Saturday, July 31, 2010

Team work and Rabid Racoons

This weekend Anita and her 4 guys, and The Littles and I went camping. It was so nice! The weather was beautiful. We spent the days on the beach and the evenings in camp. It was so relaxing and nice.

Baby Eli and Scout. He LOVES her. She is such a good sport and let him walk her around.

If that doesn't look like trouble I don't know what does.

One of my boys favorite things to do is to get drift wood out and float around on it. Monkey wanted this log out there. He couldn't do it alone. So along with the other guys they set out to get it in the water. It actually took them quite a while but they did it!

Monkey, Lee, Ian, Bugs. They were moving it along.

Dru came to help!


Fruits of their labor! They did this all day long. Normally I would have tied a rope to it and to something else so they couldn't go out farther then they could touch but we were using the rope as a clothes line in camp. NOTE TO SELF - more rope in the camping box!

Dogs weren't allowed on the pier so we took turns, Anita and Lee and Ian and Charlie - the dog and Scout.

Monkey, Eli and Dru. The people were catching crabs right and left! Made me want a crab pot too!
On Saturday night after we had put the kids to bed Anita and I were enjoying the quiet and just chatting when I saw movement by our cars. I said "we have company". Anita shined her light up and what I thought was a wondering dog was a family of raccoons. We both thought aren't they cute - go away. When we shined the light on them they moved off. As I walked up the restroom before going to bed they ran off the road in front of me. We banked the fire and went to bed. I was woke up a few hours later to VERY LOUD chattering right by my head. I thought uhhh what is that???? RACCOONS! They were by the tent. I went pppsssssssssssttttt! and clapped - silence - then the chattering started up again LOUD and fast. They were saying to each other "What the heck is that lady doing ppppsssssssssssting at us like we are cats?" They would not go away. I could see their shadow's outside the tent. I was kind of freaked out. I had vision's of them doing a pow-wow all round our tents as they prepared to attack! Anita's dog who had put himself to bed HOURS before I went to bed had growled at me for fiddling in my makeup bag(yes I'm a girl and take a make up bag camping - no I didn't put any on, but I needed stuff in it) when I went to bed, SLEPT through the entire raccoon attack! My Scout slept blissfully unaware and wouldn't have bothered anyway! I did the pppsssssssssssssttttttttt! and clapping thing and then added a GIT! At one point I thought "I'm grabbing my babies and making a run for the van". We have slept in it before, the bed is actually very comfortable then I remembered DANG the window is still broken, it's not safe at all! LOL Oh bother! So I did some more pppppssssssssssssssttttttttttting and clapping and then hitting the sides of the tent. Then they finally moved on. I then realized since I was up I had to back to the restroom! Next time we are getting a site closer to them! I had to make myself leave the tent. I just knew those rabid raccoons were lying in wait for me! LOL I finally was getting back to sleep and then there was a LOT of running up and down the tree right next to us. The squirrels were up! Atleast they weren't chattering and trying to get in the tent. I finally went to sleep as the sun was up. LOL Thankfully everyone slept in a bit. We had so much fun.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Grand Funk

I'm trying to make a post about Heir Apparent and it won't go through. I can't make it upload a video. I might cry.
Not much is going on here so I haven't had much to post about. *sigh*
Dh has been working for a bit and with any luck it will last for a bit. What we really need is a long term forever kind of job. :) Such is life...... anyway thats where we are. I'm still going to fiddle with the other post.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandma Camp Part 2

All of these are in no particular order.....
I had been taking pictures of them and she didn't know I was there, then she got her eyes on me and it cracked her up! Princess said "I see you Nana!" It was very cute.

Raven & Spirit - actually his name is Wrangler but he looks like Spirit from the movie. Those giant horses are so gentle with little people. I think they just KNOW they are dealing with tiny folks.

Wrangler and Monkey

Drummer. He's going to kill me for this. I trimmed his hair up and then braided it for him. We were trying to show my nephew how cool braids can be. He has tried to grow his out several times and gets frustrated and gets it cut.

My beautiful sister. She had been painting the kitchen.

Sky - my nephew.

DIL and Buster. They were sticking their tongue's at each other.

Bottle calf. He just learned to drink from a bucket.
But he still wanted/needed to suck, so I let him suck on my fingers. He was so happy.

The peeps!

Chrissy and Monkey doing grandma's toes. He was dead serious and very intent on doing a good job. He is using his right hand because of the angle, he usually is a lefty.

Buster doing pushups.

Drummer went fishing and he caught 2. He was the only one - just like his dad.

Princess at the pool.

Drummer relaxing poolside


Monkey thinking about jumping in.

Ready.... 1, 2, 3 jump!

Friend, Monkey and Bugs at the pool

Then we had to come home.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Grandma Camp

Monkey and I took off Friday afternoon to go to my folks to get Bugs from Camp Grandma. He had been there 2 weeks. On the way out of town we stopped and got Bug's best buddy. Everyone was so excited. We got there about 10 pm and they headed outside for a tour in the dark. Friend was excited to be there and Bugs was ready for us to be there.
Last Feb. mom and I went on a road trip and she picked out her new baby Sage. This was the first time I got to see her outside of in the middle of a corral. She is HUGE! Mom is going to need a stool to get on her. She is a beautiful mare! She let me walk right up to her and let me lead and then rub all over her face. I don't think to many people besides mom has handled her. She is going to be a nice horse when she is finished. She moves out very nice.

Bugs rubbing Sage's face. She was really good to let him come up.

Buster and his Posse! From the left, Friend, Bugs, Drummer, Monkey, Baby Nikki, Seth and Buster in the middle.

My sister in law and Buster. He loves everyone, but not grass.

I had a whole thing going in my mind here but it's taking the pictures to long to load. Tomorrow I will add on.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spa day and vandals

Heir Apparent and T2 got me a spa day for my birthday. I went today. It was so much fun. I was a little leery at first. Having never been before. I have had a massage so knew what to expect about that. I had a facial and my eyebrows waxed and a massage. A 90 - NINETY minute massage. I almost fell asleep. I loved the facial! It was very soothing and relaxing. The conversation I had with Mindy before the appointment about "waxing" kept running through my mind. "What kind of waxing are you thinking of? Me - UH eyebrows - only eyebrows!" I do not want any hot wax or stranger that close to my yoni thankyouverymuch. So while the facial and waxing were going on I had to make myself not laugh while remembering. However the women doing it said if I ever wanted to it's not a big deal and I would never go back to not. HA!
The massage was wonderful. I had some knots in my back that really hurt but it all feels good now. I really appreciate the gift from the boys, it was wonderful!!
The other night at 3:35 AM Dh and I both heard a "noise" not a good noise. He got up and looked out and saw a car driving off. He came and laid back down and then popped back up and threw on some pants and went outside and then the cussin' started! Those dumbpunkass kids had broken the drivers window out on my van! They had hit several cars in the neighborhood. Dh called the police and since we are now incorporated into the city we got an actual city police. We usually get the sheriff WAY later after the fact. So it was kind of nice to get a police - FAST. The cop came with his police dog and took a report and then drove around the block to see the other cars. When he came back by we had the report filled out. When Dh and the police were standing outside talking (AT 4 AM) his dog was barking like crazy. He wanted to go to work so bad! The police finally had had it and he opened the car door and SHOUTED - SHUT UP! and slammed the door. LOLOLOL It was just a fluke that my van was even parked on the street, Dh blames himself for that. He did it but you know you should be able to lay $100 bills across the front of your yard and they should be there! If something isn't yours LEAVE IT ALONE! Anyway.......
Bugs is still at the farm and Monkey is missing him terribly. Monkey will get his turn later this summer.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Look what I got!!

My very sweet and favorite daughter in law and son got me the most beautifulest grandmother's ring for my birthday! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much! It is so beautiful.

Don't mind my ugly hand. I have very dry and ishy hands. LOL But doesn't the ring just make them beautiful?

Don't look if your squeamish. This is my knee update, here it is from the other day. The doc wanted the scab and dry skin off. I would not pick it.

It's going to be an ugly scar.

and tonight after scrubbing and soaking it off. I hope it heals faster now.
Bugs is at my parents farm. It is so quiet here without him. I hope he's having a blast but boy we miss that boy! They have grasshoppers there and he loves to catch them and to look for Praying Mantis's. One time we found one on my brother's headstone at the cemetery. That tickled us. Summer is finally here. It has been really hot. Our house doesn't cool down very fast in the evening but it has been a very long cold wet Winter/Spring so I will not complain. It feels nice to be warm. I wish we had a pool again. We used to have one for several years. Heir Apparent's friend sat on the side of it and it EXPLODED! It was 1500 gallons of water SHOOTING all over the yard. It was like a tidal wave. We just never replaced it. Now the kids just tend to put the sprinkler under the trampoline and jump on it. They have so much fun doing that.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picture dump part Duex

Monkey turned 6 on the 1st. We gave him a choice and he wanted to wait until Drummer and family were here to celebrate. So on Sunday after dinner and before fireworks we had his birthday. He was so excited. He got really nice gifts!

New games!

Transformer cake - The brother's picked it out for him!

Heir apparent and Buster.

Drummer boy and Skater - on the gators.

Red white and blue salad.

Buster's beautiful face!

Skater and Princess having a light saber fight. Princess won!

Tinkerbell at the park for the hand off. I so hated to see her go.

Bugs found this. He came up and said Mom look a seed with a mohawk.

One of our fireworks.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A picture post

We had everyone home for the holiday weekend. I have LOTS of pictures. Here is just a few of the favorites.

Buster wearing his daddy's dedication outfit.

Princess and Buster and Tinkerbell. The first time we have had all 3 grandkids together at once. It was a blast!

Princess. Isn't she just the cutest thing!!

Princess and her "Angry eyes" She did this A LOT if you she didn't like what you were asking. We laughed EVERY time she did it.

Buster Tinkerbell and Princess.

Drummer boy

The girls. They LOVE each other so much. Fun times with cousin's.

Princess giggling at me.

Tinkerbell posing all pretty.

Buster in his great grandma's baby carriage.
I could post pages and pages of the 3 of them.
We had so much fun and it's always hard to see them go home.