Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Teenager and a recap

Last week was not a great computer week so this is late.
Bugs became an official teenager. I could cry! I can't believe 13 years have gone by. On his birthday he had a date with Rescue Rita. They took off right after school.

She knows that boy! They went to Lego City! Wall to Wall LEGO'S!! He was very surprised!

Making mini people.

Gift in hand.
Then of course they had to go out to dinner. They went to Red Robin.

Lego's and onion rings. Life is good!
Bugs had his buddy come over for the weekend.

Playing tennis Wii. I was laughing so hard and so were they!
On Saturday Dh took Monkey fishing. Heir met them there. Yeah! They caught more fish.

Aren't they a cute pair.

Handsome boy!
Sunday everyone was here for dinner and to celebrate Bugs.

Drummer and DIL. Aren't they cute!

Drummer Buster and T2.

Haven't seen Skater in a while.


Cake! The boys sings EVERYWHERE he goes! This cake was PERFECT!

Everyone waiting to sing.

Mr. Cool!

Prized gift! He is excited to have the entire series.

I hope you have a blessed week.


Monday, September 19, 2011

What I've learned from striking teachers....

I've learned that if you don't like what your boss does or rules he puts in place, instead of weighing your options to either move on or buck up you can bully and blackmail to get your own way. In this time in our country you would think that they would just be happy to have a job! I know teacher's that would LOVE a full time job.
I've learned that their are good rules in place for everyone. However Teachers don't have to follow them. They are free to do what they will. They don't have to follow the judges ruling. I hope that comes in handy for the students who don't complete work or do it correctly. I think they deserve a pass.
I've learned that teachers will say and do anything all in the name of whats best for the students and it's really all BS. Those children would rather be in school. Please stop waving your cause in their face. They are CHILDREN!
I think you teachers on strike need to just close your mouth and get into your classroom and get teaching or get out of the schools altogether!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who knew!

I've heard of swamp ass but this is a new one! Who knew this was a problem??


Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years

Today has been a day of reflection and memories for most of our Nation.
My normal morning started about 6 am. I got up and made my tea and sat down at the computer to chat with my Aunt before we both got busy with our days. She IMMEDIATELY said Turn on your TV! Something bad is happening. It's was moments after the first tower was hit. I sat and watched in horror as the second tower was hit. I was glued to my TV. It didn't take me long to figure out what looked like papers flying out of window's were in fact not papers at all. Heir Apparent had enlisted into the Air Force in the Spring. He left for his BMT on September 4Th. When the second plane hit and the realization hit that it wasn't an accident I immediately had a horrible fear for Heir. I had visions of them slapping an M16 into his hands and dropping him out of a plane. It was 2 weeks before we got to talk to him and that was one of the things we very quickly talked about. He was safe and fine. There was extra safely measures on the base. That was such a relief for me.
The very next day Dh came home with a new flag. It went up and stayed up until Heir came home from his time in the Air Force. Heir has that flag in a shadow box. I means a lot to him and us! Dh put up the new one the second the first one came down. We will have a flag until they all come home.
In the days that followed talking to my Aunt my Uncle who is a First Responder was really feeling the loss. He knew that if it was him there, he would have done exactly what those men did, head in to do what he has been trained to do. One of my favorite pictures of him is when they had a chance to go to New York a few years ago. They went to Ground Zero and the Fire House across the street. My Aunt got a picture of him talking to a Fireman there and giving him a patch. It took my breath away. There is such a brotherhood among those men.
I don't remember all that I did on that day or in the days that followed. I do know that I knew then and still know now that we will never be the same. We must never forget.
I am humbled by every man, women and child that lost their life that day. From the people on Flight 93 who put a stop to that attack, to the people at the Pentagon and the people at the Twin Towers, the men and women who went in when everyone else was rushing out. Rest in Peace. We will never forget and always remember! Thank you to each and every service person who was serving then and has served since. I know that the price of freedom isn't free. Thank you seems so inadequate. But from the bottom of my heart Thank you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week in Review

I am not MIA.
I won't say for sure, but....
I might have had issue's with Blogger,
I might have been a bit busy trying to get back into a school schedule,
I might just have had a really bad attitude and didn't want to share.
You pick.

On Monday I did some more baking. Of course it's been the hottest week of the year.

2 Zucchini and 2 banana breads.

Dh went fishing. Please start counting now.

The Littles started back to school. They both were excited to go back.

I do not know why that child had a jacket on.

Mr. Grinny himself.

Dh picked blackberries for me. I love them but cannot make myself pick them. Just to many bugs and stickers!

There was about 15 cups there.

I have a double batch measured out in the freezer for jam so I decided to make and can blackberry pie filling. Anita and I had chatted it out since neither of us had done it before. It looks so pretty!

7 quarts of pie filling. I think that is good for the year.
And look what Dh did again.

How many do you have so far? And please remember the ones from last weekend that he sent home with my dad.
And that takes us to today. Bugs has been begging to go salmon fishing. So they got up early and were off.

This was the haul. Bugs had so much fun!
This was from Dh's camera.

Bugs and one of his fish.

So how many did you count? They are in my freezer. Some wrapped that Dh wants to smoke. Then the rest are vacuum packed for him to cook as he wants. Oh goodie!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up

After the Fair on Friday it's been a very quiet weekend. I've got my house back in order. I've done the laundry. Tomorrow we will get The Littles backpacks all organized.
Today Drummer and DIL had dinner at their house. It was a small group today but it was yummy. Drummer grilled steaks. He did a good job.

This was the sunset tonight. Such a pretty pink.

Yesterday Dh and T2 went fishing. T2 actually caught 3 salmon to Dh's 2. He had a perma-grin on his face.

Here fishy fishy!

T2 and fish

My parents brought me a zucchini last weekend. Today I had to do "something" with it. I grated it. Then I made 4 loaves of bread with it. Dh and Bugs just about ate the first one gone. I took one to Drummer and DIL. She informed me she doesn't like it. Drummer said he would eat it. Then I put the other 2 in the freezer.

One ginormous zucchini.

I hope you all have fun plans for tomorrow. We brought Princess home with us for the night.


Friday, September 2, 2011

The Fair

I love the fair! Skater did 4H with our dog for several years so we got kind of burnt out on it for a time but I love going. All the sights and smells. I could sit in the middle and people watch all day. As our last big broohahaha before school starts we went to the fair yesterday. I also had put pictures in the photography part and wanted to see how I finished. Off we went.

I love the Grange displays. It's like a quilt.

I got 2 - seconds and 1 - first. I did better then last year! I am proud of myself.

We love watching the Native dancers and listening the the drums. Such beautiful costumes!

My Auntie needs these in her garden. He was about waist high.

The Littles on some rides!

My photo challenge picture. I should have photo shopped it but I just posted it because I was tired. It works.

From DH's camera.

The Littles and me.

A cute boy!

Bugs had just moonwalked all across that balcony. He cracks us up! People behind us said did that kid just moonwalk up there. We just laughed.
I send Dh's camera up in the ferris wheel with Bugs. Mostly they were blurry, but this one was kind of good.

From the top of the world!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

What will they think of next....

The Littles went with me today. They were going to play with Charlotte's grand kids. On the way the radio had a commercial about an adoption event coming up. It's trying to help kids in the foster system find forever families. Bugs asked why didn't we adopt. He said that he STILL wanted a sister. Even though Monkey is a boy and he wouldn't change him he wants a sister. Monkey pipes up that he really WANTS a sister too. I said boys we are done having babies. Sorry. I would have loved for you to have a sister but it's not happening. The conversation went on for several minutes. I said I was very content with our family the way it is. They really wouldn't let it go. I finally said You know boys, if God drops a little girl in our laps then you will know that's what he wanted for you. They were like a dog with a bone. Just wouldn't let it go. I just don't think I knew how badly they feel cheated. T2 has always wanted a sister. I know it's his prayers being answered that we have Bugs. He had his Sunday School teacher and class pray for us a baby many years ago. I think if you asked Bev today she would take credit! T2 calls Drummer's wife his sister. Not sister in law, Sister! So all that to say, Bugs is praying that God drops a sister in our lap.