Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know it's an obvious one but I am thankful for Summer. I love that we live where there are 4 season's. Winter is odd in that some years we have not one flake of snow but we would know it's Winter anyway. I love Summer. I love having my kids to myself with no school's schedule telling me when I have to do things. I love the warm weather and all that it entails. Lakes, sprinklers, shorts and tans. We use our grill all year sometimes but we have used ours almost weekly this summer and I love that. I love that we can gather around something as simple as burgers and hot dogs and totally enjoy one an other's company. I am glad my husbands mother is here. He misses her terribly and it makes it easier to see to her with her here instead of panic phone calls from 6 hours away. We haven't really done anything big this summer but we have had a good one. Good weather, good company and a camping trip. AND it's not over yet. No big revelation this Thankful Thursday but I'm taking our warm weather while I can. LOVE IT!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catch up post

I had a little computer issue again, so just to catch myself up....... Oh and a note to all myself, update your back up. :)
My mother in law is still here. My mom was here but left and took 2 of the boys with her. Skater dude and Monkey. They are all coming back on Friday for a family gathering in Puyallup on Saturday. Auntie you should be here!
It is HOT HOT HOT here. I am not complaining, winter is long, dark, grey and dreary. But it is HOT. The hottest on record for here. Amazing isn't it. Today we were even hotter then New Orleans. We live in a RAIN FORREST! Oh well it won't last and summer is just wonderful!
It has been so hot and our Walker is fluffy fat and has really long thick hair. It made Dh worried so he took him and had him SHAVED! He used to look like a lovely Choc. Golden Retriever, now he's just a lab. Sigh.... I hope he's more comfy but I miss his golden feathers.
Bugs had fun at his Grandpa/Ma's for 3 weeks. Now he's playing with his other Grandma. She doesn't hear them very well but he keeps her entertained. He brought home 2 frogs yesterday and put them in the pool we were sitting around with our feet in. He is such a nature boy. We didn't mind them and then he and daddy took them back to the pond and sent them on their way.

Sunday dinner - Heir Apparent and Grandma

Bugs and his friends

1 Frog in the pool

Bugs and MIL

Shaved Walker

Friday, July 24, 2009

A day in the life

My mom is here for the weekend. She has a horse something or other. My mother in law is also here. Today we split in 2's and went different directions. My mom and I went North to Bellingham. I have wanted another tattoo for a long time to commemorate my boys. But since we have always been open to whoever the Lord sent us I haven't wanted to do anything because I would have had to add on to it. Something like giving away your maternity clothes is a sure fire way to get pregnant again. BTDT just saying. Soooo in honor of my uterus being history I went last weekend to talk to Phil and to give him my pictures. He said he'd work on it and to come back today. Mom and I headed up North for the day. We went and had lunch and took pictures of the waterfront then went to Sabbath Tattoo for my art. It hurt but was worth it. It only was really bad at my shoulder blade and by my neck. I love it.

Scout is fine from her surgery. She has finished her meds. Here is what 1/8th of a pill looks like.

It still makes me laugh, that itty bitty pill.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My "It" Girl

Scout is now spayed. She has NOT had a good day. I could hear her howling when I left her at the vet this morning. You'd have to talk to my dad about how well she can do this. When we were camping every time I left the camp she cried LOUD until I came back. My parents puppy sat one time and I'm lucky I still had a dog she cried so much. Soooooo you can imagine our morning. When I picked her up at 4 she looked at me like " I will kill you while you sleep". As you can tell by the picture it's not much better this evening. I gave her her pain med's tonight. 1/8 of a pain pill ONE EIGHTH! Is that not hysterical? Luckily they cut the pill into 8Th's for me. She got her 1-800-callmymommy chip and new tag for her collar. She's all pretty and doesn't have to go to the vet until next year. I assure you, that will be to soon for her.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Dh was gone all weekend. He went to see him mom and brought her back with him. I had a feeling that would happen. She's 93 and needed to see her boy. I think it's been about 3 years since she's been here. We have seen her but she's not been here. Monkey has been talking her legs off. She doesn't hear so well but she says Oh yes to most of what he says so he's happy.

Mother in Law at the Lower Granite Dam

Dh's rental car and his mom.

Rolling hills. I think this looks like a painting.

A coyote pup. Dh was whistling to him and he was very curious.

Look at those ears!
Have a good week. Peace

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chihuahuah Festival and Cherries

Yesterday was such a good day. We (Monkey and I) asked Rescue Rita to come and go with us to a Chihuahua Festival. It was so much fun. We saw EVERY size and color of Chi's you would ever imagine. Scout was every bit a lady and didn't fight or have a bad attitude at all.

These fur babies all need homes.

This is Scout getting her nails done. She was so patient, never a cross word or teeth.
They weren't all his.

Scouts pedicure.

Money at Birch Bay. We had a blast! The sun was out and it was warm and just beautiful. I tied a 50' rope to a floating log and Monkey had hours of fun with it.

Rescue Rita's dad is a very kind generous person. He has lots of fruit and lets me pick for my family. I picked a bit over a flat of raspberries and he gave me a huge flat of Rainer cherries and a bucket of pie cherries. Soooooooo

This morning/day I have been pitting cherries. I got 2 pies worth of pie cherries clean/pitted and in the freezer. I've been working on the Rainer ones through out the day. I know they aren't the best for baking but that much fruit that much sugar in a crust and people will eat it. I will make a cobbler with them, there is just to many to eat fresh.

My pitting system. I was going to tell you all about the worms too but my Aunties reaction just says I better not. But I won't be eating any without ripping it in half and taking the pit out by hand to check. :-D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

My friend gave me these pink calla lilies the other day. They are beautiful. It's a crappy picture but I love them and she said she had some on her table for a few months before they were done and ready to be planted. I have a HUGE and a puny white bunch outside and these will be a beautiful addition.

So this was neither wordless or Wednesday. eh.

Monday, July 13, 2009


We left very late on Friday to go camping with my parents. There was a mix up in the weekends so T2 and Skater dude couldn't go as they has other plans for this weekend. Dh and our Littles and Heir Apparent decided we could go so off we went. We got to Banks lake about Midnight and set up camp. Heir apparent and Dh left to go fishing as soon as the light hit the tent. They were mostly skunked but Heir did catch one trout. Dh got a catfish and bites. He almost is never skunked and this lake has a great reputation so he was kinda bummed, so was Heir apparent. We had such a good time. Our daughter in law ( I have to think of a name for her) called and asked our other granddaughter's mother to come but she was busy so Heather asked for Tinkerbell and so she got to come too. It was a blast. I have over a hundred pictures and Dh has about 50 on his camera. I think the highlights will be plenty. :)

Bugs Grandma Grandpa Tink and Princess and Maggie

Princess Monkey and Tinkerbell in the lake. It was pleasantly refreshing.

Tinkerbell, Heather & baby Joel, and Princess

Papa and his girls!

Our campfire!

Bugs, Tinkerbell, Monkey in the morning.

Daddy pushing his baby boy!

Off to go fishing.


The Baby Edgerton's - Drummer boy's family

The whole group. We had so much fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I hate it when they leave! It was so fun having everyone together again. My heart just fills up so full it has to spill out. Drummer boy and Daughter in law and Princess stayed here. (Heather's parents live here too so they have to trade off) Princess and her Papa were swinging crazy! Svfing Papa! We could understand so much more of her words this visit. I know if we lived closer we would get more. It's hard to understand toddlerese if you are out of that age.
Monkey and Princess having breakfast on the deck.

Princess all dressed to party.
Heather and Baby Joel - 13 weeks
Monkey and his cake. He's 5 and 5 year olds can do anything they want, Right Mama?
Making his wish!
Does this not look dangerous to you?

Happy Birthday America!

Good Morning Princess!
T2 - the brother's and a pick up game of soccer.
Heir Apparent, Drummer boy and Bugs in the background.

Drummer boy and Monkey
Bugs and Monkey
Bugs helping Princess put on ELMO slippers getting ready to go.
I hope everyone had a good holiday and that you have a blessed week!