Tuesday, May 21, 2013

75! Part one.

My mom was having a big birthday this year.  It had kind of got away from me.  My Auntie and I were talking and she reminded me.  I had a small panic attack.  She and I worked through some logistic's and had a plan!  Yeah us!  I talked to my sister and she got on board and we were both so pleased to have a plan!  We were going to surprise Mom!
Everyone had their roles and we all did them.

Mom walking in... She was not sure what she was walking into.

She got her eyes on some of us.
She was overwhelmed.   Can't you tell how tickled my daddy is?

Heir, My baby brother and Dh


My 2 Granddaughter's.  Princess and Tinkerbell.  They love each other so much and LOVED being together.
My parents and us kids and spouses. 

My parents and us kids.  There are 2 missing.  My brother Scott and sister Coreen who are both passed away.
The whole fam damily!
We had such a good time.  We were there several hours. 
Tomorrow is part 2!


  1. I LOVE the picture of your mom being surprised and the best part is your dad! He is pleased as punch at her reaction! Love it!!!

  2. Your mom keeps saying the best night of her life. I love her. I'm so glad we didn't screw it up too bad. Cuz knowing us we could have :)