Monday, November 19, 2012

Twice in One Month

We have had company off and on all month. 
My dad had to be over here to deliver some beef.  It was the day before his birthday.  I can't remember the last time my dad and I were all together for his birthday.  I was kind of excited.  On Sunday at dinner I told the all the kids and my sister that Papa would be here the next day and that Tuesday was his birthday.  If they all would like to come back we would have leftovers and cake for his birthday.  My sister said she would make the cake.  It was lovely.  So  everyone came back on Monday and we had dinner and cake with my dad.  I think he would a little flustered because he wasn't expecting it and we had to deliver the meat.  It all went well and we had a great night with him.  He got up and was gone in the morning.  LOL  Almost ghost like in the way he flutters in and out so fast. 


My Daddy the night before his birthday.  I love this man!

 Years ago my dad made a tomahawk for his cousin who was really involved with Boy Scouts.  He passed away early this year.  His wife wanted my dad to have the hawk back.  I thought Dad had decorated the hawk but Dad said he didn't and didn't know who had.  It is really beautiful.  The picture does not do it justice.

The other day at Charlotte's she had a VERY protective Hummer.  Anytime any other Hummer came to the feeder he just ran them off.  He was so pretty and protective! 

Mr. Hummer

Heir asked me to a Seattle Sounders game.  It was a playoff match.  I haven't been to a soccer game since Heir played the last time.  I think it was 8th grade.  I love soccer.  I get VERY emotional!  Heir told his friend that he could always hear me WAY across the field.  I was never rude just LOUD!  LOL  Last night was no different.  BUT Heir was LOUDER!  It was a great game.  We outplayed LA in shades!   There was some VERY bad calls made.  That makes it very frustrating.  To loose because you were outplayed is one thing but to loose because some yahoo can't open his eyes and see what is going on in front of you is MADDENING!  Oh it could have gotten ugly! Since it was a play off match we had to win by 3, we won the game but not the play offs.  They played great though!

Us waiting to march to the stadium.  SO MUCH FUN!  It was pouring. 

Drew Carey!  I heard his voice and went FLYING!  I am short so I just weaseled my way as close as I could.  I was so excited!  I also saw David Beckham, but he was on the OTHER team. 

Us during the game.  We really had a great time!

 Sounders marching in!  It POURED the whole night!  We were under cover so not a drop!

During half time we walked over to see the band.  It was The Presidents of the United States... or something like that. 

Heir walked up to meet the lead singer.  I took their picture. I AM that mother. 
The Sounders band as we were leaving.  These are some dedicated folks!  It was a disappointing loss and it was POURING. The band played on.  It was a great night! 
This week is Thanksgiving and everyone should be here.  My parents are coming for Christmas.  I can't wait. 
I hope you have a blessed week.

Friday, November 2, 2012

A public post for Rescue Rita

As you can tell I haven't been writing much.  Several reason's why.  I had computer issue's and just dealing with life and I just don't like being such a downer all the time but want to be honest and not always have unicorn poop and glitter floating about.  Sometimes life is just HARD!

We are doing something different with Bugs for school this year.  He is doing an online program.  It's hard when you have taken a year off of school.  Bugs is struggling but working hard to catch up and do well.  It's a learning curve for all of us.   He seems to really like it and tells everyone who asks that he does.

We just had Monkeys parent/teacher conference. He is doing fine. He is doing well above grade level in reading and math.  We talked with his teacher about not letting him get bored.  He loves school and I want it to stay that way.

Our big boys didn't "do" Halloween.  I just hate the whole deal.  Children dressed up in scary stuff threatening and begging candy from people.  It's just a weird deal to me.  (my big boys HATE that description that I use).  Well when Princess was born DH changed his thinking and The Littles have done Halloween several times now.  They love it.  They did some of the cutest  pumpkins this year.  I just sat thinking what a waste of pies. LOL  I'm a  party pooper.  If nothing else the big kids will have something to discuss with Oprah  their therapist because you can just bet they NEVER had candy and are scarred from it.  Princess and Buster were so cute!  Buster was DONE DONE DONE though.  He was just tired and ready for bed. 

I did a photo challenge for October and am still 4 pictures behind.  I will finish!
 We have voted and I would like all the ads to stop NOW!  I'm just so over all of it! 

In October my sister and her family moved back to the area.  It is really nice to have more family here.  Her daughter my beautiful niece came home from college for a visit.  It was so good to see her.  She is named after me and I cherish her so much!  Then a week later my  brother's daughter came to visit too!  It was great to see both of them.  Now my mom is here for a horse convention something or other and she is here off and on for a week too. 
In October we have LOTS of birthdays.  For us it was Dh's and our DIL.  We all went out together and my sister and her partner joined us.  We had so much fun.
I guess that's it for now.
 There is a little update!

My brother's daughter Coreen.  
My sister's daughter Nikki

The over 21 club plus my beautiful sister at Dh and DIL's birthday night out. 

Bugs and the pumpkin's. They are vampires, not cats.  Just so you know!

Bugs and Monkey heading out for candy!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

14 Years

14 years ago on Sept. 10 my lovely Auntie said to me, "alright Missy you have 24 hours!"  She was wanting me to hurry up and have a baby on my Uncles birthday.  What was so funny about that is we had a secret and she didn't know it! Well our lovely Bugs didn't come on his Great Uncle's birthday but he did come on the 14th.  Close. When he was born I looked at Dh and said Ok honey, name your son.  He is Lane Emery.  He is named after my Uncle.  When my mom called my Aunt to let her know he was here she was surprised at his name.  I am hoping pleased. :)  My Uncle went and bought an outfit and picked a badge and some patches for my aunt to put on it.  It's in my cedar chest.  It's a treasured keepsake!

The 2 LE's

I love this boy and can't believe 14 years have gone by.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Well look who bothered to show up!

Bullets to catch up because Blogger just frustrates me at this point so pictures might follow.  Since we were at Anita's (the last post) a lot has happened. This is for my own record....
  • Anita and her boys and The Littles and I went to our annual Crescent Bar trip! We had so much fun.  We made homemade ice cream.  We played in the river and the boys became ducks in the pool!  Anita and I tried to watch a few movies and just talked and talked. 
  • My beloved Uncle Brownie took a very fast turn for the worst and passed away on Aug. 1.  10 months after his cancer diagnoses.
  • My mom and Dh and I took off for Tennessee.  The trip was a bit shaky but we all did just fine and ducky.
  • Uncle Brownie's funeral was the most awful gut wrenching beautiful wonderful honorable funeral I have ever been too.  It was a privilege and an honor to be there and to call that man my Uncle. He was in the military and a fireman. The respect and honor and outpouring of love from the firemen was overwhelming! 
  • The changing of the guard made me cry every time! The gun salute and his last call still rip my heart out at the thought! 
  • My boys loved him so much and know that he loved them! 
  • Now we all just have to learn to live without him. 
  • We took the Littles and headed to Silverwood.  Monkey wants to go to Disneyland SO bad!  It will not happen anytime soon.  So Daddy decided Silverwood was the next best thing.
  • My parents are out of town but we stayed at their house.  I am almost positive a mouse was in the bedroom.  It took me a long time to relax enough to fall asleep.  I hate mice! 
  • We meet up and took Tinkerbell with us for the weekend.  It was so much fun!  We didn't do it all but we were there when they opened and stayed until they closed. 
  • We then went to see Dh's mom. 
  • When we went to go to bed there was a huge spider on the wall!  WTH! I hate spiders!
  •  We spent the night and most of the next day with her.  It's always hard for Dh to leave her.  It's hard on her too.
  • School is starting soon.  I'm not sure I'm ready.  Everyone needs clothes again.  I should probably get on that.

Alrighty I might try to upload some pictures tomorrow.  Not sure though.  I might have given up on that part.  I have a REALLY cool hummer one though. Sigh...
Have a blessed week.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A rant and an update

I hate Blogger!  Or Blogger hates me.  I have been trying for over a week to upload pictures.  They will not go.
    When I first started this blog I thought I would do a little updating and a few pictures.  Then it became a lot of pictures and a little updating.  I would love to be a writer, I just don't think I am very good at it.  I can never seem to get my hands and the words to come out the way my heart and head envision it. So I have tended to lean on the pictures to tell the story.  Well dagnabit the dang photo's won't load!  I don't know if it's my computer or Blogger but I guess I will blame Blogger.
Sooooo here is an update of what we have been up to so far this summer.  San's pictures. 
     The Little's and I went down to Anita's and hung out for a few days.  We went to Northwest Trek. It was such a sweet day for me.  My grandparents used to take us there a lot. It was "THE" thing they liked to do with everyone. I think my grandpa could have gone there everyday.  He loved it.  It was suppose to be cloudy and cold and possible rain. It was a beautiful day!  Not hot not cold and so comfortable.  We took a lunch and had a picnic in the park when we got hungry.  The tram ride was wonderful.  I gave Bugs a camera to use and he got some really nice pictures.  He has a nice eye.  I was looking for a fair picture maybe but nothing wow'd me of what I got.  We saw everything but the Moose.  After the tram we did all the trails and saw all the small animal enclosures.  It was a great time. On the way home to Anita's we stopped and looked for 3 different Letterboxes.  I was trying to show Anita the thrill of it.  The first 2 were busts and she was totally not getting the "thrill" of it!  Then on the 3rd one we were almost stumped AGAIN but Lee found it.  Not sure about the clues on that one but it was found so guess they were alright. We headed home the next day.  I am pretty sure that was the first time I have stayed at Anita's.  The boys have stayed with her but I have not.  It was nice to get away and we had a really good time.
      On July 1st  Monkey turned 8. EIGHT!  I'm just not sure how that happened.  He was so excited to be 8.  He keeps telling me he is almost as tall as I am.  NOT!  But he is getting tall.  We had his birthday at our normal family dinner so everyone was here.  Princess always gets so excited when it's any one's birthday.  She almost seems to turn herself inside out.  She is so fun to watch. 
      We were home for the 4th this year.  We have gone to the races many times. They have a great fireworks show.  BUT this year we were wanting to just hang out and maybe grill a bit and relax.  So that's what we did.  Heir and Drummer and his family came over since they live in another city that doesn't allow fireworks.  Guys just like blowing things up!  All the kids had so much fun!  Papa (Dh) had fun things for the little guys to do and they were wired and hyped up big time when it got dark.  Everyone oo'd and aawww'd in all the right places.   The Grand kids stayed the night and we had a great time.  Buster is just sweeter and funnier all the time.  He had no problem staying here.  YEAH us!
      Bugs had his friend come and stay again for a few days since The Little's were headed over to Grandma/Grandpa's for a little while.  They were excited to see all the cousin's.  Dh and I were excited to hang out kid free!  I had a distant cousin pass away a bit ago so my Dad was coming for the funeral.  While he was here he decided he didn't like the railing on our deck. It WAS loose. So he and Dh went off to Home Depot to get wood and nails.  So at 8 AM Sat. morning my Daddy is out POUNDING on the deck.  Sorry neighbors for the noise.  But it's all fixed and sturdy now.  Then we went to the funeral. After the funeral dad needed to hit the road. When he left he took the boys with him.   We went and hung out with my other cousin Tim and his wife and had dinner and a bonfire at their house. We did a little hiking on their property.  It is a beautiful place and I want to do it again with the right shoes on.  Then because Tim gets up at the butt crack of dawn we left and went to see Heir at his work and listen to the band for a while.  We played a few penny machines. We had fun.   When we got up Sunday morning we had breakfast and then headed out to Seattle to Pike Place Market and to walk the water front.  We had such a nice day!  We rode the new Big Wheel that is there. It was so much fun.  Just beautiful. 
     Then today it was all back to our regularly scheduled programing.  Work.  *Sigh*  It is very quiet without The Little's here.  Skater is working quite a bit so we don't see him much.  AND when he isn't working he's skating.  He is off doing his own things.
     So that's the update of our Summer so far.
I hope you have a blessed week.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

This past week was my birthday!  I celebrated on Thursday with our birthday group!  It was YUMMY! There was several ladies missing.  We still had a great time.
My mom decided to come over for the weekend.  On Friday we all went out to Heir's work for dinner and to listen to the band.  It was so much fun. 
This is the Over 21 Group.  Our 4 oldest and T2's roommate Kevin and my Mom and DIL.  We had so much fun. 
My friends Jackie and Jonathon were having a date night and sat by us for a while.  My cousin Tim and Theresa all came and hung out for a while too. I didn't get their picture. 
  It was a good birthday!
On Sunday after dinner I asked my mom and Tame' to go on a short walk with me.  I had found clues to a letterbox by us.  We went and found it.  It was a nice walk and a good find.
Mom and Tame'
Inside the lid.
The stamp.
I hope you have a blessed week.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have reached a certain age.....

I wear contacts.  I have glasses for late at night or first thing in the morning but I wear contacts most of the time.  I chew gum. Every day!  I had my eyes checked last year.  I told the Dr. I was having some trouble and it had me a bit concerned.  She did her exam and informed me that I needed readers!  RUDE!  I said WOW that happened fast.  She said well.. you are over 40.  I said I do not have a "best by" date stamped on my foot!  She informed me that that might very well be true but things "happened" after 40.  Most of our birthday club ladies all pull out readers to read the menu when we go out to eat.  I have not ever had to do that yet.  I don't carry readers with me. Fast forward to yesterday. I was at the store and getting a few things.  I chew Extra gum.  They were out.  I was trying to get another sugar free gum.  I picked one up and was trying to hold it far enough away to read it.  COULD NOT DO IT!  I finally put it in my cart and when I got to the cashier I leaned over and asked her if this gum was sugar free.  She smiled at me like I was stupid.  I said I don't carry readers and I can't read that small of writing.  She just smiled at me.  GRRRR!  It was sugar free by the way!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A long over due update

I know I haven't written anything in a long while.  Life isn't kind right now and rather then be all dark and dreary I tend to just go quiet. I know no ones life is all rainbows and unicorn glitter but I guess that's just not my style.  So here is a long over due update, picture style of course.

The Hummers have been so active lately.  A twofer!
On this day it was POURING rain and she just kept sitting on this branch and then shaking like crazy to get the bulk of the rain off of her. I wanted to hold her to warm her up, she didn't want that though.

Last weekend Bugs had a friend over and we had a campfire.   Friend had never roasted marshmallow's before.  He was so cute to watch.  I can't believe how many smore's he ate.  I finally told him he could just roast the marshmallow's and didn't have to have it on the crackers.  He said Nope he liked em!  He's a very nice boy.
One afternoon Bugs went and picked me a bouquet for our table.  He was so proud of it.  I loved it!

School is almost out so Monkey's school had it's annual BBQ.   He was so excited to have me there for lunch.  School lunches are gross!  The company was WONDERFUL!

I was asked to coordinate a wedding.  It was for a long time friends daughter.  It was at a beautiful venue and I am really pleased how it went.  I have done MANY weddings but this was a first for someone my boys have known almost their whole lives.
Congratulations S & J!

We did it!  Whew.

Miss Emily is who I picked to marry our T2.  Since they aren't even dating that probably isn't how it's going to turn out but you never know! She is my pick anyway.  She is graduating this week.  Her Mama and Daddy are so very proud.  Way to go Em!

This brings us to Sunday.  We had Heir Apparent's birthday dinner.  That gives him is actual birthday to hang out with his buddies or whatever.  He asked for enchilada's.  That's a good meal for everyone. Most of the boys had gone on a hike all day so when they got home they were hungry and tired!  Hunger is the best seasoning for any meal. :)
T2's roommate Kevin.  I really like this picture of him. 

My Drummer!  He had a great time on the hike too.

T2 but my camera was acting goofy. 

The birthday boy!  He will be 29 on Tuesday.  29?  HOW did that happen. 

Buster being so silly! 

Our beautiful Heather. 

Make a wish! 
If you don't mind, please just say a prayer for my family.  We need it. Thanks.
Have a blessed week.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Love looks like.

Cancer is stealing part of this picture.
That makes us all so very sad.  We need to enjoy and cherish each and every moment with our loved ones.  No one is promised tomorrow.  So.  I will leave you with this, This is what love looks like. 
This is 107 years of marriage, 70 plus years of sisters, and over 50 years of friendship.  This is Love.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Attack of the killer squirrel

I'm not sure I can do this justice..
*Dh always feeds the squirrels... on our deck.*
On Sunday we were enjoying our family dinner out on the deck.  Nice BBQ, nice conversation and laughing at Buster who is trying really hard to tell knock knock jokes but can't quite get the punch line.  He had us in stitches!  Heir went down into the yard and grabbed the hose to water the garden.  This child/man was in the MILITARY!  He all of a sudden squealed like a girl!  Then he starts talking to "something" in the garden.  You wouldn't dare!  Don't you come at me!  AAAAAACK!  We all stood up and said WHAT?  He said look at that squirrel!  He keeps coming right at me!  It was!  He was trying to come to the deck to get a nut and we were all sitting there so he was waiting in the garden then Heir came out with the hose and he was all kinds of flustered so he thought he would just run over that boy! LOL  Heir turned the hose on him and backed him off.  I went in the house and get a handful of nuts and threw them out into the garden and the Squirrel ran and got as many as he could hold, gave Heir a dirty look and flounced off to his tree.  We were laughing so hard! 
Have a blessed week

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Grandma's House We Go

This past weekend Dh and The Littles and I took off for parts unknown. Well not exactly.  It was my mama's birthday and I had a high school friend headed to Spokane too. Seemed like a good weekend to go!  Dh planned on taking The Littles and heading down to surprise his mama too.  Since he was just there a few weeks ago she had no reason to expect him.   When we got to my parents The Littles tried to pull a fast one and say they didn't want to go with Daddy.  So he came in and told me they didn't want to go.  I told him that was fine, but if they didn't go, HE didn't go because I was not having them all weekend by myself.  He went out and had a chat with the boys and they all came in to kiss me goodbye.  They went to surprise the other grandma.  My mom and I went to town and made plans for Saturday and stopped by one of my brothers.  Then on Sat. morning we got up and headed back into town to go to yard sales and lunch and whatever else we could find to do.  At one of yard sales this house was down the way.  I walked to take pictures.
This picture does not do it justice.  It was a beautiful home with beautiful gardens.  It reminds me of a Thomas Kincaid painting, sort of.
As mom and I were driving around looking for yard sale signs we were crossing a bridge with an overpass over that.  There were 4 young kids standing up there. As we were headed to the over pass one of the girls climbed over the railing to the outside of the bridge!  I yelled at my mom to stop.  I pointed my finger at that stupid girl and screamed at her to GET BACK!  She climbed back and they were all laughing!  I called 911!  It was probably just kids being stupid but I totally had visions of her going SPLAT on the hood of my mom's car!  Made me so SO mad!  It took us both a long while to shake that! 
My mama at lunch.  I told them it was her birthday and she got dessert!  We shared it and it was wonderful!
Later that evening I met up with 2 friends from Jr. High and High School youth group/church.  Oh my goodness we had a great time.  I think if we didn't have to leave, we would still be there talking and laughing and crying.  Jo made a great dinner and we went to a Fro Yo place for frozen yogurt.  It was so nice connecting.  I hope we can do it again, soon!  If you need a speaker for a women's even, Jan is your gal! 
Jan, Jo and Me
The boys had all kinds of adventures while they were gone. They went fishing, frogging and all kinds of fun boy stuff.
Grandma E and Monkey and Bugs.
My beautiful Sister and Niece. 
The top of the mountain. 
I hope you have a blessed week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's a PARTY!

Just so we are clear, I HATE Blogger.  Is this day 3 of trying to post this blog.  Grrrr!
So our Princess turned 5!  FIVE people!  I remember her daddy handing her to me for the first time!  She can go to school in the Fall.  YIKES.
So her Mama put together the cutest party.  It was a circus theme.  Kind of like an old time Penny Carnival.  The kids LOVED it!  They ran around crazy like doing all the different stations. It was a great idea and set up really cute. 
Princess and her friend in the jumpy house.

Bella and Bolt kept tripping kids so I sat down and held them.

Bugs running the balloon dart game.  A 13 year old with a dart... hmmmmmmm.

Princess taking aim.


Silly girl


Buster on the swing.

Princess getting ready to go skateboard. 

Drummer helping Princess skate. She is wearing leggings, a tutu, knee and elbow pads, biking gloves and an apron and a helmet.  To stinking cute!

Uncle T2 fixing the wheeler for Buster.

The Baby Family.

Skater and Drummer fixing popcorn! That was a hit! Skater said we need an air popper. 
I know Princess had a great day.  She was so excited to see everyone and didn't act shy at all.  I'm so proud of her.  I can't believe that tiny baby girl is 5! 
Have a Blessed week.