Thursday, October 31, 2013

The rest of the Summer in pictures

In August Anita and I did our Annual Crescent Bar trip!  SO MUCH FUN!
Jumping boys.

Bugs and I both put pictures in the fair.  We did good!
Bug's pictures.  He got all 2nd s.

These are mine.  A first and 2 reds. 

We hiked to The Ice Caves. 
The Hikers

My sister and her family went to Jetty Island

Monkey, Christyn, Jadeyn, Wendy and Bugs

In September we went to Deception Pass for the day

Bugs and a very upset Monkey.  

A baby waiting for her mommy to come back. 

Anita and her boys came to go on a hike to Lake 22

Scout at the top of Lake 22.  Such a great hiker. 

Rescue Rita and I took the Little's to Larabee State Park. 

Rescue Rita

The Little's and me

Then for our last big hike of the season we did Mt. Pilchuck.  OH MAN it was a HARD hike.  The weather was gross!  But by golly we did it!  No pictures from the top because you couldn't see.  Next time!

The bravest group I know!

First day of 4th grade.

First day of 9th Grade. 

The super moon. 

My Anita and I have never gone over night alone without kids.  THIS was the year!  We went to the Gorge to see Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson.  The concert got cancelled after waiting in the rain for several house but she and I had a BLAST!

Anita and I.  
So I think that might have us to October.  That will be the next update.