Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Handsome Son

Skater LOVED his middle two fingers. I looked for a pictures of him sucking them but I can't find the one I'm looking for and don't have a scanner so it wouldn't matter anyway. Sigh. He sucked his middle 2 fingers and played with his ear. It used to make me gag to see his dirty hands EXCEPT for his 2 fingers. NASTY. We started telling him when he was 3 that when he was 5 he couldn't suck his fingers anymore. Just gentle reminders. That's what the dentist said to do. And you know for the most part when he was 5 he really did let it go. The damage was already done. He has some GNARLY teeth. The dentist kept wanting us to go to the ortho when he was young, we just couldn't do it. In Skater's Sophomore year we made it happen! He did have 4 teeth pulled and a expander. It's been an almost 4 year process.

Before - May 8, 2007


Wanting it done but very nervous.

Impressions - LOTS of impressions
After - Jan. 11, 2011

They came off a lot faster then they went on.

Brushing his teeth after so they can polish the cement off.
After his polishing!
He got balloons and a gift bag of all the things he couldn't have with the braces on.

After..... He really is happy.
I think he looks beautiful! He loves his teeth. He keeps rubbing his tongue over them and says his lips feel funny.


  1. Oh I'm SO happy for Skater!!! That has to be so cool!! Best looking teeth EVER!