Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Sunday after Thanksgiving.

We are almost ready to go back to normal life. Here are just a few more pictures from last night and today. I wish I could tell you that will be it, but since the little Edgerton's don't leave until tomorrow afternoon it's probably not the end of them yet.
Last night Drummer boy and DIL went out with friends so we had Princess. She loves to read so Papa was reading the paper to her again.

Then Skater boy took a turn with a book.

Monkey and Princess giving a concert.

Bath time.

Remember the other day when I said I should go through baby clothes and give some to Baby Joel? Well this was the pile DIL wanted. It hasn't made a dent in whats left. I will get to it soon. It did my heart well to see these go though.

We had everyone here for dinner again. It was so nice. Most of the pies are gone. I told Heir what wasn't gone was going in the garbage. He said he would be back tomorrow PLEASE don't throw it out. LOL We had enchilada's. Dh thought I should make turkey ones, we did not. Sort of tired of turkey right now. BUT there is enough taco stuff that tomorrow I only have to heat things up. Yippee
After dinner Drummer ( who had hand carried symbol's) set up Heir apparent drums and his own pieces that he brought in our family room and they had a jamming secession. I love to listen to them play.
Tomorrow is back to normal life again. It feels like these 4 days have been a week.
I hope you have a blessed week.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Weekend

The last 2 days have been fun. It's always fun to have the Princess here. They are staying with us this trip so we get to wake up to her giggles. No one here had any interest in Black Friday shopping and it was very nice to sleep in! Drummer and Dil have many people to visit so they took off in my van. Then all the big brothers met at Heir's house last night and who knows what time they got home the wee hours of this morning. We didn't' hear them and they had fun. That's all that matter's to me.
Today DIL and Princess and I went and wondered around Kohl's and Ross for a few hours. It was fun and didn't seem terribly busy. I found Baby Joel a pair of shoes. Drummer loves them. They are a skater shoe brand and look just like skate shoes only soft leather. Very cute. Heir stopped by tonight for pie. I told him I was going to start throwing it all out soon so he said NO I will be over for dinner tomorrow again. LOL I think whatever is left tomorrow night, goes.
DIL and Princess in the morning.

Laughing Princess

Her curls. They do not go straight even dripping wet. Her Papa loves them!

Uncle Bugs and a piggyback ride.

Uncle Bugs and Princess

I have loved having us all together so much. The weekend isn't over yet. Yeah!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


When I went into bed at 2:30 AM Wed. night/Thurs. morning this is the face we found in our bed. She does NOT belong there. Scout got put in her bed and I crawled into my side and DIED! My phone vibrated me awake at 8:00 with a message from Drummer that they were in Monroe. I had to hall my butt up and throw on some clothes. T2 was going with me to pick Drummer and DIL and Princess at the train station, now become the bus station due to a rock slide in Montana. HAHA only us! I couldn't even decide if my eyes would open far enough to put contacts in. I don't' like to drive with glasses so I pried them open and got contacts in and away we went. It was so nice to hug and squeeze everyone! When we got to the house DIL had to take Baby Joel and go take a nap! Princess and The Littles played and played. It was wonderful for all of us to be here. I know these days are precious and life tends to take everyone far and wide.

Scout NOT where she belongs.

Very early after a bus ride for 6 hours.

Love Fest 2009

After we decided to get dressed.

Papa reading Princess the paper. It has the same effect on me!

Laying it out.

Old dead bird.

Us, Bugs is hidden and Skater is taking the picture

Now with Skater minus Dh

DIL and Baby Joel

Turkey induced coma


Skate video's

A nap again.

My Drummer boy



Fuzzy Bugs but I wanted it anyway.

Princess is starting to like Skater

I'm not going to give you a blow by blow of the day but as soon as we got home from the bus station Heir apparent was here to pick up all the Big Brothers and they went to a Turkey Shoot football game. They had so much fun and came home SO muddy. Touchdowns and tackles were made. We ate dinner late and enjoyed each other's company so much. Roommate came with Heir, I forgot to say that earlier.
I hope everyone has had a lovely day spent just the way you wanted. We all have so much to be thankful for and even in our worst are better off then so many. I have thought of all my family near and far, here and gone. They are what makes us who we are. May today be the start of a great holiday season for everyone.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

For Joy

If you didn't read yesterdays post, do that first.
This morning as I was getting my morning tea water I looked out and there was a rat in the squirrel feeder eating the squirrel food! We live by a pond and a green belt so it does happen but we haven't seen any in a while, but what are the odds! De con in the wood pile again. Only us. THEN..........
I was dusting a kids room today and when I opened the blinds THIS is what I found. *sigh* Sick little suckers! I know they aren't real, they don't even look real but if you had rats on your brain and you opened a blind and weren't expecting them you would squeal too!

That's how my Monday started. Then I didn't get to go to Curves tonight. I will have to go tomorrow.
I did actually see a few moments of sun today, then it started raining, isn't that new and unusual? OH you detect a small note of sarcasm? Yes you do! TIRED of it.
May your days be rat less!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today has been a VERY low keyed day. I did get dressed, that's always a plus. T2 and I went and got the rest of what we need for Thanksgiving day. I think. There is usually always something forgotten but no one ever seems to go hungry without. :) We will all be together this year. I am excited to see Princess, and her parents.
Dh told me a story last night in bed that about made me want to get up in the night and move to a new home. Anyone who knows me will TOTALLY get it. So here is his story. Remember we are laying in bed talking. This is as if he is talking......
Babe as I was in bed just as I was falling asleep ( I was scrap booking - way late, he went to bed before I got home) I kept hearing a scratching noise. I was sure it was in the wall but I kept listening and it would stop. I thought oh my word there is a critter in the wall! I hope there isn't a rat or raccoon (both possible here) in the attic and one has fallen down the wall or something. The scratching went on and finally I got up and turned the light on and stood and listened and realized it was coming from the closet. I slowly opened the door and OUT pops Carmel! We both laughed so hard. He had shut her in, she likes to sleep on shoes when she's not sleeping with Monkey. When he went to bed he must have shut the door all the way and locked her in. He said she was pretty indignant about being shut up. LOL Oh we had a good laugh and he realized how lucky he was that we were not loading our van and going to a motel until whaterver it was caught. Both Carmel and Angel are lucky too, if I EVER find a critter in my house they are both GONE!
I hope you have a blessed week.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Noah, Build an Ark!

I have been trying to upload a video of Scout and Bolt wrestling since Wed. I give UP! NOW it has ticked me off. So trust me when I say Wordless Wednesday was going to be good! Since it now is Saturday I have given up on Wednesday.
Thursday I saw Charlotte. She was having chemo so was gone before I got there. She came home before I left. She confirmed with what I already knew. She is bald. The next 4 sets of chemo is the kind that will make her bald AND shiny. Isn't that swell?!? I know everyone is thinking/praying good things for her. She is doing well thus far. It's good.
Friday I went to my scrap booking thing. I got quite a bit done. We did spend a good deal laughing. Mostly about cat barf. Carol has a cat that won't stop puking. I said I have been known to levitate up out of bed at the sound that a cat makes when it's going to happen, fly down the hall and pick up said cat and HURL it out the deck door. Then that led to the graphic display of how you give a cat med's. I think all of us were in stitches! I made it through Ryman Hall and am ready to start on Star's homes! It's going to be a HUGE book. I love it so far!
That brings us to today. Eli is 1! I cannot believe that baby is 1! He was walking all over and being all big. He is such a precious baby.
Here are some pictures. OH and at Anita/Franks there was my Littles, Anita's 4, and 3 nephews! House Of Boys! 2 nieces and Skater boy were there too, but they weren't loud in fray of boys!

Skater and T2. I can't remember if T2 is coming or going to work.

Spiderman - Dru



Bat Bugs

Birthday boy! Daddy(Frank) came in the door and he left me!

Eli and Mommy opening presents. Eli left after the first one and Anita did such a good of opening gifts.


Cake BLISS!!!!

All clean and playing peek a boo in the kid cupboard.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Well BLOW me down!

Last night and today and into tomorrow is CRAZY weather. The wind woke us up several times in the night. We felt the house shift and groan then shudder. It's not suppose to be better until tomorrow. I have thought several times KANSAS here we come! The news said tonight that we have 40 mph wind gusts and maybe up to 7 inches of rain tonight. Oh joy oh rapture!

Yesterday I said I had jogged and got the cutest comment from my cousin Joy. She said something about a marathon. I almost spit my drink on my monitor. I love walking but mostly am a fair weather walker. I don't like walking in the rain. We usually walk late at night and that doesn't bug me, the rain does. I don't actually want to be a runner but I love watching people run, they look so free or something. I think if I was going to run there would have to be someone chasing me with a gun.

This is T2 yesterday. Both Bolt and Scout were asleep until I moved and stood by him then they glared at me. It just made me smile.

Yesterday Bolt and Scout (Actually Bugs) had a visitor come to play. His name is Shadow and he belongs to a friend of Bugs. He is a few months old and a doxie. He was shaky at first then he just started playing and playing with Bolt and Scout.

Scout was so excited to see someone smaller then her. They played very well together. I was proud of our 2, they were nice to the baby and played with him.
They ran and played until they all collapsed.

I hope you have great day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Whew! A new week. It's been a quiet weekend. My house is clean and laundry is done. Well until everyone gets naked, then it starts all over again.
Heir apparent came for dinner tonight. No Roommate or Mindy. They were working I guess. We had taco's and homemade Barrocho beans. We are all stuffed silly. I love that we sit at the table for an hour afterwards and just talk. Heir was telling us all about his new job. He really likes it. I'm so proud of him. This has been a long summer for us all and it seems to be looking better for him.
It has rained and the wind has blown so hard we have wind warnings. I'm not sure there is a leaf left anywhere that hasn't been stuck down by the rain. Dh trimmed our tree up or I almost think we would have a limb in our house.
My friend and I have been walking, even in the rain a few times. Last night I jogged home from her house. I'm sure it wasn't pretty but hey I did it. LOL I'm amused by simple things.
I hope you have a blessed week!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh no she didn'n

This has been a buuuuuuusy week. And SO MUCH FUN! I'll esplain.... Wait, that will take to long, I'll just sum up. 10 points to the person who can name that movie.......
Wed night was Cheila's birthday. (birthday club) She picked Mexican. We went to a place in Everett. It was good. It's always nice to see the ladies. We were missing a few and had a few newbies. No one went home hungry.
Thursday I went to Charlotte's. She was feeling pretty good but this next week she has another round so it will be an icky week. It gets worse as she goes. She will be bald when I see her next. There was hair all over the house. When I swept the bathroom there was a pretty impressive pile of hair and I started to tear and choke up. I told myself to knock it off and to put a smile on my face, I'm not the one who has cancer and it's not about me and Charlotte does not need to deal with my tears. Sigh. I just want this to be over for her.
Then when I was done there I raced home and ran through the shower to try and get to Enumclaw by 4:30. I was clipping along FINE UNTIL Seattle then it just stopped. I almost howled! I was doing so good! I was going to be late so I called Anita and asked her to meet me at the Super Mall. We did and left from there. We went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so nice to have an adult dinner with her. She is so much fun and the daughter/sister/friend of my heart. This has been a very good year for us. We have seen each other so much and we can almost convince ourselves we live closer then we do. After dinner we hit I-5 S again and came to a fast STOP again! We made it to the Tacoma dome in OK time and then it took 45 minutes to get in the parking lot. THEN we were told we couldn't park there and they re-routed us down an alley and then right into a parking lot right outside the door for $15 less. WEIRD! But they must have held the show because it hadn't started yet. We were so excited. We were there to see Jeff Dunham and all his friends. Brian Haner opened for him. They both did GREAT jobs. We laughed so hard! My stomach hurt! There were people there with younger kids and that disturbed me but they aren't my kids. Jeff is an adult comedian. I know he's not for everyone but we had an absolute blast and have waited for a long time to go! It really was a good time for us.
After we got out, we decided to go find the new Sonic's in Puyallup. It's really not that far out of the way and we needed dessert. We found it ( with help from Skater boy and Google) and had an ice cream treat. Then as we were driving back down - the exact way we had come up - I said, Anita you know where we are now right? She laughed - HYSTERICALLY! She is the MOST directionally challenged person I know. She is also the first person I've seen get lost WITH a Garmen. When I told/showed her we had been up there before, last Fall we met there for dinner. Then we had a great laugh! She really is so funny. She took me back to my car and I had
to head on home. I got home after 1:30. It's a good think I'm off on Fridays.
While Anita and I were off having fun Rescue Rita took Bugs to have his picture made. Her daughter Melinda just started work at a photography place and needed a practice subject so Bugs was it. I think she did a pretty good job! They always have fun together.
Friday I cleaned my house and did some laundry and got groceries. My cupboards were pretty scary. No one will starve now. It's all good. I hope your weekend is going just as you planned.

Anita after the show.

Brian Haner.

The pictures loaded funny and I cannot fix them without harm to my computer. So here they are as they are. :)