Friday, March 2, 2012

Epic Blogger Fail

It is such a good thing that I don't get paid to Blog eh?
A couple reason's (excuses?) ...
Life just isn't very fun or nice right now. I know I don't HAVE to be all rainbows and unicorn poop but it really isn't as much fun to yammer on about how bad life is for me. I know I have my little own black cloud floating above my head right now and I probably shouldn't share that anymore then I have to. HA! I'm pretty pathetic I know. So..... with that said, on with an update.
This was my 3rd year do The Best Picture Showcase. It is where you see all the movies up for Best Picture in the Oscars. Since they have gone to up to 10 movies it is over 2 Saturdays. The first day we saw 4 and the next 5. I did have a whole rant composed in my head about how The Help and George Clooney were robbed but I guess I will just have to let that all go. They didn't ask me.

Friends and Friends of Friends and Son's at the movies! So much fun! I totally recommend going if you love movies! The only down side to the whole thing is when there is a movie you TOTALLY HATE, IE... The Tree of Life. DO NOT SPEND YOUR TIME OR MONEY! I know movies are totally subjective to each person but boy howdy that is a bad movie and I have no idea how it ended up with a best picture nomination.

Sunday's dinner was uneventful and very good to have everyone together. No one was missing which does my heart so good! Buster didn't feel very good so he was a bit off but everyone else seemed to have a good time. We weren't sure if he was getting molars or a cold. Poor baby Buster.
Bella LOVES to sing with her daddy. It is very funny. I got a video of it but it wouldn't upload. I might try later.

Bella and daddy singing! Bella giving it all she's got! Go big or go home!

Bella, Bolt and Scout. Bella has had her "time" so she hasn't been able to come for a few weeks. It was good to have all the dogs together again too!

Princess and Uncle T2 sharing a laugh. T2 went through old movies and was going to have a little walk down memory lane. His roommate had never seen Benny and Joon. SHOCKING I know or Flight of the Navigator. So they were in for a movie night. DIL took home a stack of her own too.

Trying to get a good picture of a princess is like trying to wrangle worms. Just doesn't work well. I love this silly girl. Her mama was fussing about her (WHICH I might add she probably deserves!) and I had to tell her wait wait wait, THAT girl is an answer to my prayers! LOL

We have had some very beautiful days. I have several different flowers coming up in my yard.

I love crocus's. Such a little promise to me. Spring will come!

Primroses. I should probably clean the leaves out of the flower beds eh?
WELL! Just when it had been nice enough to work outside in the flowers. We got SNOW! Nothing much but SNOW nonetheless! 2 days worth! It has been really cold too. I think the flowers still want the leaves covering their itty bitty cold roots.

This isn't a great picture of the snow but it was really really snowing. Ish!

Yesterday was a good Hummer day. Isn't she a sweetheart! I love them.

I always try to get as close as I can. I decide to try it a bit different. I thought is was cute.

Thanks for hanging in if you got this far.

I would appreciate your prayers for my family near and far. We need it. Thanks.

Have a great weekend where ever you are!



  1. Prayers are being said for family near and far, love you Thelma...and Daisy too! ;) I know she's out there in and out when it works for her. I really like Princesses hair long, really suits her! How can you not have seen Benny and Joon OR Flight of The Navigator!?! My Boys have seen the Navigator...goodness...what is going on in the world these days!

    and I'm hanging in with you thick or thing friend! Love you!

  2. Glad to see this! I was afraid you'd become as big a slacker as I am! Miss you lots!