Monday, July 25, 2011

Amazing grace......

Rescue Rita and her family needs every one's thoughts, good wishes. prayers please. Her husband Ray was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma about 7 years ago. He went through the awful chemo and radiation and went into remission. He has his check ups several times a year. He's had a count that has been creeping up. He also has been having some pain in his neck/shoulder area. Our worst fear has been confirmed. He has cancer spots on the bone. He is dreading treatment again but will do it. Ray and Rita and their girls could really use all your prayers please. He knows how it will feel this time. He had experience to blame. He has a peace about where he will spend eternity but this is a road no one would choose to travel. Thank you so much!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend in Review

It's been a fun weekend! Friday night I went scrap booking. I LOVE going. I just don't get much done unless I leave the house. It's always a fun time. The women asked all about my trip. I loved telling them and they seemed to love hearing about it. I could leave again tomorrow! So many lovely memories.
Saturday Rescue Rita and I had plans to pick raspberries and then head out to Birch Bay. It was drop dead gorgeous summer day! Finally!
Here are Rescue Rita and her daughter and The Littles and our buckets. Rita took one home. I think we picked for a couple hours is all. Monkey wasn't much help.

Our Bounty!

Melinda and The Littles working hard, well mostly.

Me and The Littles at Birch Bay.

Rita and Melinda

Standing on a log.


Then sings my soul..................

It is well with my soul.

We don't want to get out!
Today was family dinner day and we were ALL here! YEAH us! It was so pretty and warm we just grilled burgers, dogs and sausages. Then when that was done Heir put a King Salmon fillet on. Everyone went away very full!

Princess on the jumpoline with our neighbor's girl. They were having a good time.

The guys. Roommate, T2, Dh, Drummer, Kevin and Heir. Who was golfing yesterday minus sunscreen.

Buster down in the yard with the kids. He was playing in the pool and hose.
So Bugs started a water fight with Heir. Heir grabbed a bucket and filled it and threw it down from the deck trying to hit Bugs. He DRENCHED Buster. He gasped and then just went with it. Heir felt so bad!

Loosing the favorite Uncle card.

T2 snuggling Buster. That's the look of love right there.

Papa and the girls.
It was a beautiful weekend. Good food good fun good family! God is good.

I hope you have a blessed week.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Thursday

Today was a bipolar weather day! It would down pour then the sun would come out and it was beautiful. A very typical March day. IN JULY!

A beautiful Hummingbird.

Monkey went with me today. He had a boy to play with and had such a great day!

Power wheels!

He was so played out he fell asleep on the way home. He told me he wasn't tired and the next time I turned around he was OUT!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cake or Death?

We did some errands on Sunday afternoon. When we got home I got out and didn't shut my door. Dh went out and pushed it with his butt. The seat belt was in the closing mechanism or something. It was STUCK! So very stuck. Dh tried and tried but he couldn't do it. So Skater (more on him in a bit) and Drummer and T2 went to work. It took all 3 of them but they finally got it open. YIPPEE!

The 3 amigo's working on my car.
Skater called a few weeks ago and needed to come back home. So he got home the weekend we were after The Littles.

Bella and Skater. Everyone is smitten with her.

Just a cute picture of Bugs.
For family dinner on Sunday we had Monkey's birthday. He was at his Grandparents on his birthday so we said he would get 2, one there and one at home. He was so excited!

Presents! Princess was as excited as he was.

Princess Bugs and Buster


This child LOVES Transformers. Heir and The Littles went to the movie today. I heard all about it all day long!

Bella and T2. She was digging into his neck and chewing on his necklace and it was making him giggle and his toes curls.

Monkey got a superdooper Nerf gun and he was shooting, that's why he's wearing safety goggles.
Heir has been in Alaska fishing for almost a month. He came home on Sunday and he came and surprised me Monday. He looks great! I love his curly hair. It gets curlier and curlier the longer it gets.


Everyone is home and accounted for! Yeah!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pig Roast

This past weekend we were invited to a pig roast. I'm not quite sure what I expected but it was a PIG ROAST. Just like he said. We had such a good time. It was at my cousin's. My Aunt and Uncle were there and my other cousin and her husband. It was good to see them all. They are headed on a cruise soon. I'm a tad jealous but not really. I hope they have a blast! The weather was suppose to be iffy but it was actually very nice. At one point it tried to rain but didn't last and it was a beautiful day. Bugs was with a friend so it was just us and Monkey. They provided the pig and everyone else brought side dishes and drinks.

The Pig.

Monkey and the Pig.

Carrying the pig to the carving table.

My cousin is on the right.

The food line.

The man in black is my great Uncle - I think. I know we are related I just can't remember exactly how.

Group shot

My cousin's wife. I didn't ask permission to post so I won't do their names. I should have asked.

Monkey and 2 friends.

Cousin starting the fire with a flame thrower! A tad overkill. BUT when I mentioned it to him he said, It's burning isn't it? Ha!


My cousin roasting a marshmallow. She knew I had my camera so only gave me ONE eye!

The fire

Sweaty Monkey from running around.

Cousin. Thanks so much for inviting us. It was a blast!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

They call me Andretti

Well yesterday was a red letter day! You might detect a small note of sarcasm.
I was driving in the morning and all of a sudden a guy starts walking out in front of me waving me towards the shoulder. I thought there was a problem and slowed down and then all of a sudden it hit me that it was a sheriff. Oooops. I stopped and rolled down my window and he showed me the radar gun. It said 46. Apparently the speed limit is 35. Well lucky me! So he takes my insurance card and license and registration and walked across the road to his motorcycle to do what it is that they do. I was upset but not at him, I was speeding. Got it! When he came back to the car and handed me my ticket he started out by saying that his personal over limit is 11 and that's why I got the ticket - $154. OK. Then he proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't pay it but ask for a court date to go before the judge. At this point I just starred at him then laughed. I do that when I'm nervous anyway. I asked him "If you don't want me to pay this ticket, WHY are you giving it to me? He replied, Well it's my job. *EYE ROLL* I totally get the job thing, I get the ticket thing. I was speeding, but telling me to not pay it? NUTS! I do not get it. It's only the second ticket I've ever gotten. The other was 21 years ago. I did get a expired tabs ticket when I was 16. I have a good driving record so maybe a judge will reduce it. I have a few days to decide what I want to do. I guess the first thing I'll do is slow down. :)

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kidless Adventures.

I did these backwards. Ooops
On Sunday we decided to take a drive. Our Little's are still and Grandma and Grandpa's. They would have HATED it. We loved it. We did the North Cascade Highway. Then on Sunday we went to the races. They are the figure 8 and demolition derby. They are always fun. Then they have the best firework show. So this is Monday first then Sunday. Just imagine your looking at them the other way around. Oh and yes the kids would have loved the races. They have been before. It was a good time without them though.

Dh and I.

Some of the cars

The hornet heats.

Hornet heats

Elvis showed up!

They burned a van. I don't' know why, well actually I do. Guys like to blow stuff up!

Guys on bikes.

We practiced our OOOOOOOO's and AAAAAAH's


The music behind these was really good too. I hope everyone had a good 4Th. Happy Birthday America.
On Sunday I had told DH that I did not want to just sit around. I was either going to do something fun with him or he was going to do a whole list of stuff I want done. We took off for the day. :D I had said Mt. St. Helen's, the ocean, or...? and Dh said lets go North. So off we went. It was beautiful.

Diablo Lake on Diablo pass

Over the mountains.

We live in one of the most beautiful places!

We stopped in Winthrop. Neither of us had been there before. We had dinner there after walking through the town. It's a cute place.

Then we went and had homemade ice cream.

Dh got a brain freeze.

Methow Valley

Towards Wenatchee

Over Steven's Pass

Tail lights of I-5

It was a really good day. However I think it might make us officially old. We took a Sunday drive! HA!