Friday, November 2, 2012

A public post for Rescue Rita

As you can tell I haven't been writing much.  Several reason's why.  I had computer issue's and just dealing with life and I just don't like being such a downer all the time but want to be honest and not always have unicorn poop and glitter floating about.  Sometimes life is just HARD!

We are doing something different with Bugs for school this year.  He is doing an online program.  It's hard when you have taken a year off of school.  Bugs is struggling but working hard to catch up and do well.  It's a learning curve for all of us.   He seems to really like it and tells everyone who asks that he does.

We just had Monkeys parent/teacher conference. He is doing fine. He is doing well above grade level in reading and math.  We talked with his teacher about not letting him get bored.  He loves school and I want it to stay that way.

Our big boys didn't "do" Halloween.  I just hate the whole deal.  Children dressed up in scary stuff threatening and begging candy from people.  It's just a weird deal to me.  (my big boys HATE that description that I use).  Well when Princess was born DH changed his thinking and The Littles have done Halloween several times now.  They love it.  They did some of the cutest  pumpkins this year.  I just sat thinking what a waste of pies. LOL  I'm a  party pooper.  If nothing else the big kids will have something to discuss with Oprah  their therapist because you can just bet they NEVER had candy and are scarred from it.  Princess and Buster were so cute!  Buster was DONE DONE DONE though.  He was just tired and ready for bed. 

I did a photo challenge for October and am still 4 pictures behind.  I will finish!
 We have voted and I would like all the ads to stop NOW!  I'm just so over all of it! 

In October my sister and her family moved back to the area.  It is really nice to have more family here.  Her daughter my beautiful niece came home from college for a visit.  It was so good to see her.  She is named after me and I cherish her so much!  Then a week later my  brother's daughter came to visit too!  It was great to see both of them.  Now my mom is here for a horse convention something or other and she is here off and on for a week too. 
In October we have LOTS of birthdays.  For us it was Dh's and our DIL.  We all went out together and my sister and her partner joined us.  We had so much fun.
I guess that's it for now.
 There is a little update!

My brother's daughter Coreen.  
My sister's daughter Nikki

The over 21 club plus my beautiful sister at Dh and DIL's birthday night out. 

Bugs and the pumpkin's. They are vampires, not cats.  Just so you know!

Bugs and Monkey heading out for candy!

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  1. Ewww! What was Bugs dressed up as?? I agree with you on Halloween...but I seem to be outvoted I stress over the dressing up, walking around for candy and then dealing with the incredible amount of candy that 4 come home with!! And I'm the BAD guy!