Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Not a lot of interesting things are going on right now so I just thought I would throw out some pictures from the last week.

Me and my Valentine.

Our little sidekick.
On Sunday at dinner Princess was very quiet all of a sudden. Her mama found her in the bathroom with Buster watching as she was using a snarkle (yes I know) to "swim" in the bathroom sink. It was so funny! She was wet clear to her underwear from her hair dripping.

I think her hair was the only thing in the water.

This is my daughter in law in her usual position after dinner. LOL She also normally works Sunday mornings so she is tired by the end of the day.

Our Granddog Bolt came with his Dad to dinner. I snuck him some porkchop without his dad knowing.

Catching up on the photo challenge. Out of order but getting there.

Feb. 12 - Dreary

Feb. 18 - Limited

Feb. 21 - Challenge

Feb. 17 - Spirit

Such is my week.



  1. Love the picture of you and your Valentine and had the best laugh over Buster and Princess! Snarkling is the best or so they make it seem! ;)

  2. You look really Good! Have you learned Spanish yet?