Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Grandma's House We Go

This past weekend Dh and The Littles and I took off for parts unknown. Well not exactly.  It was my mama's birthday and I had a high school friend headed to Spokane too. Seemed like a good weekend to go!  Dh planned on taking The Littles and heading down to surprise his mama too.  Since he was just there a few weeks ago she had no reason to expect him.   When we got to my parents The Littles tried to pull a fast one and say they didn't want to go with Daddy.  So he came in and told me they didn't want to go.  I told him that was fine, but if they didn't go, HE didn't go because I was not having them all weekend by myself.  He went out and had a chat with the boys and they all came in to kiss me goodbye.  They went to surprise the other grandma.  My mom and I went to town and made plans for Saturday and stopped by one of my brothers.  Then on Sat. morning we got up and headed back into town to go to yard sales and lunch and whatever else we could find to do.  At one of yard sales this house was down the way.  I walked to take pictures.
This picture does not do it justice.  It was a beautiful home with beautiful gardens.  It reminds me of a Thomas Kincaid painting, sort of.
As mom and I were driving around looking for yard sale signs we were crossing a bridge with an overpass over that.  There were 4 young kids standing up there. As we were headed to the over pass one of the girls climbed over the railing to the outside of the bridge!  I yelled at my mom to stop.  I pointed my finger at that stupid girl and screamed at her to GET BACK!  She climbed back and they were all laughing!  I called 911!  It was probably just kids being stupid but I totally had visions of her going SPLAT on the hood of my mom's car!  Made me so SO mad!  It took us both a long while to shake that! 
My mama at lunch.  I told them it was her birthday and she got dessert!  We shared it and it was wonderful!
Later that evening I met up with 2 friends from Jr. High and High School youth group/church.  Oh my goodness we had a great time.  I think if we didn't have to leave, we would still be there talking and laughing and crying.  Jo made a great dinner and we went to a Fro Yo place for frozen yogurt.  It was so nice connecting.  I hope we can do it again, soon!  If you need a speaker for a women's even, Jan is your gal! 
Jan, Jo and Me
The boys had all kinds of adventures while they were gone. They went fishing, frogging and all kinds of fun boy stuff.
Grandma E and Monkey and Bugs.
My beautiful Sister and Niece. 
The top of the mountain. 
I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. ...parts unknown and the depths below! Love it!

  2. By the way the way, your photo of the mountain, totaly reminded me of what the Matterhorn look like :)

  3. Buttercup had fun!!!!!