Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Myers Gene Revisited

My beautiful Aunt Sharon and my favorite Uncle Brownie on their wedding day 50 years ago! For their actual 50th anniversary day they took a trip to New York City to do up the town!

While they were there - this happened!

My Auntie says she was just walking along and fell. Sound familiar?

The more days that pass the prettier the bruises get! YIKES!

16 stitches and an Aid Car ride later - She WINS!

Happy Anniversary Auntie and Uncle! You are loved! Here's to 50 more!


  1. OMW! I think when she comes to visit you both should compare!

  2. oh Anita we are so pathetic. I need a really good story about how it happened.. I keep hearing "West Side Story" playing in my head.:)

  3. HA! I'm sure you'll figure a grand story to tell people!