Tuesday, July 30, 2013

North to Alaska Day 2

Captain's Log Day 2
Day 2 was a day at sea.
We woke up about 6:30 - 7 but then dozed off and on until about 8.  Mom and I went to breakfast while Auntie woke up and took a shower. Then we went back up and sat with her while she ate.
We went to the duty free store and shopped a bit and walked and ate some more then napped and walked some more.  We dressed up a bit for dinner.  Mom and I dressed up and had our picture made with the captain.  I don't have a scanner to show you that one.  He wasn't a real chatty guy but we felt important standing with him.  We had dinner at a fancy place called Azure's.  It was very nice.  I have never been called Madam so much in my life.  Everyone is so very nice.
Me sitting on the deck with my knees in my nightgown keeping warm as the day started.

The ocean

Me from my Auntie's camera after one of our walks/shopping tours.

Mom and I on our way to meet the captain.

10:00 PM and still very light out.

Just us on the second day of our trip.
I am not afraid to ask strangers to take our picture.  If not someone is always missing.
Tomorrow we are on to Ketchikan. 


  1. I look like a dork with a chicken wattle. I am embarrassed.

  2. Auntie ate breakfast with you that day!!!!!!!!! and the last 2 days :) But other then that my little nursie brought me breakfast~

  3. Oh it looks like so much fun and I love the picture of you sitting on the deck relaxing! I don't see you do that enough!