Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in Review

In March when we heard that Tom Petty was coming back to the Gorge we knew we HAD to go. THEN I heard that Joe Cocker was opening for him I KNEW I HAD to be there. So we saved and bought tickets WAY back then. Then Heir and his group decided they were going too. He has the coolest parents. HAHA! We left about noon Friday, stopped by the place in Crescent Bar then headed to the Gorge. It was a beautiful day. After weeks of rain we were ready for the sun! We had plans to hot tub Saturday and go in the pool before we headed for home.

From the left, Dh, Roommate, Mindy, Heir and Me

Dh listening to Joe Cocker. I think that is Emile Hersch behind us.

The posse having a cuddle puddle - or as they said a mid concert nap.

We just got up Sat. morning after not getting out of the ER until 2:30 ish about 10 and packed up and got on the road. We stopped in Wenatchee for breakfast/lunch and then just came on home and got The Littles from where they stayed Friday night.

Because of the "incident" we neither hot tubed or swam in the pool! BUMMED

Highway 2 headed home. I love this highway

On Sunday we were expecting my parents to come by on their way home from a horse auction. They were going to come for lunch and Heir's birthday ( which was Saturday) and mine which is later in the month.

Heir and T2 and Mindy working in the garden.

Bugs and Monkey and friend jumping.

Roommate lounging in the hammock filming me taking pictures of him.

Skater doing the grill for us.
Then we were having Heir's birthday cake.

Make a wish Baby Boy!


Then my parents had to hit the road towards home.

My mom with her bashed forehead and her black eyes. NICE

Smile dad!

Then my knee today........ Oh the grossness!

I hope you have a Blessed week!


  1. Oh Nikki your knee looks better...not as bruised in that picture. Don't you love it when guys don't smile? Is there any cake left for me? Sniff..sniff...sniff...I didn't make the post for Petty...*long elaborated sigh*

  2. Er? What happened? I love Sir Petty, and have always announced that each song was written just for me. I swoon, my men laugh, I don't care. You look like lovely people, what fun we could have together. Happy to get to know you here, you and I are the only 2 I know that sign off peace. My son laughs at this too, but I say I am going to put peace out there whether he thinks it is pointless or not. Am still green with envy, off to read the next post, peace

  3. I really DO think you need stitches closer together :) Looks like UNTIL then you had a great time!