDIATELY got excited!  I thought if there is anyone that can make this happen it is Tim!  So he had things he had to get done and I had commitments I had to do and then it was time to get started! 
So Tim did the drawing of the pattern.  We had some issues and ours is not exactly like the pattern.  But that just makes it an original. 

First color is done!

All 4 colors on!

Tim masking off for the final touch ups.

I told my parents I had to work that last Friday before Christmas.  They were spending the day with my sister.  Tim came at 5:00 AM and we were off.  I'm not a very good morning person but I would like to think I was OK company for the first hour.  Then we just chatted and made our way across the state.  We made very good time.  I of course had to pee first but that was just a given.  We made it to the farm and got right to work.  That light was not there in the pictures I could find of the barn so that about sent me into a tailspin but Tim was calm and just figured out how it would all go.  He asked me if I wanted it higher or lower and I said higher and we were good to go!

Half way done!

I was told there shouldn't be any picture evidence.  There is of course!  Tim doing his thing!

TADA it's hung up!  It looks so good!  This is the picture I used as the gift.

No matter how many times I have tried to move this picture it won't budge.  This is the picture gift before I wrapped it up!

Me and the finished and mounted barn quilt!  I just love it.

From the road.  
My mom and dad were very confused on Christmas morning. They knew it was a picture of their barn but they did not get what the quilt picture was doing on it.  They thought it might be photo shopped or something.  I know I was almost vibrating with excitement and I told them the whole story.  They said they just loved it.  My dad has said a few people have asked what it is.  They obviously haven't been to Iowa!  I hope my parents are trendsetters for their area.  I loved making it and I loved surprising them.  I am not sure how I'm going to top it next year!

I hope you have a blessed week.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

There is more then one way to skin a cat!

Here are the pictures that go with the birthday post!  It's taken me almost a week to figure out a different way.  The normal way is still not working.  I HATE BLOGGER!  
Buster opening his gifts.  Trains were the word of the day!

Skater and his girlfriend and friend.  He got snow shoes.

Princess at her brother's party.

T2 and his girlfriend.  

I hope your week is going well. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

We have had some birthdays!

Skater and Buster both had birthdays! 
Skater turned 22.  TWENTY TWO!  How did that happen??? 
Buster turned 3.  Cutest 3 year old I know!

On Friday the part of the family that is over 21 went to where Heir works.  He is an IT guy and does the sound for the bands on the weekends.  He almost never has Friday or Sat. off so if we want him to be a part of things that's where we go.  So we all went and had dinner.  It was very nice and yummy.  We took an ice cream cake for dessert and then we left the rest of it for the folks in the kitchen.  They loved it!  
The big guys are all into hiking, even in the Winter.  So Skater was the only one who didn't have snow shoes.  So that's what he got.  He was pleased.  I hope they get to use them soon.  We have had snow all around us and in the mountains but not here.  Since it didn't come on Christmas I don't need it now. 
Today we celebrated Buster's birthday.  Drummer and DIL have a tiny house and she has an extended family that come to things too so she had it at a pizza place in the banquet room.  There was lots of people there.  He seemed to have a really good time.  He LOVES Thomas the Train.  Well any train will do!  He got so many cute toys.  He has a tiny room so good luck to his mama.  A few people got him clothes and at 3 he was funny with those. 

I have tried to upload pictures and blogger is screwy.  Anyone have a better place to have a blog that doesn't wig out all the time? 

I hope you have a blessed week

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review

January - We had some lovely snow days.
  Skater turned 21 and Buster turned 2. 



 February - I did a photo challenge, The Littles and I went to Spokane and saw my parents and my nephew and his girls.  I did The Best Picture Showcase before the Oscars again.  Heir and T2 went with us.  It was fun.
Drummer and DIL celebrated their anniversary.  6 years!


March - T2 turned 24, My Anita and I got some new  ink together.
We (as in not me)  did a bathroom remodel.  Spring started to pop up!

April - Drummer turned 27!  YIKES - We celebrated 29 years of marriage.  Dh went to visit with his mama.  He took Tinkerbell for few hours while he was there. Easter.  I took the Grands and Monkey to the zoo.  Realized Buster is a Runner!  We went as a family to Great Wolf Lodge!  Fantastic time!  Rescue Rita and I took The Littles to the ocean.  So much fun!


May - Princess turned 5!  The Littles and I took off to Spokane again for a visit with some old friends and my mama's birthday. Spring REALLY showed up!  LOTS of pictures of lilac's. The Super Moon.  My parents went to Tennessee for what would be their final visit with my beloved Uncle. 

June - I had a birthday, Heir turned 29!  How did that happen!. We had our first Over 21 dinner at Heir's work.  It was very fun.  My mom was here for my birthday. I coordinated a wedding, which I hadn't done in several years.  It was a lovely wedding and lots of fun. The Littles and I went down to Anita's for the weekend and went to Northwest Trek and did a bit of Letterboxing. 

July - Monkey turned 8! My baby is 8! We celebrated the 4th.  Guys like to blow stuff up!  The Littles and I went with Anita and her boys to Crescent Bar.  We ALWAYS have a lovely time.  My cousin Tim had his annual Pig Roast.  My parents came this year.  Then they took The Littles home with them. Dh and I went to Pike Place and the water front one day. Then  Dh and I went to Friday Harbor to look for whales.  We were not disappointed!

August - My wonderful Uncle Brownie lost his battle with cancer.  Dh and my mom and I went to Tennessee for his funeral. It was the most beautiful memorial I have ever been to.  He was a hero in every sense of the word.  We took The Littles to Silverwood.  We grabbed Tinkerbell for the weekend on the way.  We had such a good time.  We then went to Dhs mom's for a visit.  It was a good visit for everyone.

September - Bugs turned 14.  He is so tall and so handsome.  He is doing online school this year.  It's an adventure for all of us.  We went to Seattle for Labor day.  We had such a good time.  We did the Space Needle and The Ducks.  We then rode the monorail and then walked the waterfront.  So much fun.

October - DIL and Dh both celebrated birthdays... I did another photo challenge.  Rescue Rita and I did our yearly MCC quilt weekend.  So much fun.  DIL and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch.  Muddy mess! My niece Coreen came for a visit.  My sister and her family moved back to this area.

November - My dad came to deliver some meat and we got to spend his birthday with him.  That was the first one in a long time!  I took The Littles school pictures myself.  They turned out pretty good if I may say so myself!  Heir took me to a Sounder's game.  SO much fun!  Princess had her first school concert.  So cute.  Thanksgiving..


December - I was in a Christmas choir for the first time in many years.  It was fun.  I would do it again.  I finished all the super secret Christmas stuff.  We had a lovely Christmas.  We were all together and that's what counts. 

We rang in the New Year at home.  It was warm and dry and beautiful to watch the festivities on the tv.  At midnight we sent a Chinese lantern off to send off the old and to make room and welcome the new.  So here's to a New Year! 
 Peace and Blessings to you all!