Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have reached a certain age.....

I wear contacts.  I have glasses for late at night or first thing in the morning but I wear contacts most of the time.  I chew gum. Every day!  I had my eyes checked last year.  I told the Dr. I was having some trouble and it had me a bit concerned.  She did her exam and informed me that I needed readers!  RUDE!  I said WOW that happened fast.  She said well.. you are over 40.  I said I do not have a "best by" date stamped on my foot!  She informed me that that might very well be true but things "happened" after 40.  Most of our birthday club ladies all pull out readers to read the menu when we go out to eat.  I have not ever had to do that yet.  I don't carry readers with me. Fast forward to yesterday. I was at the store and getting a few things.  I chew Extra gum.  They were out.  I was trying to get another sugar free gum.  I picked one up and was trying to hold it far enough away to read it.  COULD NOT DO IT!  I finally put it in my cart and when I got to the cashier I leaned over and asked her if this gum was sugar free.  She smiled at me like I was stupid.  I said I don't carry readers and I can't read that small of writing.  She just smiled at me.  GRRRR!  It was sugar free by the way!