Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Fall has shown up in earnest! 
 It is cold and mostly dreary and it's dark so early. Not a whole lot going on but a few things have happened so far this month. 
Heir got invited by Monkey to come for his Veterans Day Assembly at school. He said sure and went.  Monkey was so excited he was almost vibrating.  A visitor at school!  
Heir at the front of the school.  

He is in the second row, you can't see.  Thank you past and present Veterans for your service.  

Heir was asked to introduce himself.  He hates public speaking.  This made me giggle. 

More of the assembly.
I just loved this picture of the early rising moon.  It had a spooky look to it at first but then the clouds moved and it was just a pretty blue sky.  I still like it.
Mid month moon. 

I have loved the colors of Fall this year.  

A few weeks ago Little Miss turned 3!  Her mama and T2 brought cupcakes for her birthday to Sunday dinner.  She was beside herself with excitement.  
She is such a cute little thing.  She loved that we all sang to her. 

Little Miss is 3!

More Fall

This tree is now totally naked. 

I am dreading the dark cold long grey days that are coming.   I am trying to remain positive but at this point I am positive I am going to hate the Winter.  I will try not to hold my breath until February. 
Have a blessed week.


  1. Our tree in the front yard is now bare...BUT we do have a nest in the tree we can finally see! I am positive I'm going to dislike being cold this winter....

  2. I didn't know you had blogged! It's your responsibility to tell me. Now it's winter!