Sunday, May 31, 2009

Edgerton Gospel Mission

Today these little guys were sitting on the fence sun bathing and waiting for their peanuts. Dh loves them, I just see rabies. And if Carmel ever caught one I would feel very bad since we feed them.

The Littles set up the sprinkler on the trampoline again today. They crack me up. Then they stand and shiver. Monkey's lips turn blue. It wasn't that warm, only mid 70's. They had fun and I guess that's what's important.

Angel ( who isn't) had taken over Walker's house. He was laying in the wet grass and this one thinks she's Queen of Everything. Since he hadn't chased her out I guess she is.

Heir Apparent came over for the afternoon and dinner. He was working in the garden. Slugs have been trying to eat our strawberries... not after today they won't! We were discussing dinner and when I said Oh I was just going to grill he texted Roommate and Girlfriend and invited them to dinner too. They both said SCORE and did a little happy dance. I kid you not they both said that! I love cooking for people who want to eat. I know being hungry is a great motivation too. One of these Sunday's I'll have to fix something I know he doesn't/didn't like just to see if he would still eat it. We sat on our deck and talked for a few hours after dinner until the bugs chased us in. I need to get some killer candles or a zapper or something.

Slug bait! (Mandy had just come from work, thats why the dark hot clothes)
Mandy(Girl friend) Jesse(Roommate) and Heir Apparent. After dinner conversation. I bought a box of ice cream treats - the kind with 3 different ones. Heir Apparent and Jesse and DH all had one of EACH!
Have a blessed week.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life is good

I have had a good week. The sun has come out and stayed. It's just beautiful. The hum of lawn mowers and the smell of fresh grass and all the flowers blooming is just wonderful. The only thing that I don't like is the cotton blowing around. It makes DH cough and sneeze and I think my Auntie almost died the last time she was here this time of year.
My flowers that I got in the hospital have finally given up. They were the longest lasting flowers I have ever had. I've also had a bouquet of lilacs on my table for weeks ( not the same ones but new ones every few days) but they are all done blooming now.
Bugs had his choir concert this week.
They did such a good job. That was the first time I had left the house outside of walking.
I went and did a few errands on Thursday and survived. I picked up Princesses pictures. They turned out nice.

Today DH and Monkey and I went and met Heir Apparent fishing. Monkey caught fish the minute his bobber hit the water. Heir Apparent couldn't catch his bass hitting it with his lure. He was not amused. I sat in the shade and watched. Monkey was catching Sunfish. He was looking for Blue gills which he was saying as Blue Bells. :-)

Heir Apparent and Monkey

Monkey and his Sunfish

Baby Butt crack

Waiting for the bass - before....

Ooops - After......

The Littles had the sprinkler on the trampoline today. It was in the mid 70's. They have so much fun doing that. I didn't think it was that warm today but they certainly did. Well I think that's the week updated.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you

THANK YOU to all of our service men and women who have and are serving our country. My dad and my Uncle Brownie and my son and his best friend/roommate Jesse and the first ones that come to my mind. Thank you.

Jesse and Dustin at graduation from BMT at LAFB. Jesse got sick and had to wait until 2 weeks later for his.

My Dad on his ship. I know very little about his time in the Navy. Except that he was part of the project that the movie 8 Below was based on. That tickled my kids to no end.

My Uncle Brownie and Dustin in his dorm at BAFB. Dustin was tickled that they could just come onto the base by themselves. This visit meant the world to this boy.

Dustin outside of HIS base. Just ask us, we KNOW who was in charge.

I know we all know someone who has served but these are the most important ones to me. Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Today I walked to the mailbox (3 houses down) and then Dh said OK lets go down and see Tame', I saw her weeding in her yard. I said No I don't want to and he said Yes you do and kept on walking me down the road. It was nice to see her. I leaned on her fence for a moment then grabbed Dh's hand and said OK I'm done take me home. It was a loooong (5 houses) way back. I was sweating like a horse when we got in the house, then I was freezing. But I WALKED! Heir Apparent came over today and had lunch with me and then hung out. He was playing his guitar and watching the soccer game. He cracks me up.
Have a great weekend.. Peace

Friday, May 22, 2009

On the mend

I promise they all won't be about me. I have slept most of the week. My mom had her birthday on Tuesday. The boys fixed all the dinner and did the set up and all the clean up. It was very nice of them and they did a good job. Mom got up and left bright and early Wed. morning. Monkey and I were on our own. We did OK. Dh was home early. Thursday was the same. I have actually sat on the deck twice. That's the farthest I've walked. LOL I know I haven't felt right because I haven't felt house bound at all and I could careless about the dirt. Dh has done a great job of keeping things mostly good and the big boys have done the laundry. I know I'm going to have to do things eventually. Today Anita and Eli came to play nurse and visit me. It was very nice for the company. I laid on the floor and chatted with Eli. I can't pick the chunky monkey up so that seemed the easiest way. He is doing so good at sitting. He's such a flirty boy.
I got these flowers in the hospital from my friend Rita. I have enjoyed watching them bloom all week and they smell delicious!

Mom's cake. I didn't have a seven so we used a 3,4, 1 in code that's 71
Birthday girl blowing out her candles
I hope everyone has good plans for the long weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Bugs took these pictures for me.


Today has been an up and down day. Late last night The princess and her parents all went home. Papa was the man of the hour this trip. She's a fickle thing. I am having some issues I didn't expect or particularly want but they are here none the less. So I'm laying low and moving slow. I really wanted my uterus to weigh 50 pounds. It did NOT. RUDE!!!!! I will heal and be moving right along soon I'm sure.
Tomorrow my mom turns 71. I'm not not sure how many years it's been since we have been together on her birthday. I'm sure we will find something to do. I'm not going out and about though. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Have a good day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am home. Very tired and it hurts way more then I thought it would. Oh well.... Alls well that ends well.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I was born to be a mother. I never remember wanting to be anything other then a wife and a mom. I have been so very blessed to have my children. I have never taken the ability to have them for granted. I remember what it felt like to have them moving inside me. I loved having the time of just the 2 of us together to myself. I don't think I ever gave my uterus much thought outside of having babies or causing me cramps. Well now it's time to say good bye. It's giving me trouble and it's got to go. Thank you for carrying my son's until they were ready for my arms. Everyone says I will feel so much better after tomorrow. I certainly hope so. R.I.P. uterus.
I have enjoyed having Princess here. I took her to have her picture made today. NOT FUN! Sigh. She was not a happy camper and she didn't like that lady trying to make her laugh and she did NOT COULD NOT WOULD NOT wear the fairy wings! THAT was what pushed her over the edge! We got 3 decent pictures and I called it quits. She's so much more open this visit I thought the pictures would work. NOPE. She is loving her Papa this visit. HE should have taken her to the picture secession. I can't believe how curly her hair is and how long it's NOT. Come on girly hair - grow!
The sun actually came out today and it was very nice. The rain has got to stop at some point - right? Well everyone is quiet and asleep so I'll say good night..... Peace

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Not quite wordless. I have company! My mom and Princess and her mommy came to visit for the weekend. My girl!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's. This is
what DH and Bugs cut for me today. The pitcher I
got from a friend for our 25Th Anniversary. It made
the most gorgeous pair! I just love it.

T2 was being silly up in our Sycamore tree today.
We had a bad storm a few years back and my dad came
and cut it WAY back to almost the trunk and it
already needs it again. It's touching the house.

I should have named him Zachias. Other then
he isn't a little man at over 6 feet tall.

My DH weeding and planting some seeds for me.

Heir Apparent going to run up to the lake and go
fishing. But he was coming right back..... right.

T2 jumping from the fence to the tree. I was
trying to catch him in the air.

The guys grilled for dinner and I"m going to watch the
Amazing Race finale. It has been a nice day.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Visitors Jam and Fish

Anita and her boys came to visit today. Anita wanted to see me before next weekend and I'm always in the mood to have her come. DH took our 2 Little's and Anita's 2 biggest fishing. So he had 10, 7, 5, 4. Bugs, Ian, Lee, and Monkey fishing. Doesn't that just sound relaxing? No? Not to me either. DH LOVES to do things like that. They had so much fun and caught fish! My roses will love them. Anita took her guys fish home with her. What happens to it then is her problem.
While the guys were off doing their thing Anita and I made Jam. She has wanted to learn and she froze her fruit last fall for the perfect lesson time and today was it. She had blackberries and Italian Prunes. We made 2 double batches of Italian prune (plum) jam and 1 single batch of blackberry. We were very proud of ourselves. I talked/showed the first one, kind of helped with the second and the third Anita did herself. I'm very proud of her. I loved teaching her something I have loved doing.
Anita and Eli stirring.

Finished product!

Eli making googly eyes at me.

One of Ian's fish.

Lee's fish.

The gang

Bug's mini fish.

Today when Anita and I were at the store getting the last of her
supplies that she needed I was pushing Eli in the cart and a very nice
young man ( late teens?) walked by us and looked me in the eye and
said Happy Mother's Day. It was so nice. Anita and I said His mother
would be SO proud! So to all you mothers..... Happy Mother's day.
Have a wonderful day.

*edit* After I posted this I realized I had not taken one picture of Dru!
For shame! I'm sorry Dru. :(

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today my client came home from the store with the biggest box of Jr. Mints I have ever seen. She put it on the counter and said help yourself. I just stared at her. WHY would you do that? I then smiled and said thank you very much. She didn't seem to get it so she picked up the box and thrust it to me and said HERE have some. I took 3 and said Thank you. Then she set it down and walked to the other end of the house. EVERY time I walked by that beautiful ugly box it called my name. I finally picked up the box and walked it to her in the office and said I'm a weak weak person and you must take this box. She laughed and said OK. THEN I went back to the kitchen and mopped my way out the other side so she couldn't come in and I couldn't go out her side. She then proceeds to holler from the office You know dark chocolate is good for you! I said HA! If you have willpower it's good for you. I do not. :-) And I'm pretty sure the chocolate doesn't need to come in the form of a Jr. Mint. Later, she came out of the office and had the box with her and said this isn't good. I said freeze them, out of site out of mind. That lovely women looked at me and said Do you know how good frozen Jr. Mints would be??? Uhhhh no I don't. Well she is going to find out. She spread them out on wax paper on a cookie sheet and is freezing them. With any luck at all she will have eaten them all before next week and will not try to make me try any! NOT GOOD.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's a cold very windy day so I'm posting things that make me smile. I've been keeping track of these for just such an occasion as this.Just for the record they were not all Yesterday. I should have dated them, but didn't.

I want to get these down before I forget.

Yesterday Isaac was hiding in a huge bucket and jumping out and yelling at Lane. I asked him to please stop screaming in the house and he said " I'm scaring Lane out of Heck" Which we translated to, Scaring the heck out of Lane!

After Carmen put safety goggles and a hat on Isaac for protection in a Nerf war, Isaac said.... I NOW look like an idiot.

Computer froze up on Isaac and he said to his dad..... I've been trying for 4 hours to get here and NOW the computer won't work???? ( He had NOT been on the computer for 4 hours!)

A toy wasn't working quite like Isaac wanted it to and he said "Why can't the toy makers make this work right??"Mama, If you throw me up over the stairs and I sing "I believe I can Fly" I think I will be able to fly, but I don't want to hit the wall. ( I did NOT try this)

*HUGE burp* Man does that hit the spot!!!

When very young and told to stop being naughty the response was " I'm not naughty, I'm just a jerk." No clue where that came from. Big Brothers??

After a week at VBS Isaac has decided he's DONE with school. D.O.N.E.

After asking 3 times for Isaac to put his shoes on, I just grabbed the shoes and started stuffing feet in them with huge tears he said to me, You have RUINED my WHOLE life. As I did the second shoe he said You've RUINED my WHOLE life AGAIN!!!

After a dinner of French Toast, Bryant (so very picky) said "That was a wonderful dinner mom" Isaac added Mom, that was so good I wish my mouth was bigger so I could eat more at a time!

On the way home from Ms. Anne's (daycare) I was asked "Is this the way to our house?" Yes it is. "Are you sure?" Uh yes I am. 18 years in the same house!

I was putting Isaac to bed in his own room and bed and he was not impressed or happy about it. I was laying with him trying to calm him down and make him OK with it. He looked at me with huge tear filled eyes and said "I am just not interested in sleeping in my own bed!"

Isaac LOVES to climb up on the bathroom vanity and put watery hand prints all over the mirrors. He has been asked to stop doing this! After cleaning my bathroom yesterday, tonight Isaac was again caught up on the vanity touching my clean mirror. I said GET DOWN! He said I want to do what you say but my brain won't let me. I said to him, You are in charge of your brain, choose to do the right thing Isaac. Well what do you want me to do Mama, take my brain outa my head??

This morning Isaac was needing to be held. I asked him to wait until I finished getting ready for the day and could Tyler please hold him. NO, I want the girl who is my mom to hold me! OK buddy

Bryant is holding Isaac upside down and Isaac says.... Be careful with my head your going to make my brains fall right out.

I hope you smiled a little. Peace

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Monday

This morning when DH went in to wake up Monkey this is what he found.
They are best friends!

She had been there all night with him. What a cute cuddle puddle.
Dh was trying to get Angel to stretch out.
Then he swung her a little .....

She didn't like it. I think she's going to bite his throat when
he's asleep.

I don't know but that face just cracked me up!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


The answers to the Jam quiz are (from the left) Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry.
It was a very quiet weekend. I just did chores and puttered around my house. Monkey and I were the only ones home most of the time. It rained off and on. Our garden is about 1/2 way planted so the rain was good. My strawberries are blooming like crazy.
Princess turned 2 yesterday. We weren't able to go to Spokane so we will have to just be content to hug her when they come for Elmo live in a few weeks.
That's all in the life of me this weekend. Peace

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fabulous Friday

A little contest. Can you guess what flavors these are?

laundry - check - '''''

bed made - check!

Kitchen clean - check

Bathroom clean - check.

That's all the chores I'm doing today!
I came home from Curves tonight and Skater dude was watching the Disney Channel The Suite life on Deck or something like that. I cracked up! I told him I was "telling" and he said WHO? and then I don't' care mom...... LOL I'm glad that he's his own person and still likes kid stuff. Have a great weekend. Maybe it will be sunny. Peace