Saturday, May 4, 2013

A catch up and the rest of the month.

So much for staying up to date.  Epic fail. 
However here is the rest of the month of April in picture review.
We celebrated our 30th anniversary.  We went and had a lovely dinner along the water front. 

A picture that I just love that I took.
One day I saw these at work.  I had to tell Bugs about them and he got all a twitter!

So the next week he came up after lunch to go lizard hunting.  He found and caught one but let it go.  I convinced him it might have a family somewhere so it wasn't good to keep it.  So he let it go.

Just scoping out the lay of the land.

He found Alvin in his hunting!
My aunt turned 80.  My Uncle had a party for her.  My parents came and we all went down for it.  It was really a good day.  I saw several people I love that we don't see often and it was nice.  That generation is getting older.  I'm not liking that at all.

My Uncle and Aunt.  I love them. 
Our 4 adult boys gave us a wonderful anniversary gift.  They sent us to Salish Lodge for a night.  My goodness it was extravagant.  We had such a lovely evening.

The falls.  Our room overlooked the top of them.

30 years.
We left our balcony door open all night with the fire burning.  It was a lovely sound all night long.

From the jetted tub for 2.

The next morning we had to leave.  We didn't want to.  It was a great gift. 
I hope  you have a blessed day.


  1. You have an Alvin.. Love the party pictures. I lovely affair!

  2. Good review! You guys look great and what an awesome gift from the boys! I love that even at 14 you still have to convince Bugs to let animals go because they might have a family...he's still little in some ways!