Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

It has been a quiet week on the home front. We didn't have dinner today as a family. Most of the kids had plans for the Super Bowl so I just bagged family dinner.

I am doing a photo challenge for February. My good camera is broken so I am using an old one and I hate it. It's just not the same at all.

Feb. 1 - Scrap. This picture has been deleted and re-loaded several times. It will not stay turned. It's ticking me off!

Feb. 2 - Toy

Feb. 3 - Odd

Feb. 4 - Meal. Cheater meal for The Littles.

Feb. 5 - Snap

Tonight since it was just the 4 of us Dh took us out for dinner. We don't go out often and The Littles were so excited! They have been BEGGING to go to Golden Corral. They have a chocolate fountain! Dh likes it because he can have as much as he wants of what he wants. The food was ok and I didn't have to cook. Then it came time for dessert. The Littles both dipped cookies and a marshmallow in the fountain. Neither one liked it. It was dark chocolate and they didn't finish them. I laughed. So they had ice cream. When it came time to head out the guys all grabbed a cotton candy. Funny story. When Skater was a little boy we had been somewhere - I think the Fair and we got a cotton candy for them to share. Several weeks later we were somewhere else and Skater asked if he could have Pocket Fuzz again. It took us a while to think of what he was talking about. We still laugh over that and it's still Pocket Fuzz to us. So, Dh and The Littles on their way out all grabbed a cotton candy. Dh handed his to me and said This is for you. I just looked at him and said I don't like it. No thank you. I knew that Skater would LOVE it so I just held it and brought it home for him. He worked today and wasn't home when we got home so I put it in a glass on the table for him for later.

Here it is, just waiting for Skater.

Here it is several hours later. Skater isn't home yet and his treat is pitiful! I'm leaving it for him.

Teach him to go play after work. :)

I hope you have a blessed week.


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