Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The Little Edgerton's came to go trick or treating with Papa and the Uncles. They are so cute!

The Princess!

Indiana Jones

Bumble Bee

The cutest Pumpkin EVER!


Aren't they so cute!

I just think this kid is handsome! He is wearing Dh's dad's jacket. He was a skinny guy!

Old Blue Eyes himself!

It was a good night for everyone. It didn't rain or snow!


I need some wake up!

On Thursday I got a phone call from Princess. She wanted to stay the night with me. Not really Me but with her Uncle Bugs and Uncle Monkey. She LOVES them. I was the bad Nana and had to say no. It was a school night and I just knew it wouldn't be good on a school night. She cried. :( So I talked to Princess Friday morning and asked if she would like to spend the night. She said YES! I said I would be there to get here about 3 ish. She was so excited! When I got to their house she was READY! I stayed and visited a bit then Princess and I headed out. She talked NON stop! It was amazing! Here is a sampling....

Nana, Mama and I went to the store and we saw the mobie (movie) Backyardigans. It was FIFTEEN BUCKS! Then we saw Wonder Pets and it was FREE! (Three)

As we were driving she asked me to take a left then a right so we could go by Elmo's world. (The Event center) BUT Elmo isn't there right now he's in California. (WTH???)

This went on until we were almost home. Then she crashed! She slept about 5 minutes. She is SO much like her daddy. She is also everything I ever wished for him. HAHAHA!

I had scrap booking on Friday night so Dh was doing Daddy/Papa duty. He was fixing dinner and Princess asked him a question about wakeup. He didn't really understand and was only half listening so he of course said uh ha, sure. Trust me it wouldn't have mattered what she asked she would have been told yes even if he had been listening. Princess had asked if she could have MAKE UP! She fixed her face up. Then she asked him if she could have whipstick (lipstick). Oh she did a beautiful job with that.

Isn't she beautiful.!

Have a wonderful week


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Update

I asked for Princess and Buster for a play day. Some weeks I only see them on Sunday's and I miss them. So off we went. We were going to go play at Anita's. We had such a good time. Anita was finishing up something for her Mops group so we stopped by the church.

Bugs playing Muscle Man!

As we were driving through town we passed this monument. I went around the block and sent Bugs out with my camera. He did a good job.

It was a huge monument.

Then we went and had play time and dinner at Anita's. They have their nephew's dog staying with them right now. She is so cute! I don't remember bassets being so big. I loved her bark and ears and eyes and her stubby little legs.

Chopper making goo goo eyes.

Buster playing construction man.

Iron man, Seahawk Buzz lightyear Guy!

Princess HATED that mask!
I have been asking for something to be done for a while. Today was my lucky day. Dh brought the huge ladder in and got my job done for me.

Had to clean the light. Which by the way hasn't worked since our fire. Wierd huh?

Hanging the quilt Auntie got for me last year. I love it and it was on my bed for a while but I really wanted to hang it up.

Tada! It would really look better on a blue or yellow wall. I got white. I love it up there though.

Bugs came home with this friend this afternoon. Biggest sucker ever!

A face only a mother could love.

Have a wonderful week.


Monday, October 17, 2011

A picture Dump and Review

We still have Hummer's!

The Princess and Buster were over. Bugs has been pulling them with his bike in the wagon. They LOVE IT!

Buster got busted for going in the road!


He didn't want to get out!

I showed them how to make it into seats.
Bugs and Monkey were invited to an indoor bouncy place party. They LOVED it. They were both dripping sweat when we were done. Boys are gross!

Racing over the obstacle course.

Racing down the slide.

I got beads put in my hair for breast cancer month. I think they are pretty.
On Sunday for dinner we celebrated Dh's and DIL birthdays. They are 2 days apart. We most certainly don't need cake 2 weeks in a row.

This is how Dh celebrates! Party it up Dude!

Princess was coloring me a picture. Now it's on the fridge.

The cake. 2 candles each. Dh thanked me for not covering the cake in candles.

Drummer lighting the candles.

Ready set BLOW!

Papa's presents! She was vibrating with excitement to give it to him.

Bolt after his bath before he went home.
I hope you have a blessed week.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today has been a music filled day. One of my friends had a piano they no longer wanted and asked if I knew of anyone who did. YES I did! Drummer has wanted one forever. He plays very well. Well he can play anything he touches. But that's another story. So Matt said we could use his truck if I got lifters. Drummer and Skater and 2 buddies came and they lifted that heavy sucker right up into the truck and then Matt drove and backed it right up to Drummer's porch and the 4 of them carried it right into Drummer's house. It needs tuned but it's in good shape. Drummer and I are both excited for him. I can see him with his babies on his lap playing to them. It sooths his soul. Mine too.
Then when I got on the computer tonight to chit chat with Auntie. She asked me my favorite go to songs. One is I can Only Imagine. The other is It is well. Then we got to talking about songs and how we remember them. She loved the songs at my grandma's funeral but can't hear them and not think of her. I told her I understood that! We started YouTube-songs and remembering. I can't hear the song we had played at my brother's funeral without sobbing. She said they do too!

A sweet story about my brother's funeral. My Uncle Lynn is a a man with a heart as big as all outdoors. He would NEVER want you to know it. He is my dad's only brother. Dh was sitting beside me on one side and my Uncle Lynn was on my other. He was sitting trying to be stoic for the funeral. It was a very hard day. Scott's death was unexpected and we were all still very shaken. I had given up trying to be brave after about 3 minutes into the funeral. I just leaned down and grabbed the box of Kleenex and put it on my lap. When that song started my Uncle gasped and sobbed and said SHIT and leaned over and grabbed a handful of Kleenex from my box and just leaned into the grief and let it wash over him. Sometimes you just have to feel it all so you can let it go. I love that story and I'm sure my Uncle doesn't even remember. It just meant a lot to me that we shared our grief that day.
My song that sooths my soul when I am all angst is It is Well. I love the story behind the song and the song itself.

I'm not sure why it was such a verklempt evening. It is good to remember and miss those who have gone before us.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My mom and I had a wonderful time in Burns Or. at Kiger days at the BLM corrals. We wondered around the corrals for 2 1/2 days drooling over and picking our favorites. The adoption/auction seemed to be very successful. I think the highest price was $8750 for a 2 year old beautiful stallion. I think there was 120 horses and 86 got adopted. The rest will be up on the website next month. There is also always horses available for adoption in the pens. Beautiful horses!

A baby and his mama.

Mom and babies. The little colt on the right was only 3 weeks old. He was a feisty bugger.

Isn't he stunning?

The Steens from the South Steens. We didn't go up all the way.

Out over the valley. It feels like we are at the top of the world up there.

The only 3 horses we saw in the wild. We saw them twice. We walked out across the draw towards them. It's 3 stallions. Someone said Domino is the black and white but they aren't sure who the other 2 are.

Getting a good scratch on at the corrals.

My favorite pick. She did get adopted for $1000. I have good taste! Good thing I didn't have a bidding number.

2 cowboys talking.
The first morning Mom went over and had breakfast while I took a shower and got dressed. When I walked over she was having breakfast with a guy. He was very nice and they were talking Mustangs. He was there for the adoption too. He asked if he could follow us up to the mountains later but then changed his mind and stayed for a demonstration. He went up somewhere else and didn't see anything, we saw the 3. He got one of the Mare/foul pairs. Mom and I took pictures for him.

Waiting for the mare and foul to be sent down the lane.

Mama and baby ears.

Mama's sweet eyes.

My favorite girl! She isn't a Kiger but isn't she beautiful!

I hope you had a great weekend. Have a blessed week.