Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Not a lot of interesting things are going on right now so I just thought I would throw out some pictures from the last week.

Me and my Valentine.

Our little sidekick.
On Sunday at dinner Princess was very quiet all of a sudden. Her mama found her in the bathroom with Buster watching as she was using a snarkle (yes I know) to "swim" in the bathroom sink. It was so funny! She was wet clear to her underwear from her hair dripping.

I think her hair was the only thing in the water.

This is my daughter in law in her usual position after dinner. LOL She also normally works Sunday mornings so she is tired by the end of the day.

Our Granddog Bolt came with his Dad to dinner. I snuck him some porkchop without his dad knowing.

Catching up on the photo challenge. Out of order but getting there.

Feb. 12 - Dreary

Feb. 18 - Limited

Feb. 21 - Challenge

Feb. 17 - Spirit

Such is my week.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

This is for the birds!

Some of these aren't very good but these birds are just from today. Spring must be on it's way!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An update and picture post.

This past weekend I decided to take The Littles out of school on Friday (hey the teachers do it ALL the time) and head to my parents. The pass was suppose to be dry and clear and I was out of here. We left after work on Thursday. It was a long uneventful drive. We got there just fine and dandy. I got up Friday morning and went for a walk. It was so peaceful. Later that day Mom's new neighbor came over with her to Golden puppies. They are so cute! I loved on them and said OHHHHH for about 30 seconds. Then remembered why I don't want puppies. LOL

She is a few months old and huge. So very cute. I can't remember her name though. There was also a younger boy. He was a LOVE! He had the softest ears. AND he had puppy breath!

On Saturday morning my parents Vet had an open house thingy they wanted to go to. We were going to make several stops on the way home so The Littles had to go with us. They were VERY good sports. I took the movie player and Monkey had his DS. Bugs finished his movie so he just laid down and went to sleep.

He was sound asleep.
Then we stopped and saw my sister in law. She had surgery a few weeks ago and it was really good to see her. They have 4 little poodles that entertained the boys while we were there. They are funny funny dogs. My brother has started a new hobby, making cedar chests. I told my sister in law I LOVED Hers. I want one for my scrap books. She asked me the size! I hope I get one. She hasn't put anything in hers yet because she just likes opening the lid and smelling in there. HA!

Then we went to see my nephew and his family. He has the cutest little girls! One looks just like him and one looks just like his girlfriend. They were so sweet! They let me snuggle and kiss on them. My nephew has grown up so much. He looks so much like his daddy and I was a bit taken back by that. It has been awhile since I had seen him. He is such a sweet young man. His daddy would be very proud of him.

Great nieces. almost 3 and 18 months.

trying to ham it up!

Daddy with his girls, who had had it with posing for me.

On the way home we saw this from the highway. I thought maybe it was a tornado. Bugs took several pictures of it and when I zoomed it in I think it's just a smoke stack. It was sort of eerie though.

What do you think?

At the top of the pass the boys got out to climb the snow drifts. It is dark so they are crappy pictures.

Monkey. Bugs is above him. It was a HUGE pile of snow.

Yesterday was Valentines day. Sometimes we do something sometimes not. This year Dh took me out to Chinese food. He really doesn't like Chinese so it was a huge gift for me. I love that man.

Monkey tried to give me a sweet tart. I don't really like them so I said thank you and then said he could eat the candy. He LOVED that idea.

Spring really is coming! I have crocus's blooming in my yard. I have some in the flower beds and a few in the grass. I love the look of them all through the grass. By the time you have to mow they are long done. Bugs thought it was a mistake so he dug this one up and put it in a cup in his room. I told him it was a bulb and when it was done it was done for the year. He was bummed. When it's done he can just shove the bulb back in the grass somewhere.

It's a promise Spring is coming! I'm sure of it.

I know it's midweek but I hope you have a blessed week.


Monday, February 6, 2012

The Rest of the Story

This is Skater's pocket fuzz today. Doesn't that look gross?!?! No one has touched it!

Feb. 6 - Routine

This view is part of my Monday morning Routine.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

It has been a quiet week on the home front. We didn't have dinner today as a family. Most of the kids had plans for the Super Bowl so I just bagged family dinner.

I am doing a photo challenge for February. My good camera is broken so I am using an old one and I hate it. It's just not the same at all.

Feb. 1 - Scrap. This picture has been deleted and re-loaded several times. It will not stay turned. It's ticking me off!

Feb. 2 - Toy

Feb. 3 - Odd

Feb. 4 - Meal. Cheater meal for The Littles.

Feb. 5 - Snap

Tonight since it was just the 4 of us Dh took us out for dinner. We don't go out often and The Littles were so excited! They have been BEGGING to go to Golden Corral. They have a chocolate fountain! Dh likes it because he can have as much as he wants of what he wants. The food was ok and I didn't have to cook. Then it came time for dessert. The Littles both dipped cookies and a marshmallow in the fountain. Neither one liked it. It was dark chocolate and they didn't finish them. I laughed. So they had ice cream. When it came time to head out the guys all grabbed a cotton candy. Funny story. When Skater was a little boy we had been somewhere - I think the Fair and we got a cotton candy for them to share. Several weeks later we were somewhere else and Skater asked if he could have Pocket Fuzz again. It took us a while to think of what he was talking about. We still laugh over that and it's still Pocket Fuzz to us. So, Dh and The Littles on their way out all grabbed a cotton candy. Dh handed his to me and said This is for you. I just looked at him and said I don't like it. No thank you. I knew that Skater would LOVE it so I just held it and brought it home for him. He worked today and wasn't home when we got home so I put it in a glass on the table for him for later.

Here it is, just waiting for Skater.

Here it is several hours later. Skater isn't home yet and his treat is pitiful! I'm leaving it for him.

Teach him to go play after work. :)

I hope you have a blessed week.