Monday, March 25, 2013

My DaughterSisterFriend

A few weeks ago Anita asked me if I would be willing to come and have a mini portrait session with her.  She doesn't have a great family situation and we just needed the connection.  If I had been blessed with a daughter I know if she was half the women Anita Grace is she would be a blessing to all that meet her.  I am not sure I could love her more if she WAS ours.  Dh loves her as if she was ours too.   I am not a very good fashion person or a photogenic person.  So I again asked my sister to come help me.  We went shopping.  She just breezed through the store and found me clothes!  WHEW! 
Saturday was the day!  We met at the appointed time.  The photographer had never done a "friends" session so we were all "newbies"  They did such a good job at putting us at ease.  Mostly she just asked us to be "US". Which by the way were are very good at! 

Then we went and had lunch and then did a little shopping.  Neither of us purchased anything!  LameO shopping trip!   These are just 3 of the best pictures.  I actually think I look nice.  Not so dorkish at all.  Sweet!
I love you Anita Grace and you ARE an answer to a prayer and a blessing to us all!


  1. Awww! I love you guys too and I'm so glad I have you all in my life. Not sure where I'd be with out all of you...brothers included ;) I had so much fun and I'm glad you were willing to step out on a limb with me and do something out of the ordinary! I had a blast and lunch was yummy...and I think even if I had oodles of money I'm not sure I would have bought anything...HOWEVER, the truffles...I would buy those again ;)

    I also want you to know how unfair it is that you have a Carl, a Rescue Rita AND a Chrissy! Dang it share!!!

    Who wants to be my friend!?!

  2. And you are beautiful by the way and you have worked SO hard on your journey and friend I can tell and you look wonderful! You did before but I can see your hard work! So proud of you!

  3. You are just adorable. I want you both as daughters :)

  4. You are both adorable. Nikki, you are too photogenic and you are both beautiful. Sharon you can't have Nikki, she is mine and I love her to the moon and back. You can share her though. I love you too Anita. You are a special person.

  5. :D I knew it! They all love me best!!!