Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Laura - Day 2

Alternately titled Driving Miss Daisy.

We slept in until 8 this morning. It was a good thing we were up by then because at the late great hour of 8:30 it was decided by who knows who that it was necessary to blow the sidewalk off right outside our door. We got our morning under way and went and had breakfast. We hit the highway at 10:30.
This is the state count so far,

The animal count so far is this...
6 VERY dead dear
75 dead raccoons
46 dead turtles
869 unidentifiable fur somethings
and 1 dead cat
and lots of vultures.
NOTHING alive besides cows and a few horses.

My windshield has had a beautiful rainbow of Cicada guts.

As we came through St. Louis we saw the arch. We got to see it from several angles. The only real traffic was in St. Louis. Tonight we are in Hannibal Missouri. It is where Mark Twain is from. Its cute little town.
What is it that makes driving all day that makes you feel so grody?
Well that's it for today.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Laura Day 1

I am on the road. My Aunt and I are on a Laura Ingalls Wilder trip. My flights today went well. It's very warm though coming from where it wasn't warm at all. Our goal today was to get out of Tennessee.
See this bag? It was full of all my toiletries and make up and stuff. My shampoo that had never been opened was FULLY open and all through the bag AND the bag that it was in got it too.

Sweetest smelling bag EVER even if it did look like someone puked in it!

The counter with all my washed off stuff! The bags I had to rinse in the tub. So many bubbles!

The Bluegrass state welcomes us!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kayak Point 2

Our Daughter in Law suggested having our dinner out at Kayak Point today. It was iffy if the weather was going to be good enough. We went out mid afternoon. It was very nice. We grilled over a wood fire and the big boys all played soccer. It was a wonderful day.
My friend Rescue Rita and her husband Ray stopped by. Rita is going to be an Auntie and she is so excited! She was practicing on Buster. He loved her! I told her he loved her because she rescued him from jail (the playpen).

Giggling like crazy!

Princess are you feet wet? No! Then she poured water out of her boots! She had so much fun.

I asked Heir to play for me. He did. I love to hear him play. While he was playing T2 was singing under his breath. It was sweet!

T2 . I just buzzed his head last night. He gets so hot in the summer.

DIL and Princess cooking their dog.

Drummer and The Littles on the playground on our way out.

Isn't this hilarious??

Still fearless and a monkey!

Go Buster!

Princess's turn!

I hope you have a blessed week!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Update

I had Princess and Buster Friday. I didn't get much housework done but Princess and I baked banana bread.

She did a great job of pouring stuff in!

Putting the batter in the pan.

TADA! It's done. She told me it was pretty!

Our very silly NON helper! He is the happiest baby.

My little helper.

Today I had a mission to accomplish come hell or high water. I was actually hoping for one of those as a way out. Didn't happen. So Bugs and I got to it.

Bugs is a mini hoarder. He doesn't like to let things go. His room was a pit and I could no longer look the other way. He is a very eclectic boy and his room reflected that. BUT he had been asked to clean it and it was way beyond him. He didn't know where to start. Mama did!

I got him going and then I worked in our family room. I don't go in there and it showed! Bugs did such a good job of following direction and staying on task. We went through his book and toy box. He put some things in a tote to put in the attic. He threw things away that needed to be. Not all but he did a good job. He wants to keep it all I want to throw it all out. So we did a good compromise. His room is very clean and all downstairs is clean, even the carpets.

In Wednesday's post there is a duck picture. That duck has her nest in that stump in the picture above her. How is she going to get those ducklings out of that nest when it's time? Do you think she will just shove them out into the water or get them to follow her down the stump? hmmmmm


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Dinner

Massive picture dump again.
Sunday was a very quiet day. We went to church and got a few groceries on the way home. DIL and Drummer were having dinner at their house this week. I was asked to bring a fruit salad. T2 asked for the cookie version. It worked. They made shishkabobs.(spell check doesn't like that but I don't know what else to try. ) They were good! It wasn't raining but not overly cold.

Papa and Buster

Bugs and Princess flying

A football game is a must!

Drummer & T2

Heir - caught it!

Papa and Monkey swinging Buster


OK, this is where it gets funny. I was telling the big boys about how I had got some good pictures of The Littles yesterday jumping in mid air. I asked them to do it and they thought I was weird but did it any way. Ahhhhhhhh sweet boys!

T2 - this guy has springs in his feet!


Heir Apparent

Then I got the 3 of them to do it at once. We were all laughing.

It's hard to see but it's Drummer leaping over Bugs

T2 over Bugs!

Drummer over T2


T2 throwing Buster. He was laughing so hard.

Princess getting ready to be jumped over.

Bugs jumping over Princess and Monkey

Pass it Princess!

T2 running with Princess, she was the football for the moment.

It was a wonderful time! I really wish my parents could be here for these dinners. They would love it. It's loud but the boys and kids are so funny and it's just interesting the conversations we have.

I hope you have a blessed week


Saturday, May 21, 2011

It wasn't the zoo.

We have had such lovely weather the last few days that I had grand plans of going to the zoo today. We woke up to rain! Of course. Grrr. I really wanted to do SOMETHING so I asked Dh to figure something else for us to do. This afternoon we took off for Kayak Point. We love the salty air and water. We took Bolt and Scout with us. We had such a good time. Boys with water, sand, critter's, what isn't to love.

We saw 2 different Bald Eagles. Both were being tormented by smaller birds. This one is being bombed by Jay's. You could hear them fussing at him.

I didn't get a picture of it but a seal came really close to the shore hunting fish. I was standing there and hollered for Bugs to look! We both were pretty impressed, then it was GONE!

Here is the other Eagle. We think it is a young one. It was being bothered by Jay's too. Pesky little suckers!

They were really picking on him now.

So it left!

So we left too. We decided to take the long way home. We were going by the reservation and I wanted to drive through it. I had never been to this one. It's beautiful and they are doing a great Spring clean up and getting ready for Memorial day. It's a really sweet little cemetery.

This one did crack us up! Someone has a sense of humor!

On the way home we saw a coyote but I couldn't get my camera on him fast enough. He was BIG!