Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunday Dinner and a recap

I haven't meant for it to be so long but Blogger would not cooperate with me.
It was back to our house for dinner. Heir is done playing football for the year and it wasn't a home game for the Seahawks so he was able to come. It was nice to be together. I had been playing Scrabble with Monkey and it was sitting on the table. The big kids got it out and played a couple of games.

Scrabble game and hot chocolate.

The non gamer Skater.
When Monkey was little he used to stand on Heirs hand and he would hold him up. They were trying to get him to do it again. He could NOT do it. Heir could have held him up but Monkey couldn't stiffen up enough and trust to stand there.

Having another go at it.

Sort of success.

laughing to hard this time.

Trying it with Buster. He didn't do half bad!

The whole group of Littles dancing. So stinking cute!

Even Buster was doing it.

We had so much fun watching and laughing with/at them.

Princess has been totally into Lili and Stitch. She and I were doing the Hula. Dh took pictures. I will spare you the pictures. LOL Princess is beyond cute! I think she is going to be ready for dance class soon.

Have a blessed week.


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  1. I WANT PICTURES OF THE HULA!! And does Princess call it Lili and Stich? Cause that's CUTE!