Monday, November 4, 2013

October in pictures

My beautiful lovely kind sweetest girl Anita got me a "Just Because" gift.   I LOVE it!  She is so thoughtful.  I love her. 
My cup.

Skater came home for a few days.  He really just needed a storage unit in his price range, FREE. 
Moving to the new place.  It's a darling little apartment. 

Rescue Rita and I always go to a MCC sale.  She grew up Mennonite and they are close to her heart. We have such a good time on our weekend.  

Rita in the snow.

Fall was showing up. 
I only take pictures of the quilts that are all hand done.  They are so beautiful.  If you had the money this was the year to do it.  They went for a lot less then in years past. 

So beautiful.

Being Auctioned off. 
After they auction I love walking through the Mennonite cemetery. Someone has been there working on it but there is still some cave in's on the older ones.  

I just love this old homestead. 

Rescue Rita and I in Leavenworth to play for the day. 
Our daughter in law and DH almost share a birthday.  So of course we celebrate them together. 

63 and 29.  
I had a little Miss here and she wanted to take her Mama's picture with T2.  She did a pretty good job.  Yes I was holding the camera but she got to push the button. 

T2 and his girlfriend. 


I just loved the moon that night. 

Banana bread was baked.

Pears were canned.   
The month seemed to go so fast!  It is already November. 
I hope you have a blessed day.

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  1. The last picture you have of the blue quilt is such a vivid blue! I love it! You were working hard with the bread and pears...did you make pear butter and if so did you save me some??? I love that you have gone on a girls weekend for a few years now! We all need to get away from our lives!

    I love that cup! :) Love you!