Monday, May 27, 2013


It was a wonderful weekend!  It was rainy and cold.  I feel sorry for the people who went camping in this part of the country.  It was ugly for them.  We lost power for several hours Saturday night. 
It's just been a crazy Spring so far. 
We had family dinner on Sunday.  It was wonderful. My sister and Wendy came early enough to go walking with me.   We walked to the cemetery.  It was just beautiful with all the flags.  I just wish they weren't necessary.  I am so thankful for each and everyone who has ever served in our Military.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Today the Baby Edgerton's and The Little's and me went to the zoo.  We knew it was not suppose to be nice but if you wait for there to be no rain here you wouldn't leave your house. 
We met at the zoo.  It was just a lovely day for us.  We had so much fun. 
Buster REALLY REALLY wanted to bring one of these guys home.  He kept saying they are so cute I just want one! 

The mama lion with 4 cubs.  They were so sweet!

Hmmm thinking....


Princesses favorite part!  Penguins.  I think she wanted to bring one of these guys home with her.

Bugs and his friend talking about life.

I think she is just beautiful.

2 monkey's in a tree.  These one's did come home with me.
I could fill pages and pages of pictures from today.  I love the time I spend with my family. 
Have a blessed week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

75! Part 2

For my mom's 75th birthday she wanted to go on a trail ride.  She planned and arranged and spread the word.  People told her they would be there. 
These pictures loaded wonky but you will get the drift.   My mom's horse had a bad saddle and a bad moment and she laid down with my mom and my mom got her head bonked.  She was wearing a helmet and was fine.  But it spooked her and she didn't want to go then.  So my dad switched out saddles and tried again and all went fine.  He went in my mom's place.  Not a great way to do your birthday ride but everyone was OK and had fun. Except for the ouchy part.
Mom and Raven.  Before the "incident".

Friends who came for the BBQ but didn't ride.


The view from the top. 

More view from the top.
At one point on the climb up I asked if anyone knew the theme song from "The man from Snowy River"?  I just had a feeling we were going to need it!

The group. 

Notice my dad?  He had not gone prepared to ride.  So he's not wearing a helmet and he's not wearing boots.  We had a pretty good giggle over this.  On the way back to the trail head we dropped from a very high elevation to the bottom in a very fast  decent.  My thighs were screaming at me from bracing down the hill.  I KNEW we needed that theme song!  Only we went very slow.

Our token ass.  He was a very good boy!

The Group.  I'm taking the picture.
My trusty boy Spirit,  I mean Wrangler.  He has such a nice gait.  That was my first time riding him.  I would ride him again in a moment!
Happy Birthday Mama!  I hope you had a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

75! Part one.

My mom was having a big birthday this year.  It had kind of got away from me.  My Auntie and I were talking and she reminded me.  I had a small panic attack.  She and I worked through some logistic's and had a plan!  Yeah us!  I talked to my sister and she got on board and we were both so pleased to have a plan!  We were going to surprise Mom!
Everyone had their roles and we all did them.

Mom walking in... She was not sure what she was walking into.

She got her eyes on some of us.
She was overwhelmed.   Can't you tell how tickled my daddy is?

Heir, My baby brother and Dh


My 2 Granddaughter's.  Princess and Tinkerbell.  They love each other so much and LOVED being together.
My parents and us kids and spouses. 

My parents and us kids.  There are 2 missing.  My brother Scott and sister Coreen who are both passed away.
The whole fam damily!
We had such a good time.  We were there several hours. 
Tomorrow is part 2!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Princess turns 6!

I can't believe it!  Our Princess is already 6.   It has seriously gone by so fast.  She has changed so much from the shy little baby to this lovely little girl. 
Her mama planned her party at the skating rink.  Oh what a hot mess of confusion!  The kids had a blast though! 
Princess and her cake.

Our party table.  Papa helping Buster.


Me and my girl.

T2 and Princess

Bugs and Monkey

Bugs and his friend he met.

Princess skating

Looking good!

My Monkey getting it done!
Happy Birthday Princess! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things I've Learned from the Garden and other assorted stuff....

I used to have a beautiful yard! 
Several years ago life was just hard and I got scared about our house and just sort of withdrew from it.  Dh started doing the mowing and weed whacking.  Since I didn't have to look at it I guess I could put it out of my mind.  It isn't pretty any more.
I decided today to get on the weed patrol!  I spent several hours out there today.  There is so much therapy in yard work.  I have cried and worked through many of a problem in the dirt.  It felt really good to be out there today in the sun and warmth. 
Many years ago my Auntie gave me some of my grandmother's shamrocks.  I was almost positive they were all gone, smothered out by the weeds and moss.  I was SO pleased to find them today.  It really did my heart GOOD to see them! 
My Grandmother's Shamrocks.
Dh and I thinned out one of my Lilacs.  It had some vines and stuff growing with it.  One of the things was Blackberries!  I hate them!  We have never had them in our yard and they are a PEST!  They just take over everything!

Blackberries 1 - Nikki 2 
It's gone!  for now....
This is a small portion of the pile we dug and cut and pulled off  and out of stuff.
Into the yard waste bin it goes.

Bugs up his tree!

Dh cuts me a fresh bouquet every few days.  They last such a short time.

Bugs and his new bow.  He saved and purchased it himself.  I don't know why he wanted it but he actually does really pretty good with it.  He has gotten a bulls eye.
Heir just was in Cancun for a destination wedding.  He had such a good time.   I stole this picture from him.  He was going for the Miami Vice look.  He did very well.  :)

Heir in Cancun dressed for the wedding.
Last Saturday Dh was coming home from work and his truck just stopped!  He had to have it towed home.  He did all the diagnostic stuff he knows to do.  Nothing going.  He called my cousin Tim (who also has a Ranger) to get some advice... they figured it out.  Tim and Jay (?) showed up bright and early (for me) and Dh had got the part and they put it in!  They knew how and all the details of the timing and such and just got it done.  It took about 3 hours.  Tim called a little after 3 hours after he had left and asked if it was still running?  Uh yes???  Tim said "Well the warranty was only good for as long as it took them to do the work, 3 hours."  LOL
Dh, Tim with the coffee's and Jay doing the work.  Hmmmmm Supervisors or just the committee?
Have a great weekend. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A catch up and the rest of the month.

So much for staying up to date.  Epic fail. 
However here is the rest of the month of April in picture review.
We celebrated our 30th anniversary.  We went and had a lovely dinner along the water front. 

A picture that I just love that I took.
One day I saw these at work.  I had to tell Bugs about them and he got all a twitter!

So the next week he came up after lunch to go lizard hunting.  He found and caught one but let it go.  I convinced him it might have a family somewhere so it wasn't good to keep it.  So he let it go.

Just scoping out the lay of the land.

He found Alvin in his hunting!
My aunt turned 80.  My Uncle had a party for her.  My parents came and we all went down for it.  It was really a good day.  I saw several people I love that we don't see often and it was nice.  That generation is getting older.  I'm not liking that at all.

My Uncle and Aunt.  I love them. 
Our 4 adult boys gave us a wonderful anniversary gift.  They sent us to Salish Lodge for a night.  My goodness it was extravagant.  We had such a lovely evening.

The falls.  Our room overlooked the top of them.

30 years.
We left our balcony door open all night with the fire burning.  It was a lovely sound all night long.

From the jetted tub for 2.

The next morning we had to leave.  We didn't want to.  It was a great gift. 
I hope  you have a blessed day.