Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Attack of the killer squirrel

I'm not sure I can do this justice..
*Dh always feeds the squirrels... on our deck.*
On Sunday we were enjoying our family dinner out on the deck.  Nice BBQ, nice conversation and laughing at Buster who is trying really hard to tell knock knock jokes but can't quite get the punch line.  He had us in stitches!  Heir went down into the yard and grabbed the hose to water the garden.  This child/man was in the MILITARY!  He all of a sudden squealed like a girl!  Then he starts talking to "something" in the garden.  You wouldn't dare!  Don't you come at me!  AAAAAACK!  We all stood up and said WHAT?  He said look at that squirrel!  He keeps coming right at me!  It was!  He was trying to come to the deck to get a nut and we were all sitting there so he was waiting in the garden then Heir came out with the hose and he was all kinds of flustered so he thought he would just run over that boy! LOL  Heir turned the hose on him and backed him off.  I went in the house and get a handful of nuts and threw them out into the garden and the Squirrel ran and got as many as he could hold, gave Heir a dirty look and flounced off to his tree.  We were laughing so hard! 
Have a blessed week


  1. Oh that would be SO funny to have seen!!! Love my image of Heir during that whole thing!

  2. Oh a video would have been perfect!