Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

As we say good bye to 2008 I'm ready for a new year. It wasn't the worst year ever and we have WONDERFUL memories. Carmen and I celebrated 25 years. We took a wonderful family vacation. I went on a week long ride with my parents. My boys have grown, I have 2 wonderful granddaughters and much to be happy and thankful for. We are blessed.
We are filled with hope as we welcome 2009. I'm not very articulate and can't make my hands and head get on the same page with my heart. But nonetheless I want to wish you all the very best that 2009 has to offer! Bless you all.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On we go

Princess and her parents left yesterday. I took them to the airport at O dark 30! Because I'm good like that. Then I came home and had breakfast and went to work. At about 11 ish, Daughter In Law called and said they were back in Seattle. They had taken off then hovered over Spokane for about 20 minutes or so then flew back to Seattle, The airlines was not giving a very positive answer about re-booking so Thing 2 said forget it, got a refund, and a cousin came and brought them back to our house. They got in touch with a friend from Spokane who was here and heading home and they hitched a ride with them. The 5 hour drive took them over 11. It must have been fun with a baby! NOT. It's always fun to see the baby and kiss on her. She is so funny.

Our snow is almost all gone but still piles in the shady spots. Lots of squishy ground.

T2's dog is Bolt, my baby is Scout, I did a very bad thing and dressed up Bolt, who is a boy, in Scouts baby dress, and THEN took their picture. T2 - not so impressed, but it cracked me up! Have a lovely New Years Eve!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day after the Day after

I'm pretty sure Snowpocolipse 2008 is finally done. We have hovered around 38' all day and it's VERY slushy and messy out. It has been a very quiet day. Princess is visiting her other grandparents and the boys have scattered to do other things today. It reminds me of when they were all at home.
In a week Skater Dude will be 18. I will be the mother of 4 adults... seems kinda weird to me. I remember what Thing 1 felt/smelled like when I held him the first time. I'm almost positive it wasn't 25 years ago. Skater Dude is pretty sure something magical is going to happen to him that day. We've tried to tell him it won't be so, but he won't believe us. :-) The Little's are in bed and Carmen and I are going to watch a movie. Night. Have a blessed day.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

We had a wonderful day. It is so fun to have all the boys at home. I think we had at least 5 Nerf gun wars. They just can't not shoot at each other and each first shot becomes a full war. Then Thing 1 and his room mate started a full fledged secret ops war in my living room! That's what 2 military boys will do for you. We had good presents, good food, good family fun. I will be sad when everyone heads home. Princess is so cute! She's changing so fast. Her mama can put in 2 of the tiniest pony's on the top of her head! So cute! However..... they do bare a striking resemblance to horns. :-) The snow is starting to melt and make a bigger mess then when it was cold. I can't remember a white Christmas like this since we moved here in 1988. It was very pretty and very nice once all my boys were here. Tonight all 4 big boys are at Thing 1's house jamming. They all play an instrument, some more then 2. I wish I could be a fly on the wall. I love to hear them play. Even the drums. There is small moments of time when I miss having the drums at my house, then the feeling passes! I love sitting upstairs and hearing one of the boys play the piano downstairs. Wonderful moments. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gangs all Here

The Princess arrived today and she brought her parents with her - Thing 2 & daughter in law. Wrapping is done and pie making is almost...... My house is full and my heart is fuller. My boys are all here. Thing 1 is here for the night also. Wish you all the very best of days!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wrapping Party?

Don't you think you should all come help me wrap? I love wrapping everything, I just have no where to wrap and leave it all out so the whole take and put away and re-hide thing just bugs me so I leave it all to the end . This year is no exception. Sooooooo I was thinking everyone should meet at my house and help. :-) I'll give you a cookie.
Thing 2 and his wife and baby should be here in the morning......4 days late, but them along with 17,000 other people. But those are the only 3 I really care about. I'm needing a little itty bitty Princess fix. I'm also pretty sure she needs her Nana to kiss her neck! She is so much like her dad, she's everything I ever wished for him. :-) T2 and I made Rum Balls tonight. I had to taste test a few. Not to bad at all.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Really it's very pretty and I don't mind, BUT it's stopping Thing 2 and his family from flying in! Hopefully tomorrow. T2 (Tyler - 20) ( it comes from when the 3 big guys were little and it was Dustin, Joel and Tyler too!) arrived tonight. He drove over with his new buddy Bolt - 12 week old tiny mutt. My Chi Scout LOVES him and they wrestle non stop. He had to take it slow and easy but he made it just fine. The pass had been closed but was open when he got there. You know, that once a mom always a mom thing. :-) Not much today just the house/mom things and stepping in the cold wet spots when the snow covered boots walked across the room. I know this isn't interesting but just trying to get into the habit of getting thoughts down. Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Freezin Flippin Cold

Just for record I have not sat here and played all day, I have accomplished quite a bit. :-)
It is 0 degrees - ZERO!!! We moved here in 1988 and I think we have become a tad "coasty" cuz this is NUTS! We don't DO this kind of cold. Still LOTS of snow. It is beautiful and I'm glad it's here for this season but next week would have been WAY better timing for me.
I made the sugar cookies tonight. I don't decorate. When all the boys are here they will do it. It is one of my most FAVORITE Christmas traditions. I make them, then when it's time to decorate them I cover the table and put out all the frosting and sprinkles and whatnots and then all the knives in the house and say have at it. The only rule, NO DOUBLE DIPPING! Best cookies ever!
What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last one...

A different kind
Things I was doing 5 Years ago.

1. Working
2. Grieving for losses in my family
3. Harboring a secret under my heart. praying it got to stay.
4. Being a wife/mom
5. Living life as it came

5 Things on my to do list:
(only 5?)

1. Shop for Thanksgiving
2. Do Christmas cards
3. Plan out Christmas
4. Remember to get Bryant's pictures
5. Clean my carpets

5 Things I like to snack on

1. toast
2. raw almonds
3. chips/salsa
4. anything I've baked
5. ice

5 Thinks I would do if I was a millionaire

1. Be debt free!
2. Help all my kids be more financially stable
3. New car - GMC Yukon Please
4. Set up some school funds
5. Travel - its a big beautiful world

5 Places you've lived

1. Spokane, WA
2. Spokane, WA.
3. Spokane, WA
4. Marysville, WA
5. Marysville, WA

5 Job's you've had
(these are one's I was PAID for :) )

1. Waitress
2. Driver for my Brother
3. Secretary/Accountant
4. Sign Language Teacher
5. House Keeper
Again.... just putting it all in one spot.

Things I Love
I love my husband
I love my boys - they are each my favorite for different reasons.
I love my daughter in law, she makes my son very happy and is a good mother to our granddaughter.
I love my Granddaughters
I love funny movies
I love my dog - she was a gift and is halarious every day.
I love sharp pencils
I love to photograph flowers
I love Hot & Sour soup
I love bonfires
I love to sing
I love getting cards in the mail.
I love the smell of fresh mowed grass.
I love weeding the flower beds.
I love to kiss the back of my babies necks
I love doing a job well and being sincerly thanked for it.
I love my bills being paid and food in my pantry = content and safe
This an older thing that I have somewhere else, just putting all things in one spot. :-)

Wordly Treasures
Treasured Physical Possessions
1. Any of my books, My original Laura books, Hannah Fowler - but honestly any and all of my books.
2. My grandmother's dress
3. My camera - to prove we've been here.
4. China cup shelf from my other Grandma.
5. Teapot from my Grandfather. My first ever.
6. Anything in my doll cabinet. Dolls from my mom and aunt and glass birds from my grandmother.
7. My boy's first shoes. 6 pairs
8. The pictures on my walls. From experience most can be replaced but it's not the same.
9. An angel orniment from my husband. To remember.
10. Altered book my whole family and me made.
What about you? What are yours?

Snow day!

We are having our 3rd snow day. We have lots of snow and ice and it's 12' today. Bug Boy (Lane - 10 ) is SO excited... Skater Dude ( Bryant - almost 18 ) not so much! Monkey (Isaac - 4) just goes with the flow and since his daddy is home life is GOOD! Skater Dude as you can guess LOVES to skateboard and that's really not conducive in the snow. So his favorite word is BORED.... and this is my problem how?? So he has slunk to the Bat Cave (his room) to pout. My mom has talked about her cookie making and I have had sugar cookie dough made and frozen so I pulled it out yesterday, the plan is to bake them today. All of our boys will be home for Christmas this year and I will love for us all to be together. Thing 2 and his wife and daughter (Joel/Heather/Lilianna - 23) live in Spokane and Tyler (20) lives with my mom and dad and helps on their farm. Have to think of something catchy for him. Thing 1 (Dustin - 25) has his own place. Have a peace filled day.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My mom has asked several times for me to do this. I am not a writer and I don't play one on tv. However, it will make it easier to comment on my mom's and aunts blogs if I have this so I'll give it a whirl. They say the trick to writing is to just start writing... Not sure about that. So let the writing begin.