Friday, June 4, 2010

Thought Salad

This sign has been up at our cemetery since just before memorial day. I'm all for advertising and getting things on sale but is this really necessary? I've driven by it several times and thought weird. So now I'll ask you. Is this weird? Do we not know that cemeteries always have space for sale? I don't know, just think it's an odd thing and a "Holiday Special"?

A hummingbird fight was about to happen but I couldn't get it on my camera. This is the best shot.

Mr. & Mrs. Duck on the pond.

Monkey lost his first tooth. He had help from the dentist but it's out nonetheless. He is VERY proud of that tooth and he was wondering the next day how he could get more out so he could get more money. He's weird too!

Skater took this picture. Bolt (little dog) is VERY nasty to Walker. Walker is old and he was here LONG before Bolt was. I have never heard Walker growl EVER at anything. He will growl at Bolt. BECAUSE Bolt will try to steal bones out of Walker's mouth. Even I think that is pushing it. So on a cool windy day Bolt decides that Walker is not so bad after all. This picture is very funny if you know how Bolt normally acts toward Walker.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. YES NIKKI THE SIGN IS WIERD!!!!!!!!!! Good gracious! This country is running out of places to bury people, we really need to advertise???????? SICKO.. Although, Uncle Brownie did get me two plots for my birthday one year :)

  2. I want to know what holiday would constitute buying buriel plots? Very weird!

  3. It is so weird - love your pictures even if i don't stop to comment every day - your life looks so full - peace

  4. LOL I never realize you referred to him as Monkey, have I told you my mom calls me monkey every time she says goodbye on the phone? I remember having a stuffed one, but not that she called me one, this started over the last 2yrs and yes the sale sign at the cemetery is weir I agree