Sunday, February 27, 2011

After the Oscars

I was at the movies all day Saturday. It had started snowing mid day there. When we came out at almost 12 midnight there was a bit of snow on the ground. As we traveled North towards home the snow got deeper. When we got to my friends house where my car was there was about 4 inches of fresh powder. It was beautiful! I started my car and started scrapping. I didn't have my camera with me. This is what it looked like here.

It's so pretty! We didn't have quite as much as they did up the hill but it was pretty impressive for an impromptu snow storm.

DIL, Buster and Skater

Making a sick baby giggle!

Those 3 went up the mountain on a hike today. In 3 feet of snow! They were cold and wet and HUNGRY when they got here. Roommate, T2 and Heir.

Baby Buster with the sniffles.

Drummer watching the Oscars

Bugs making Buster giggle too. He's such a happy baby even when he's trying to be sick.


That was our Sunday.
I hope you have a blessed week and no more snow unless you want more snow!

And the Oscar goes to.........

The last 2 Saturdays I have gone to A Best Picture showcase. It's the 10 movies up for the Best Picture for the Academy Awards.
Last Saturday the list was
Toy Story 3
127 hours
The kids are alright
True Grit
The Fighter.
Today we saw....
Winter's Bone
Black Swan
The Social Network
The Kings Speech

I didn't like Winter's Bone and the Kids are Alright at all. That's just my opinion. I liked 127 Hours but the book was way better! Of course Toy Story 3 was good but it is an animation so doesn't jazz me. Black Swan and Inception were just plain weird and it took to much thinking! I thought the Social Network was good. I really liked True Grit, The Fighter and The Kings Speech. If I had to pick a winner it would be The Kings Speech but between that and The Fighter it would be a tough call for me. The little girl in Winter's Bone did a very good job, I just didn't like the movie. Over all there is just WAY to much useless sex in most of them.
It makes for a long day but I love seeing them all back to back. Heir and Roommate and T2 went with my group of friends and I. I think they had a good time. I know I did. Tomorrow the will be here for the Oscars so we can see who called the winners.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Day

The news had been saying SNOW is coming! I guess it started about 4 this morning. This is what was on the ground when they CANCELLED school. We live in the weirdest area! I went back to bed for a while. I got some things done throughout the day that I hadn't accomplished this weekend.

Then by noonish it was all mostly gone. I was so upset about the school closure. We already have days to make up. I had made chili in the crock pot when I got up. I went to make cornbread and found out I was out of cornmeal. So I had to do a store run. When I went into the store it was dry and clear. I went in for ONE thing and when I came out 5 minutes later it was a white out! My car was COVERED. I had to scrape window's so I could leave. It was crazy.

This was about 20 minutes after it started snowing again!

Walker playing in the snow then he came in the house and has been trying to be carpet colored ever since.

Bugs got a butterfly kit/house for Christmas. We ordered his caterpillars and they have arrived. They have started doing their "thing". When they are all hanging from the top of the container then you take the paper thingy out and hang it in the butterfly net house. Bugs took these pictures for you.

One is hanging from the top but hasn't started it's cocoon yet.

This one hasn't started up yet. I will keep you posted.
I hope your week is going well!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Greats!

1907 April 23, My Great Grandma Foreman and Great Aunt Julia. Aren't they beautiful!

Monday, February 21, 2011


I've tried for 2 days to get pictures to upload. It will not do it. I'm frustrated.
Sunday was a drop dead beautiful day! It was sunny and cool, but not as cold as it has been.
Dinner was wonderful we were all here. Everyone even ate! It was a red letter day! I'm going to try again tomorrow then I'm going to have to get ugly.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not quite Wordless Wednesday

This beautiful guy was around all day. This is a different place then the Thursday Hummers. It was so sunny and pretty today. Not warm but the sun sure makes it nice.

These 2 dolls are twins. They talk to each other. Randomly when you aren't expecting it. It's rather freaky if you ask me.

These are mini daffodils.

They will be blooming soon. They are so tiny and delicate.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up

Wednesday I was cleaning and I kept hearing this plane very close then all of a sudden the motor would stop. Then it would ROAR to life again. It was VERY unnerving! I thought do I grab Twin Mama out of the office and make a run for it or what? It was someone doing stunts over the house! It was CRAZY. He was doing all sorts of turns and rolls but it was the turning the engine off that was unnerving.

Heading down to earth!

It was so cold the other morning Scout came in from her morning duties and laid as close to the heater as she could! Poor girly.

Thursdays Hummer.
Dinner today was wonderful. DIL has asked for a pot roast. I fixed potatoes and carrots with it and Heather brought the salad and dessert. It was all so good!

T2, DIL, Heir laughing his head off, Monkey. We sat here for about an hour after dinner just talking. I love it.

Heir, Monkey, Roommate. I love to cook for that kid! I wonder if he was as good of eater as a kid as he is now.


Buster trying to use his fork. He actually did OK. Now he just needs to walk!

Heir telling us a story.

Heir and Princess. He has waited 4 years for her to go to him willingly. Today was his day!

During church this morning Princess told Papa she wanted and ice cream cone. He told her if she came home in our car he would get her one. She said no. So he went to the store today and said after dinner he was ready! She LOVED it!

Every time you touch his forehead you say BANG and he CRACKS up! They were both giggling!

T2 resting after dinner.

Monkey and Princess trying to get Heir to wrestle!


I hope you have a blessed week!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Picture Dump Rambling Words

Saturday after the Eagle Hunt DIL and Drummer took The Littles skating. I think Bugs has been before but Monkey hasn't. We kept Buster while they went. They had such a good time. I have tried to upload pictures from DIL 3 times and they won't. I don't know why.

Princess telling me she had been skating! She was VERY excited. She fell down but was OK Nana.


This is how Papa babysits. His parents weren't impressed with us. Teeheehee. Buster slept for almost 2 plus hours. Which means he did not go to bed in a timely fashion.

The grinniest boy!

Walker just before being put to bed. He is a silly old man!

Sunday after dinner. Papa was putting new batteries in the toys that make noise.

Drummer's after dinner nap.

On Friday night Princess jumped up and smacked T2 in the face. His jaw is REALLY swollen. I finally said it was time to go get it checked on Monday. He isn't broken but he has a very bad infection in his jaw. He's in a great deal of pain. It's not pretty. Poor guy.

My favorite Daughter in Law and Buster.

Buster and Drummer. We were trying to catch him mid flight. He couldn't giggle any louder!

That's our week thus far.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Eagle's have landed

Today did not rain! I asked Rescue Rita if she would like to take off for a drive and see if we could find the eagles. She was game! The Littles didn't get what we were doing and weren't all that impressed. They got a pizza dinner out of the deal and were a bit happier. Well Bugs had spaghetti, he isn't a fan of pizza.
We headed North. We took a secondary highway out of town and about half way to where we were going a Bobcat ran across the road! I couldn't get my camera on him but he was beautiful! I am bummed about no picture though. Just trust me. As we neared the river we were looking for I said Rita there is an Eagle! She pulled over. I took a few pictures. I am such a dork though! I know, not news to most! I did not think to bring binoculars. HOW silly! So I used my camera as one. It worked out OK but I want some binoculars to keep in my glove box. So here are some pictures of our beautiful Eagles. They are so beautiful.

I think this is a young one maybe?


old water tower