Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving week

We had a very good time at my folks place. We saw most of my family and the boys had so much fun in the snow. It almost never stopped snowing until sometime in the night last night. Dh and I even got away for a few hours by ourselves. That was a wonderful treat.

A bird on our deck in our snow before we left.

Monkey and Dh playing in the snow at the Summit.

My niece Jadeyn and sister in law Debbie.

My sister Chrissy and niece Nikki.

DIL and Drummer cooking. I took this picture for PROOF! It can/does happen! They did a really good job on dinner. It was wonderful.

Me and Buster.

Princess in her new glasses. She doesn't like them much.

Grandma Great reading to a Princess.

Dh and Buster. The happiest baby on the planet.

Some of the snow! This is out my parents front door.

Sage being put out for some air.

Scout in her Winter coat. She was COLD.

We had my brother's boys out for a snow day and a night. I got them a ginger bread house to make for their grandparents. They think I'm weird but they seemed to have a good time making it.

Working at it.


Making an igloo.

T2 driving the tractor to mound the snow - it was faster this way.

SNOW snow and more snow.

Big boys helping the little boys.

Buster sleeping on me. We had both taken a nice nap.

Headed home. Down my parents road.

Scout in her fleece jacket. She was sleeping.

Snow on the pass.

When we got home and got out of the car Monkey started saying Curses! Curses! I curse you! I asked who are you cursing Monkey? The sun! It melted all our snow!
I hope you have a blessed week.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! For several reason's we will not be together this Thanksgiving. So, we had our big dinner on Sunday. It was so nice. I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful table. It was so pretty too. Drats. It was Roommates birthday on Monday so I put some candles in the butterscotch pie. He was tickled! I can't believe this boy is 27. He and Heir have been best buddies since Jr. High.

Roommate blowing out his candles. Mindy and Scout in the background.

T2 and Mafia.

Mindy and Heir. PIE! I only made 3 pies instead of the 7. It was plenty and not so much leftover.

Trying to be cute.

Birthday boy and Scout.

After Turkey resting.

Dh took the camera. I told him I wouldn't delete it. :)
When Dh went to do his final bed check this is what he found. Carmel LOVES that boy! Usually she is ON his head.

Monkey and his best girl.

That was started Sunday night, it has been giving me fits since then.
On Monday morning at 6:15 I took Skater to work. It was not snowing. Bugs got on his bus (sans crutches but with his brace (not broken just a bad sprain)) at 7:30. About 10 minutes later it started to snow. Dh took Monkey to school at 9:15. It was REALLY snowing. I left and what should have taken 35 minutes took about an hour. I did what I needed to do and headed home about 3. I got home at 6. THREE hours! So tired. My jaw hurt today. I think from being so tense. I'm not afraid of the snow but boy oh boy are there people here who are! Some people were stuck for many many hours. Today was much better. We still have snow and it's bitter cold. It's not even Winter yet. I hope the weather people are wrong about this Winter.

Our snow Monday night.

We have so much to be thankful for. Even at our worst we are so much better off then most of the rest of the world. I hope everyone takes a moment in all the busy and fun to stop and give thanks for all of our many blessings!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Not really wordless....
See the squirrel on the left, and then look on the right - Carmel.

Joy, that feeder takes gallon jars and the birds - Jay's included all go into the jar to get food.

Totally not worried!

Angel looking at her corner.

And look what I saw TODAY! I'm amazed. I had no idea we had Hummer's all year here.

Bad picture but I wanted to show you it wasn't a fluke.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken Bugs

On Saturday we had plans to leave about 1:30 to stop and get a gift for a little girl and to go to a place called 3.2.1 Bounce for a birthday part. It was looking to be a wonderful time for the boys. Just before we left Bugs went running across the yard to try and jump a pile of leaves. He slipped and slid and ended up with his foot up back up by his back. OUCH! He sort of limped/crawled into the house. He cleaned up and we left. I stopped on the way and the boys just sat in the car while I ran in. When we got to the place (REALLY cool by the way) Bugs couldn't walk. I helped him hop into the place and he sat down. When it was our groups turn to head into the play area he was still not walking on it and gasped/cried when he tried. This place was a blast! It had blow up bouncy houses and huge blow up obstacle courses. You could joust and use these GINORMOUS boxing gloves and box - all the while trying to balance in bouncy house thingies. VERY fun! Bugs just stood or sat and watched. He did one thing on his knees. He and I played air hockey for a while. As the hour went on and I realized that Bugs was not going to play no matter how long we were there I then knew he was really hurt. We headed out. As we were leaving I called Dh and asked him to meet us in the ER so he could take Monkey home. When we got to the ER Bugs really couldn't walk and was trying to hop but it hurt to do that. So I was carrying him on my back when a nurse noticed and brought us out a wheelchair. WHEW! We actually weren't there to long when they got us back in a room and then took x-rays right away. Then the doc came in. He wasn't positive there isn't a break in the growth plate but neither him nor the radiologist wouldn't say there isn't one. Bugs is in a splint and on crutches. A 12 year old boy on crutches is hysterical! He is getting better but he has fallen several times every day.

Monkey going up a very TALL slide.

This is how Bugs was the whole time. I knew then he was hurt.

He still wasn't sure he wasn't going to get a shot.

There he gave me a small smile.

The problem foot.

At home on the couch.
This is not Walker's couch. But he thinks it is. He is a 115lb dog on a toddler couch. He thinks he fits.

As the evening wore on....... Isn't he funny?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Squirrel Wars

We have an on going war between the squirrels and the dog/cat. Dh feeds the squirrels in the squirrel feeders and he has started putting food in the flower box under my kitchen window. ( I don't like that by the way but there are no flowers in it so I guess I will get over it) Every day Angel (who isn't) and Walker are determined to catch one. It isn't ever going to happen. Here are some pictures of the hi jinks going on.

Right in my kitchen window, they don't care if you are standing there washing dishes or not. I one time caught Angel in the sink (GROSS) trying to get at one through the window.

Just standing there watching him and he knew I was there and was not bothered.

Angel just waiting.

She changed her position. She is determined. She isn't really an outside cat and she is big and fat and I'm pretty sure she couldn't catch one EVER!

Rocky. He has been known to jump over Walker to get to the feeder. Walker always looks puzzled.

In the feeder

Where did he go???? ( I love this face though)

They jump from this railing into that tree.

She is still waiting.

I hope you have a good week.