Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday T2

Happy Birthday T2! He is 24 today.



Monday, March 26, 2012

The Repair

A while ago, longer then I care to admit, Monkey pulled the soap/washcloth dealy off with the 6 tiles it was attached to. For MANY reason's Dh just put plastic and duct tape on it. *slowlyshakingmyhead* So one day we had water leaking into the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. So the time had come that he had to tackle the job and fix it. We called our friend/handyman Carl and they got on it! It took over a week and we were very lucky. The only mold/mildew was on the insulation and was not an issue when that was all taken out. The other bathroom was fine when the water was stopped. It's all good.

Before..... Notice the "bandaged fix"

Carl and Dh taking off the tiles.

Cutting out the walls.

The icky part!

Drying the wall out.

Sealed walls... That stuff stinks!

New insulation and new wall board.

Dh doing what he does best! Taping!

Trying to keep the worst of it out of the tub.

Bubbles in the mud. I had to point them out. Trust me, they didn't stay there!

Just drying out.

Primed and drying.

The practice run with the new surround.


The glue had to dry a long time. We aren't risking water damage again!

Dh masking off to paint the walls.

Tada! New walls, new paint.

All fixed and everything washed and all put back together.

The moral? If you have tile, fix it right away. And then DO NOT HAVE TILE. Actually I don't mind tile, I hate grout! If I could have huge sheets of slate or stone and caulking in the corners only it might be ok. I just do not like cleaning grout.

I hope you have a blessed week.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Sunday Recap

We have just been trucking along. We have been doing a small remodel/repair in our bathroom but that is another post. Just another week in paradise.

Monkey on his way to pajama day at school. He was so excited! He really REALLY needs new Superman Pj's.

My DIL had an appointment on Saturday so I had Buster and Princess for a while. It was so sunny and nice we took a walk to the park. It was cool but so pretty out. Today when they came for dinner Buster asked me to take him to swing again. He is such a sweetie!

Princess on our walk. I think we are all ready to be outside a lot more.

Buster showing me a plane! He LOVES airplanes.

She can pump herself! BUT... she likes to be pushed REALLY high. Notice the boots?

Down the slide!

Buster was fearless. He went up and down as many times as he could before we left. He loved that slide.

Just a swinging.....

My Bugs just flying off the slide.

Buster has decided that he can climb out of his crib. That probably isn't a good idea. We have had Monkey's car bed in the garage just waiting for him to be ready. Papa loaded it up and Princess road in the truck with Papa to deliver the car bed.

Off it goes to it's new home! Glad it's out of the garage.

After yesterdays beautiful sunny day this is what we woke up to this morning. SNOW! It's just been such a weird Winter. We are all soooo over it!

Just coming down like crazy.

This is later today. All of it is gone. It's still cold but no snow.

Bugs taking a picture of himself while riding his bike with no hands. I wonder if kids today know that the camera really should face OUT! LOL

Scout and Bella. I'm a little jealous. Bella has such good ears and Scout just doesn't. Sigh.

Skater sitting letting his dinner settle. Everyone was stuffed.

A very silly Buster playing with Uncle T2.

T2 telling Buster how it is.

I hope you have a blessed snow free week!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Way Back Wednesday

Drummers and DIL wedding collage


Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Tire Changing Lesson

When we first moved here it was very hard for me. I traveled the 300 miles back home often. The 3 bigger boys and I have a lot of miles on us. More then once we had grand adventures. Once I was kidnapped but that's another story.
The 3 boys were about 1, 4, 6. I was driving along and BOOM! I had blown a tire! I was in the left lane cruising along so I pulled over onto the left shoulder/median as far as I felt comfortable going. I sat there shaking for a bit then thought hmmm well lets do this. I got out of the car. I was wearing a sundress. So I pulled out the spare tire and the jack and took a second to figure out what goes where. My dad made sure I know HOW to change a tire but I'm pretty sure I had never DONE it before. It was long before cell phones so I was on my own.
So I propped the tire up against the tailgate of the station wagon and started jacking up the car. Since I was jacking up the roadside of the car it seemed to me that the car was tipping a bit to much and it made me very nervous. So I got the 3 boys out and sat them away from the road in the median in the dirt. 2 little boys and one in a car seat. I went back to jacking the car up when all of a sudden the boys said "Look Mama" as I looked up and saw the spare tire rolling down and across the median. I stood with what I'm sure was a stupid look on my face totally expecting the tire to continue into the other lanes of traffic and causing a million dollar wreck. I thought I was going to loose everything before I even had it! Finally it hit a little hill and the up slope caused it to fall. WHEW! I pulled the boys farther away from the highway and walked across the median IN MY DRESS mind you and gathered up my tire and started pushing it back across the median to my car. I thought well that didn't work out like I thought. Then I laid the tire on the ground so it wouldn't roll away again. I got the flat off and the spare on and was just tightening the lug nuts up when someone finally stopped to help. A very nice man made sure they were all tight enough and helped me put it all back in the car. I loaded the boys back up and went up the highway to the rest area and washed my hands. I think my hands stopped shaking when I got to my parents house. Even though I know I could do it again if I needed, I just would call AAA now.
Have a blessed week.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Senator and the Bank Robber

I almost never get to see TV in the mornings. One morning last week I was able to see the first few minutes of Live with Kelly. Alec Baldwin was her guest host. They were doing the normal morning chatter. He says something along the lines of his theory about birth order. His thoughts are when you have multiple kids of the same sex it goes... Senator then Bank Robber. He explained him and his brothers are just like that. Senator - Bank Robber, Senator - Bank Robber. At first I started to laugh. Then I got to thinking about my boy's birth order... hmmmm There is some truth to it! Except for the last 2, they might be Bank Robber then Senator BUT it might be because Bugs is 13 and on my very last nerve. I might not be objective.

Heir Apparent has always been a good natured guy and easy to please, BUT he LOVES to debate. EVEN when you didn't want to debate it, just do it son! Total politician.

Drummer has always chosen the more difficult way of doing something. If a spanking was all that was going to happen, whatever "it" was - totally worth it! But separate him from everyone else and he was at deaths door! When he and Heir were about 3 and 5 their daddy bought them Red Rider Pop guns for Christmas. Heir totally used it as it was intended. Drummer put the cocker thingy (my dad says the lever) down and slammed the gun into his hip and made the machine gun sound. We didn't have TV! How on earth did he know about a machine gun? Total Bank Robber!

T2 was probably the laziest baby on the planet. His great Auntie called him Floppy. He didn't walk until he was almost 17 months old. I finally got nervous and took him to our Doctor and said "he appears to be broken, fix him"! That man looked me in the eye and said "Stop carrying him". I gasped! THE NERVE! Well low and behold it worked! Who knew! He was terribly shy for a long time. Now he has an opinion about EVERYTHING! He's a very kind 23 year old son with a very tender heart. Senator.

Skater was the baby for a very long time. He is spoiled rotten! He thought (thinks?) we were all put here to serve him. He is a very kind kid and loves his family. BUT.... he is not overly motivated to move along very fast. He has his own time table and own methods for getting there. And trust me it's not on yours, at all! Bank Robber

Now here is where things muddle up....
Bugs and Monkey are switched I think. But I honestly think it could be the 13 thing and the Baby thing. Some day Monkey will be 13 and be on my nerves too I guess.

What are your thoughts? Whats your birth order? Does the Senator/Bank Robber thing work for your family?

Last night my friend called me to go walking. I said sure. I wore a pullover sweatshirt. It was cold but as we got walking it was fine. Brisk but fine. About 10 minutes after I walked in the house I got a text from her asking if I had looked outside. It was snowing like crazy! It had been clear not a drop of rain NOTHING. We woke up to 2 inches of snow today. I know it's still Winter but I have flowers blooming! The weatherman said we should be in the 60's by the weekend. NICE!
Have a good week!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Epic Blogger Fail

It is such a good thing that I don't get paid to Blog eh?
A couple reason's (excuses?) ...
Life just isn't very fun or nice right now. I know I don't HAVE to be all rainbows and unicorn poop but it really isn't as much fun to yammer on about how bad life is for me. I know I have my little own black cloud floating above my head right now and I probably shouldn't share that anymore then I have to. HA! I'm pretty pathetic I know. So..... with that said, on with an update.
This was my 3rd year do The Best Picture Showcase. It is where you see all the movies up for Best Picture in the Oscars. Since they have gone to up to 10 movies it is over 2 Saturdays. The first day we saw 4 and the next 5. I did have a whole rant composed in my head about how The Help and George Clooney were robbed but I guess I will just have to let that all go. They didn't ask me.

Friends and Friends of Friends and Son's at the movies! So much fun! I totally recommend going if you love movies! The only down side to the whole thing is when there is a movie you TOTALLY HATE, IE... The Tree of Life. DO NOT SPEND YOUR TIME OR MONEY! I know movies are totally subjective to each person but boy howdy that is a bad movie and I have no idea how it ended up with a best picture nomination.

Sunday's dinner was uneventful and very good to have everyone together. No one was missing which does my heart so good! Buster didn't feel very good so he was a bit off but everyone else seemed to have a good time. We weren't sure if he was getting molars or a cold. Poor baby Buster.
Bella LOVES to sing with her daddy. It is very funny. I got a video of it but it wouldn't upload. I might try later.

Bella and daddy singing! Bella giving it all she's got! Go big or go home!

Bella, Bolt and Scout. Bella has had her "time" so she hasn't been able to come for a few weeks. It was good to have all the dogs together again too!

Princess and Uncle T2 sharing a laugh. T2 went through old movies and was going to have a little walk down memory lane. His roommate had never seen Benny and Joon. SHOCKING I know or Flight of the Navigator. So they were in for a movie night. DIL took home a stack of her own too.

Trying to get a good picture of a princess is like trying to wrangle worms. Just doesn't work well. I love this silly girl. Her mama was fussing about her (WHICH I might add she probably deserves!) and I had to tell her wait wait wait, THAT girl is an answer to my prayers! LOL

We have had some very beautiful days. I have several different flowers coming up in my yard.

I love crocus's. Such a little promise to me. Spring will come!

Primroses. I should probably clean the leaves out of the flower beds eh?
WELL! Just when it had been nice enough to work outside in the flowers. We got SNOW! Nothing much but SNOW nonetheless! 2 days worth! It has been really cold too. I think the flowers still want the leaves covering their itty bitty cold roots.

This isn't a great picture of the snow but it was really really snowing. Ish!

Yesterday was a good Hummer day. Isn't she a sweetheart! I love them.

I always try to get as close as I can. I decide to try it a bit different. I thought is was cute.

Thanks for hanging in if you got this far.

I would appreciate your prayers for my family near and far. We need it. Thanks.

Have a great weekend where ever you are!