Friday, February 15, 2013

I had a date!

Just a quick update for the last few days. It was drop dead gorgeous today!  I wore no jacket! 
I went and applied for a passport today.  I'm going to need it!  I'm also hoping it opens the door for some great adventures.
Monkey reading to Scout before bed.  He LOVES to read.  I love that I passed that on to several of my boys. 

Today, the view from my deck.  It was warm out.  As I was coming home from errands I saw a neighbor mowing his lawn.  He MIGHT be pushing it.  It is still pretty soggy from months of rain.

A crocus

In the grass.  So sweet!
 I had to go to Costco this after noon and invited my Monkey to go with.  He loves it there.  He always has a hot dog and a very berry sundae before we go.  He's a pretty cheap date!

Finishing his hot dog.  I think I got all the mustard off his face.

I asked him to come stand by me.  He photo bombed us!  Then got the giggles because I didn't know it until I looked at the picture.

A good one of us.  He's such a sweetie.
Have a great weekend!


  1. What an adorable date and the crocus are so PURDY!

  2. The date looks like FUN! And the mowing of the line literally might have been pushing it...mwahahahahaha!