Tuesday, July 30, 2013

North to Alaska Day 2

Captain's Log Day 2
Day 2 was a day at sea.
We woke up about 6:30 - 7 but then dozed off and on until about 8.  Mom and I went to breakfast while Auntie woke up and took a shower. Then we went back up and sat with her while she ate.
We went to the duty free store and shopped a bit and walked and ate some more then napped and walked some more.  We dressed up a bit for dinner.  Mom and I dressed up and had our picture made with the captain.  I don't have a scanner to show you that one.  He wasn't a real chatty guy but we felt important standing with him.  We had dinner at a fancy place called Azure's.  It was very nice.  I have never been called Madam so much in my life.  Everyone is so very nice.
Me sitting on the deck with my knees in my nightgown keeping warm as the day started.

The ocean

Me from my Auntie's camera after one of our walks/shopping tours.

Mom and I on our way to meet the captain.

10:00 PM and still very light out.

Just us on the second day of our trip.
I am not afraid to ask strangers to take our picture.  If not someone is always missing.
Tomorrow we are on to Ketchikan. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

North to Alaska

I wasn't suppose to be here.  It wasn't my trip.  But I am here and so very thankful to be here.  This was the trip my wonderful Uncle Brownie wanted to take my Auntie on.  He didn't get the chance.  I will do my best to see that she has a wonderful time and great memories of Alaska.  So with that said...
Auntie, Mom and I are off to Alaska!  Day 1....
These are the notes I wrote in my journal to help me remember.
Captains Log day 1,
Boarded easy peasy!  Wheelchairs rock!  Auntie is not steady on her feet so she booked a wheelchair.  It truly made a huge difference in us being able to board easily. 
There was a dance party on the deck with Sponge Bob and Dora and Patrick.  It was really sweet. As we got under way we made our way to the front of the ship.  It was a beautiful day to set sail!  We could see the mountain and it was sunny and just beautiful. It was very windy standing/sitting out there.  Mom and Auntie were wearing dresses.  Auntie had reached out and grabbed a handful of mom's dress to keep it from blowing up.  I said to mom, Not a good day to go without underwear is it!?!?!  Auntie said LOUDER, Shouldn't have gone commando huh?  The man next to her was just about busting a gut trying not to laugh.  Mom was not amused!  LOL
 Just before we went in to find dinner we saw orca's! After dinner we explored all over deck 7.  Inside and out.  Then we went back to our room to unpack and get organized.  6 big bags in a teeny tiny room!  Interesting to say the least.  We got it all done.  Our room was 11016. 
Lovely, lovely day!
Us in our room.

Dance party

Auntie soaking up some rays.

Mom trying to decide if she should go join the line dancing.  She didn't.

Deck 7 outside.

Day one in the books. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lake 22

We have been talking about doing a hike for a long time.  T2 and I finally pushed it through.  You know sometimes the talk just stays talk and we wanted to do this!  So today was the day.  We were hiking Lake 22! It was a beautiful warm summer day.  It felt straight up and down at times but I'm sure it wasn't.  So beautiful.
Us as we are heading out. 

Just hiking up.

They went off the trail! 

A water break. Sister would not get in the picture.

About half way up, the view across the valley.

Our first view of the lake. 

Kevin taking a break before lunch.

Bugs of course found bugs!

Us after lunch.  We were feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

Standing on the snow field.  Scout hated the snow on her toes and stood on rocks any chance she got.

T2 and Bolt WAY up the hill towards the snow cave.

T2 and Kevin scoping things out.

My beautiful Bugs.

Lake 22

T2 and Bolt taking a rest.

It really was a beautiful day.
I hope you have a blessed week. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I thought I might be getting better at this...

I have so many posts composed in my head but they just don't seem to translate well to the computer.  I will just keep plugging away. 
It is Summer and we are really having nice weather now.  It usually doesn't start until after the 4th of July but it really showed up nice this year.  Some days it's been actually really hot.  Then for a few days we had some rain.  I am trying to stay dedicated to walking every day. This week has sucked could have been better! I will not give up I will do this! That is almost a daily mantra.
On one of our less then sunny days I asked Bugs if he would still go with me.  He was willing.  This is what we looked like when we got home. 
I really AM a fair weather walker.  This did not amuse me. 
One day there was just some great cloud moving all around and Dh got my camera and just started clicking. 
I liked this one.
A few day were just so hot.  So Dh went to find a pool.  We can't have any kind of blow up one because Walker LOVES the water and would totally thrash it with his claws.  I would like a big pool but Dh would hate it!  When the big boys were younger we had a 3 foot one but it got broken one year and we just never replaced it.  So....
Monkey lounging at the poolside.

The Grand's playing in the water.


Our bouncing baby bundle of joy turned NINE!  He had a great day!
I could post 8 million pictures from the 4th of the July.  I won't bore everyone to tears.

Our neighbors who helped us celebrate. 
I hope you had a great day too.  The song Let Freedom Ring ran though my head on loop all day long!  I just wanted to grab a mic somewhere and sing it LOUD!  Some days you just have to sing!
Have a great weekend!