Monday, November 28, 2011

The Reveal

If you didn't read yesterday, do that first.
My plan was to just send my parents Christmas home with them or mail them if we didn't see each other. My aunt and my friends all said NO NO NO! You must see your mom when she opens the quilt. I conceded that they were right. So I did all the finish work on the quilt and folded it and put it in a box and wrapped it! A gift wrapped before Christmas Eve! Who knew! Then the plans were made that they were coming for Thanksgiving dinner/weekend.
After dinner and dessert on Thanksgiving before all the kids left I said I have something for you Mom.

My dad knew immediately something was up. This is me telling them that this gift was 8 years in the making.

My mom opening the box.

Not quite sure what she's looking at yet.

Now it's all clear.

She loves it!

Everyone loved it! I was so glad my kids were here to see her get it.

Have a blessed week.



  1. She loves it and mostly she loves you for doing it. Your a good daughter.

  2. Moved to tears and I can see you both were too! I'm so glad you decided to let her open it while they were there! You needed that!