Wednesday, May 22, 2013

75! Part 2

For my mom's 75th birthday she wanted to go on a trail ride.  She planned and arranged and spread the word.  People told her they would be there. 
These pictures loaded wonky but you will get the drift.   My mom's horse had a bad saddle and a bad moment and she laid down with my mom and my mom got her head bonked.  She was wearing a helmet and was fine.  But it spooked her and she didn't want to go then.  So my dad switched out saddles and tried again and all went fine.  He went in my mom's place.  Not a great way to do your birthday ride but everyone was OK and had fun. Except for the ouchy part.
Mom and Raven.  Before the "incident".

Friends who came for the BBQ but didn't ride.


The view from the top. 

More view from the top.
At one point on the climb up I asked if anyone knew the theme song from "The man from Snowy River"?  I just had a feeling we were going to need it!

The group. 

Notice my dad?  He had not gone prepared to ride.  So he's not wearing a helmet and he's not wearing boots.  We had a pretty good giggle over this.  On the way back to the trail head we dropped from a very high elevation to the bottom in a very fast  decent.  My thighs were screaming at me from bracing down the hill.  I KNEW we needed that theme song!  Only we went very slow.

Our token ass.  He was a very good boy!

The Group.  I'm taking the picture.
My trusty boy Spirit,  I mean Wrangler.  He has such a nice gait.  That was my first time riding him.  I would ride him again in a moment!
Happy Birthday Mama!  I hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Ha! I giggled at your dad's hat!! The ride looked like a lot of fun!!!

  2. Love the pictures! Poor Dad, in pain and being dressed up like a ........hmmmmmmm can't think :) I think Mom had the best weekend ever and no rain!