Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day Part Deux

I have been trying for 2 days to upload these. Anyone else have trouble? Grrr
We have had ourselves a good old fashioned Winter storm! We have thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Littles being all tough and big.

Being all cute...

Until they all come home.

Walker LOVES the snow. But he REALLY likes his bed in the house.

Dried off with a warm towel.

So pretty

We had some very confused and lost sea gulls. Monkey was playing a game and I was sitting at the computer and he said.. "Uh Mom, there is a big white bird on the deck. I think it's a duck?" I got up and looked and grabbed my camera. Nope son those are some very confused sea gulls.

Dh put some bread out for the crows. They gobbled it up.

His feet look cold!

At one time there was 3 out there eating the bread.
Today it has warmed up and started to rain. Next we will have flooding.

I hope you are warm and dry.


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  1. Walker is a hoot! this won't let me sign under Google any more so I've been black balled!