Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Day Part Tre

The snow has been beautiful! I would much rather have the snow then the soupy, slushy mess we have now. Here are the last of the pretty snow pictures.

Cool icicle getting ready to drip. I couldn't catch the drip.

My little car.

Some more of the lots gulls.

They brought friends! Dh put lots of bread out. Walker doesn't DO carbs so it was safe with him.

The Birds! YIKES!

We didn't loose any branches. Lots of people did! So pretty.

Snow everywhere!

Everything looks so clean and pretty.

So much heavy snow.

Today I got some beautiful pictures of our Granddaughter Tinker Bell. She is so pretty. She is wearing a dress like the one I did Princess's in. My Auntie got them for the girls. They are so pretty. They are Pillow Slip dresses. So cool!

Tink will be 5 in April. I just can't hardly believe it.

Everyone is back to their regularly scheduled programs. YEAH!

Have a blessed week.


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  1. LOVE the picture of Tinkerbell!! And you are right, the one thing I like about snow is that everything is so clean and pretty...I like the clean Good pictures!