Monday, June 24, 2013

A picture update.

A few weeks ago my Great Uncle had a birthday!  My parents came over for it.  My Monkey and my sister and my niece went with me. We all met in Puyallup.  It was really a nice visit with family we don't see often.
My sister and niece.  Jadeyn and Chrissy.

My mom and her Uncle George who turned 97.  He has such a sweet twinkle in his eye!
After we had the family gathering.  My sister and I went to the cemetery to visit our grandparents and aunt and uncle.  My parents met us there.  I miss them. 
Then we went up to my cousin's (in heart only but we have always been cousin's).  My parents hadn't seen my Aunt Janet in a long time.  It was so lovely to visit with them all. 

Us!  Me, DeAnn, Mom, Aunt Janet, Dad, Eileen, Chrissy.
After we had a lovely visit Chrissy and I went by my grandparents farm.  Whoever owns it now has totally changed the house.  It has a second floor now!  I would like to say I don't like it but I bet it's cute inside.  I wanted to knock on the door and ask if I could.  I remember someone doing that to my parents when I was a kid.  I wasn't that brave.

The house.

The view of our Mountain and the barn.  They have painted it and put a new roof on.  I have LOTS of great memories of this and on this farm.  It seems someone really cares about it.  That I am very happy for.
Heir's birthday was next. 
Since his birthday was mid week and the next week was Father's Day we had it the Sunday before.  My parents stayed for it.  I loved it.  We really had a good time!  Heir is 30! THIRTY.  I can't believe it.  I remember how he felt and smelled the moment they laid him in my arms.  He is such a blessing to us.  I love you son!
Heir opening his gift. 
The next week was Father's Day.  We had a good day that day too.  I love when we all are together best!

Daddy got a shirt!  It has the grandkids names on it.  He loves it!
then just lots of flower pictures and Hummers.  :)  I hope I have a couple of good fair ones.
My wonderful Hubby and Anita and the big boys all planned a wonderful party for me.  Because if Heir is 30, that means I'm 50!  Yikes!  I had a great day! 
One of the surprises for me was DH arranged for Tinker bell to come with my parents.  She was as excited as we were.  Papa took her and The Little's fishing right away. LOL  They had fun.

Tinker bell fishing.

Bugs went for a walk and came home with these, SICKO!  He did let them go.
A few of my family from my party...

My parents.  Married 56 years!  They make me proud.

My folks and my sister and me.

My family. These are the things I have done right!
My Uncle Lynn (dad's brother) and Aunt Jackie came up to the party.  I was so pleased they came. 

This is family!  My aunt and uncle and parents  and us and my cousin Tim in the back.  It was a great day! 
So far 50 feels ok!
I hope you have a blessed week.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

And the band played on...

No pictures today.  
Here is a little visual for you.

Bugs and I have been walking for a long time. I have a goal of 10,000 steps a day.  When we walk Bugs usually has a mp3 player and music going.  I sometimes have to tap him and tell him to quiet down as he is singing VERY loudly.  He also waves his arms as if he is playing drums.  He looks precious like a dork, folks.
 A bit over a week ago he got mad at me and refused to walk with me.  I was fine with it.  I just had to make sure I went earlier in the day.  He has decided he wants a puppy.  A bad combo puppy at that.  He told me he would not talk to me until he got a puppy.  I said oh blessed peace!  Since the said puppies can't go anywhere until 8 weeks he has decided to relent just for now.  Pitt/cocker spaniel?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE son! So I have been walking alone.  Since I was walking alone I got out my old mp3 and walked along just fine.  It has great walking music, most of it is 140 beats a minute.  A good clip to walk to.  So today Bugs has changed his mind  and said he would go walking with me.  He had his ear buds in and I had mine but we were walking together.  All of a sudden I realize I am singing and directing a non existent choir!  OH MY WORD!  I know I must have looked like I had Tourette's or something!  I looked at my precious Bug and said sing away boy sing away!