Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last broohaha

The Little's and I took off for the weekend. We went to Crescent Bar. Our friends have a place there and graciously let us go there. Anita and her boys met us there. The weather was beautiful.

Our walk at dusk. It got dark FAST!

Lee in the pool.

Ian swimming.

Part of the boys watching a movie.

Monkey came on Friday from Grandma and Grandpa's. He lost a tooth! He was so excited.

Monkey in the pool! He LOVES the water, but he really LOVES the hot tub.

Eli in my goggles in the hot tub. He would have stayed in the hot tub for hours!


Eli sitting on a box waiting for lunch.

Anita giving a golf cart ride to a group of boys.

Posing pretty.

After Anita and her boys left the boys and I had to run the garbage out to the dumpster. I let Bugs drive the golf cart back. He was OVER the moon excited.


He looks so serious.

Monkey helped me drive it into the garage.
We had such a relaxing time. It was hard to come home. The Little's will be starting school next week. We REALLY aren't ready for that. It will be OK once we get in that routine though.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The many branches of the tree

This past weekend we had a family gathering. It was suppose to rain. It didn't. It was just beautiful. Not to hot but not cold. The wind came in about dusk but it was just beautiful. I think the final count was 55 in all. Everyone brought food to share and no one went hungry! Good food good family and good times! Those that missed it were really missed and hope they can make it next year. I was pleased most of the oldest generation made it. I don't want to miss an opportunity to see all of them.

A chunk of the group.


The park rangers oogling over Pistol.

My sister and her beautiful girls and our niece

T2 and girlfriend

My guys

Niece and Pistol

Looking for jellyfish


There might be more pictures over the next few days.
Have a blessed week.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

When brothers communicate

Today was a very funny day. I went to work, did my thing..... knelt on my knee for the first time scrubbing floors, it was a bit to soon. It was very warm again today so I was very keen on getting home and getting into less clothes and cooling off. I loaded the dishwasher and started a load of laundry and sat on the couch in front of the fan. My phone rings. It's T2. He sounds VERY agitated and upset. What are you doing Mom? Uhhhhhhhh sitting here relaxing before I go to Curves. T2 - WELL! Heir Apparent asked me to get him at the airport today. Me - yes I know. T2 - WELL! I am AT the airport and when I called Heir to let him know HE INFORMED ME I AM AT THE WRONG AIRPORT!!!!!! Can you please go get him? Me- trying VERY hard to not laugh hysterically - Uhhh yes. T2 - because I'm going to be stuck in this traffic for hours NOW!!! We live between 2 airports, one major and then the one I took Heir to on Friday. We are just about halfway between both. So, it was an honest mistake but wouldn't you think they would give that information to each other? So I called Heir and said I was on my way. He looked into renting a car to come home, it was way to much money. Then he found out they actually have a shuttle that comes South but by the time he could catch it I would be almost there so it was fine. I got a Sonic drink out of the deal. Oh these boys of mine crack me up!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fishing and a mini date

Dh and The Littles have needed some play time. So on Saturday he took them fishing. They caught some some fish and Bugs got some frogs and critters.

Dh is terrified of the water, our kids always have to have life jackets on until they are old enough to really pitch a fit about it. The Littles don't mind yet. It makes daddy happy so it's not a big deal.
On Friday Heir apparent had to fly out to Vegas. Please note the HAD to. Anyway, Monkey and I took him up to the little airport North of us. It is such a cute airport. He had to walk out to the plane and walk up the stairs to it. Monkey and I had a long drive back so we decided we needed to stop for an early dinner. He wanted McD's. I begged and pleaded and he changed his mind. We went to Red Robin. We had such a good time just him and me. He is going to go to full time school this year and I'm not sure either of us are ready.

Summer is back again and it's hot hot hot. While the guys were fishing I stayed home in the quiet. I took a nap and did a whole bunch of nothing. I loved it.

My weather bug, see it's hot!