Monday, June 11, 2012

A long over due update

I know I haven't written anything in a long while.  Life isn't kind right now and rather then be all dark and dreary I tend to just go quiet. I know no ones life is all rainbows and unicorn glitter but I guess that's just not my style.  So here is a long over due update, picture style of course.

The Hummers have been so active lately.  A twofer!
On this day it was POURING rain and she just kept sitting on this branch and then shaking like crazy to get the bulk of the rain off of her. I wanted to hold her to warm her up, she didn't want that though.

Last weekend Bugs had a friend over and we had a campfire.   Friend had never roasted marshmallow's before.  He was so cute to watch.  I can't believe how many smore's he ate.  I finally told him he could just roast the marshmallow's and didn't have to have it on the crackers.  He said Nope he liked em!  He's a very nice boy.
One afternoon Bugs went and picked me a bouquet for our table.  He was so proud of it.  I loved it!

School is almost out so Monkey's school had it's annual BBQ.   He was so excited to have me there for lunch.  School lunches are gross!  The company was WONDERFUL!

I was asked to coordinate a wedding.  It was for a long time friends daughter.  It was at a beautiful venue and I am really pleased how it went.  I have done MANY weddings but this was a first for someone my boys have known almost their whole lives.
Congratulations S & J!

We did it!  Whew.

Miss Emily is who I picked to marry our T2.  Since they aren't even dating that probably isn't how it's going to turn out but you never know! She is my pick anyway.  She is graduating this week.  Her Mama and Daddy are so very proud.  Way to go Em!

This brings us to Sunday.  We had Heir Apparent's birthday dinner.  That gives him is actual birthday to hang out with his buddies or whatever.  He asked for enchilada's.  That's a good meal for everyone. Most of the boys had gone on a hike all day so when they got home they were hungry and tired!  Hunger is the best seasoning for any meal. :)
T2's roommate Kevin.  I really like this picture of him. 

My Drummer!  He had a great time on the hike too.

T2 but my camera was acting goofy. 

The birthday boy!  He will be 29 on Tuesday.  29?  HOW did that happen. 

Buster being so silly! 

Our beautiful Heather. 

Make a wish! 
If you don't mind, please just say a prayer for my family.  We need it. Thanks.
Have a blessed week.


  1. I've looked at so many pictures of your family, while sorting pictures. I sit there and cry the whole time :) Not because I'm sad, I want them to grow up and do wonderful things but just happy tears that we did so many little things over the past 50+ years with your siblings and their children and especially you and yours. We love you! your anonymous Auntie :)