Monday, December 30, 2013


Merry Christmas!  
Yes I know it's over but it's a whole holiday season.  We had a lovely time.  My parents were here.  They stayed with my sister this time.  
Here it is in pictures.  
Rescue Rita's daddy made these. Aren't they cute!

And he made these.  Really cute.  The boys ate them right up!

One of our traditions is that I make sugar cookies.  I don't decorate them though.  The boys do that.  It has always worked out great. 
Bugs and Monkey decorating cookies.  I was making pies. 

Cookies and Milk for Santa. 

Some of the finished products.  They LOVE sprinkles.  They all seem to get eaten so it must work out great for everyone else too.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

Santa's helper. 

The reason for the season....

I made the big boys all the same Christmas gift this year.  It took 2 years to find all the letters.  I didn't think it up but they are my pictures.  Letters in nature or architecture.  It is harder then you think. 
Heir, Skater opening theirs. 

Monkey and Drummer and DIL 

Drummer with his.

Heir and his...

Skater and his.... They all seemed to like them. 

My dad and his.  I didn't take those pictures, but ordered that one.  I do not have an A I liked.  

A better one of Heir and the picture. 

My dad made all of us the same thing so we had to all open them at once.  He carved each of us a walking stick.  SO cool!  Not sure any of us will use them on a hike but we will treasure them always. 
Heir and Skater opening theirs. 

All of us with my dad the carver. 

Pente happening!  Sister won the most games all day.  

Skater's girlfriend (hmmm, don't have a name for her) made me a platter of cranberry bliss bars.  They were inhaled man!  Everyone loved them!
I forgot to take a picture until they were half gone!

After presents before dinner naps.  Jadeyn and Mom sleeping. 

Wendy in the chair sleeping. 

Sister on my bed sleeping. 

Skater's girlfriend came over after she got off work and after dinner at her families.  
I got her Paris. 

My dad and the motley crew of dogs.  The 2 black and whites are theirs, and of course Scout is mine. 
Papa made the whipped cream for the pies.  That is his specialty.  No cool whip for us!  He had a few helpers.  
Princess licking her beater.  She is a mess!  LOL
The new year is fast approaching!  I am ready.  


  1. Loved your pictures, and the ones in the names. You give the best gifts. My barn quilt is just one example. Thank you so much. Our next trip over will be at your house. Every other time seems good to us. Love you all so so much and our prayers are with you all.

  2. and no blows were thrown!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  3. Looks like everyone had a good time, noticed a missing boy....sorry :(
    And I think you have to get the recipe for the bars...they look delish! Merry Christmas !! Love you all!!

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