Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Friends, Good Food and Fun

My friends and I all went out to celebrate my birthday last night. We do this for every one's and this was my turn so my pick. We went to Outback. I had never been there before. The food was very good. Our waiter, not so much. I don't know if we made him nervous our what. He was kind of a goofball. I know how hard wait service is so am not knocking him but our service wasn't good. BUT we had so much fun. We laughed - we always do.
I don't have permission to post pictures so I'm not naming them but you will recognize Anita and Eli.

Anita and Eli.
We have done this for about 8 or 9 years. I'm very glad and thankful for everyone of these ladies. One is missing, she was ill. She was missed and I know she missed us.
Heir Apparent took Bugs and Monkey to the show and Skater Dude went with too. They said they had fun. T2 went straight from work to a concert. So Dh had a very quiet night at home alone. That almost never happens to him. He said it was very quiet - UNTIL The Littles and Skater Dude came home. Then you can just imagine the excited volume.
Drummer boy and family are coming for the 4th. I'm excited to have my girl again. I will feel like having her this time. She is such a joy to us. I am glad she is coming and bringing her parents with her. Have a lovely Wed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

Today was a very relaxing day. I did some laundry and put up strawberries and raspberries in to gallon bags and then the freezer. I don't like to make jam in the summer so it's in the freezer until it's cooler.
My auntie and I were trying to have a video call and it just wasn't working when Yummy was there. My kids LOVE that boy they were so bummed. So after it was all quiet we figured out Skype and did that. It worked soooooo good. no delay, not fuzzy pictures. We talked a long time it was just like being there. She even got to see Monkey put in his room. :)

Auntie and I on Skype
Auntie figured out I was taking her picture. Funny lady.

My new flowers and flower box. and part of my new hanging baskets.

Skater dude and T2 at dinner tonight.

Monkey took my picture at dinner.

Dh and his soda

My cake. LOTS of candles

Heir Apparent lighting the candles

LOTS of hot air

The Dynamic Duo again.
Girlfriend and Heir apparent were in Seattle tonight so they didn't go to dinner but they came for cake.
Have a blessed week.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It just bugs me!

My friend Rescue Rita came and took me out for dinner and a movie tonight. We went to Olive Garden and had grown up dinner and lovely conversation. It was so nice. THEN we went to the movie. We went to see My Sister's Keeper. Sigh...... never see the movie of a good book you have read and liked. It wasn't a bad movie, it just wasn't the same as the book. It ended totally different. Rita was very pleased I didn't say WHAT THE ........ when the movie took a turn South. I just hate it when they do that. Well have a good Saturday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful today for jobs. My Dh has been out of work for the better part of 8 months and He has a JOB!!!!! We aren't sure how long it will last but it's a job and it's a good one. He also is working for a whole new group of contractors and they all asked him for his card. YEAH DH!

One of my clients is the coolest ever! Today I got taken to the movie's. We saw The Proposal. It was an OK movie. I wouldn't buy it but it was cute. I think there was 1 swear word. It was so nice of my client. I got my job done just fine but didn't move furniture or dust pictures so I could leave when she wanted. We had so much fun. :-)


Monday, June 22, 2009

It didn't rain on our parade

It has been a long full weekend. I went and scrap booked on Friday night. I finished my book of our 25Th wedding anniversary trip. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. We both have some journaling to do but the hard part is done. On to the next project.
Saturday night was our town's parade. It had poured and was cold and windy all day but it didn't rain on the parade. About an hour after it ended it POURED buckets.
Sunday was of course Father's day. I talked to my dad and he seemed to be having a good day. I hate that he was working on hay but that is totally who he is so I will take him at his word that he had a good day. We did whatever DH wanted to do yesterday. We goofed off and then had a nice dinner of his choosing and then had strawberry shortcake. It was wonderful.

Today Bugs had to go to work with me and the family was home for part of the time and he had new friends to play with. This child knows no strangers, just friends he hasn't met yet. He is SO his father's child.
The start of the parade
Marysville's float
Bugs and Grace. I think this is his first date. They went to the end of the driveway. At least he got to drive - even if it was her car. :)
Have a blessed week. Peace

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Promise Kept

We are so happy to announce Skater Dude is graduated. It was a beautiful ceremony for kids and young adults that committed to finishing their education. Some had over come great odds and some just needed to a different avenue to finish. The keynote speaker was Holli Martinez (Edgar Martinez of the Mariner's wife) She was a great speaker and had really good things to say to graduates. It was a very fun night.

Holli Martinez

He did it!

Rita and Christy

Monkey was very tired and not so excited about Graduation.

Hugs all around!

Waiting for Daddy to pick us up. He was VERY tired.

Way to go Bryant! Congratulations


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Schools out for summer!

Today was Bugs last day of school. He has had the best year EVER! We thought last year would be hard to top but this year was so good. I wish we could take this teacher with us. I know, I know he needs the experience but this women just "got" him and it was like watching a flower bloom in real time.

Monkey can start school in the Fall, much to his father's horror. He and I are both ready. I know there will be tears (mine not his) and it will be rough but he really needs to go. It will be fine. :)

Skater dude got his diploma today. Which cracks me up, not sure what they are going to hand him Thursday at his ceremony. I am so proud of them all. It was a difficult year for us but we all made it through.

I got a clean bill of health and a pass to get back to my life today.. oh yippee. I bet these guys will expect me to do my own chores now. bummer.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The end of the party

I'm sorta a day behind. Yesterday was very nice and warm. We don't have a pool and The Littles got tired of the sprinkler, soooooo this was the answer. Hey it worked for them. Even though Monkey had a shirt on he still got red on his neck and arms. He is soooo white. Poor kid.

Monkey in his pool.

Bugs building a dam.

Bugs and Monkey in their pools. See that bucket? We had been filling it with hot water. I'm a good mama that way.

This was The Littles today before Bugs went on a "date" with Melinda. They went to the zoo. Bugs was more excited about feeding the squirrels fishy crackers then the zoo animals.
Tonight Heir Apparent came over and brought Roommate and Girlfriend for dinner. I had offered to cook anything he wanted and he wanted to grill. Oh well it is always fun and we almost never do in the winter so it worked. I think we all ate ourselves silly. I don't know what it is about guacamole....

Heir Apparent blowing out his candles. We didn't have a 2, I didn't think of it a head of time.
It has been a wonderful weekend and on we go to the next..... Peace

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bob the Frog

Yesterday Daddy came home with a HUGE frog for Bugs. Heir Apparent and Roommate and Girlfriend came over for a while in the afternoon. They had been out for his birthday lunch. You did know his birthday is a National Holiday - right? no? hmmmm you didn't get the memo.

Dh and Bob

Girlfriend and Bob. She's upping her chances. Just in case.
People pile!
Girlfriend, Heir apparent, Roommate and Monkey and Scout.

Scout is really not sure about Bob.
Bob was released back into the wild, down at our pond right after this. Much to my relief.
Happy Saturday. Peace

Friday, June 12, 2009

Heir Apparent

Happy Birthday Son. He was born at a whopping 10 lbs 8 oz. 22 inches long. I had read every book and knew all I needed to know, THEN they wanted me to bring him home! I told the nurse you had to take a test to drive what the heck was wrong with people to just send babies home with people! We brought him home and we all survived. It made a huge difference that I had the "good" baby first. He slept and was very happy when he was awake.

He loves to fish and hike and all things sports.

I texted him last night and told him he was now closer to 30 then 20 and he said that made ME very old. I called him a butthead. :) We love this boy.

Happy Birthday son.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looks like he made it!

We are so proud to announce that Bryant has completed all the requirements and passed all his tests for his GED. He said he would do it and he did. Way to go Son.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's all fun and games until an eye gets poked out.

It has cooled down 30' today. No rain... yeah! Anita came up and visited us today and brought her little men with her. I am so thankful for this girl. She has been such a blessing this year and has come so often I can almost trick myself into believing she lives closer then she does. I'm pretty sure it's my turn to go down there next time.
Bugs and Anita and baby Eli.

This is the baby version of "How you doing?"

Uncle Carmen and Eli making goo goo eyes.

Uncle Carmen was the BEST EVER tonight as he made a bon fire for many small boys! They had so much fun and so much stickiness!

Trying to be patient and waiting until it was just right. Think the neighbors minded the smoke?

Walker hoping someone would drop something delicious.

Monkey eating his smore and Lee gave his to his brother, he was done.

Can you guess the secret? (Anita's mouth is full) Eli wasn't into the fire but Ian LOVED his smore!

Bugs finishing his.

Monkey gave up on the whole mess and just wanted the marshmellow.

Seconds anyone??

My hands are sticky!

Daddy doing it 2 fisted style.

Dru liked the idea but not the mess.

It was so nice seeing the boys this visit and now that I'm not in a fog it was really good to see Anita. I hope everyone had as nice a day as us. Peace